Week 75: Progress!

San Martin

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty normal, just working as hard as we can. We had a little zone meeting for 30 minutes to talk about our goals and plans..

we changed our goal because we weren’t all committed, but it was cool to see how everyone was motivated after we made a few simple plans. We decided to organize all of our contacts into a list of all of our investigators with the most potential to progress, and we are focusing on all of them for these next few weeks, contacting them as much as we can, teaching them at least 3 times a week, making commitments and all that jazz! I left that meeting super motivated to accomplish our companionship goal of 3!

During the week we’ve been focusing on a few kids we are teaching who have less active parents. Our branch president is their uncle and he brings them to church. They are super excited and want to be baptized! This next week Nacho is going to be baptized. We taught him all the lessons in these 2 weeks and now he’s ready! Were also focusing on this familia Diaz, we did a family home evening with them and another part member family and they LOVED it. We shared a spiritual message with videos, and after played a game that they really got into. They seemed super convincing when we left them with the commitment to come to church this sunday, BUT… when we went to their house Sunday morning to pick them up, they were sleeping 😦 were going to buy them an alarm 🙂 we clapped for about 20 minutes but nobody came out… we even tried throwing rocks at their dog to get him stirring… nothing. But we felt good knowing we did everything we could to get them there.

Other than that its been a pretty normal week. 5 of our investigators came to church and the areas really starting to progress. Elder Mucha and I work well together and we have the same perspective on missionary work!

These next few weeks should be great! Have an amazing week!

Elder Skonnard


Week 74: ACT in Faith

San Martin


We had a pretty cool week again. We had our “COUNCIL” and figured out we have a new option of working in the morning instead of the siesta which is going to be amazing for our area. We were getting burnt in the heat. This week applying our new schedule we have had a lot more success in appointments. We’ve been able to teach a ton of investigators in the mornings and we’ve found a lot more families who we are now teaching.

The family were focusing the most on is Familia Diaz. They are less actives, but they have a 28 year old daughter who has 3 kids who is living with them. We are teaching her and she wants to be baptized! Sadly she wasnt able to make it to church today. The other family who lives right next door is a less active family who have a few daughters who haven’t been baptized yet. We are trying to work with them as well so they can come back to church. We hope they can make it!

During the week I had an intercambios with Elder McKecknie in our district and we achieved a lot together. We set some baptismal dates for their investigators and had a few very spiritual lessons. He’s a great young missionary and learning super fast!

This week I learned that Faith really is dead if you don’t ACT. Remember that in the future!


Elder Skonnard


Week 73: Feliz Año Nuevo!

San Martin


Guys I don’t have much time because all of the cibers are closed and I’m using a member’s computer …

BUT. It was a GOOD week! It got pretty hot and it was hard for us to work during siesta hours because we didn’t have many plans and everyone was sleeping.

However, we were able to see some tender mercies. For the second time in my mission I’m finally starting to learn how to get the members involved. We’ve started receiving a few references and they’ve turned in to some investigators with a lot of potential.

I loved being able to see the family and catch up 😉 highlight of Christmas.

I’m getting along great with my comp. Elder Mucha and were hoping to see some success this transfer!

For New Years we were able to eat dinner with Familia Moron, who are a strong active family in the church. We ate roasted chicken! and a lot of MANTECOL!!!!


Elder Skonnard

Week 72: TV Interview & Lighting the World

San Martin

HELLO EVERYONE!!! CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I am WAY too excited. This was a really good week. We had a banner of light the world, so we were able to put it in a bunch if different places throughout the zone to share with everyone this initiative. A lot of people were very friendly and accepted to receive visits from the missionaries. Elder Teeples and I chose to put it in front of a hospital where a bus passes every 2 minutes, so a lot of people pass by there. The funny thing was there was a few jehovas witnesses already there, but we positioned ourselves in a spot in the sun where more people pass by. After a while they left, I don’t know if they were mad at us but were just trying to spread the christmas cheer! We talked to a lot of people this week with all the different events.

This Thursday we should have a lot of success with an event we have literally in the center of San Martin with a huge pantalla (screen) where they will show the light the world videos. It is going to be AMAZING. President Panzachhi will come. The zone is baptizing a lot of amazing people . It’s been pretty hard for us to find, but I’m more motivated than ever for this next transfer. My new comp will be Elder Mucha from Peru, and tomorrow we have a chrismtas party with the mission and I will exchange with him there.

Our District President called us to inform us we would be accompaning him to an “interview” for the event we would be having this Thursday. We were thinking it would be an interview with someone over city affairs, but when we got to the municipalidad (government building) a dude came out with a huge camara. We found out it was a TV interview! hahaha. That was a shock for me and Elder Teeples. We explained the light the world event and invited everyone to come and see. So apparantly we were on Argentine TV! We were freaking out! haha

Ok, This right here is a report of the week I sent to the mission president but it basically sums up whats up with the work in San Martin right now. So I’m going to send it to you guys too 🙂

We were able to get a lot of references from all the activities we did this week with the banner. Each companionship took the banner for a day in different locations, and we also did a choir in the center of San Martin. It was really good and we felt the Christmas spirit really strongly. I’m really excited about the effort in our district. We’ve been able to help with other activities/projects in the area, and they’ve all been very successful. In San Martin 1 we’ve been working really hard as a district to organize and orchestrate this upcoming activity in the center of San Martin.

The zone is doing very well, and everyone who was baptized this week was able to be confirmed. The sisters have another baptism this weekend. We are still struggling to see progress and to find people who have time to receive us. The biggest challenge in our zone right now is finding. I’m going to work with the new district leaders to improve this, and to create a vision for the zone.

(What Michael wrote in Spanish):

Pudimos sacar muchas referencias de todas las actividades que hicimos con el banner. Cada compañerismo lo ocupo por cada dia en lugares distintas y tambien hicimos un coro en la plaza de san martin. Fue muy bueno y sentimos el espiritu tan fuerte de la navidad. Me alegro mucho por los esfuerzos de 3 porteñas y San Martin 1. En 3 porteñas hay una feria cada sabado y pudieron recibir permiso de poner un “stand” en la entrada de la feria. La feria es muy grande y muchas personas vienen de todos los pueblos cerca. Les ayudamos con eso y fue muy exitoso. San Martin 1 habian estado trabajando mucho con el distrito para poder organizar y llevar a cabo el idea que tuvimos de iluminar el mundo en el paseo de la patria, un lugar muy conocido en san martin donde hay una pantalla grande y pasan mucha gente. Espero que tengamos mucho exito por la actividad este jueves.

La zona anda muy bien, en fin pudieron confirmarse todos los que bautizaron en la zona. Las hermanas tienen planes por un otro bautismo el fin de semana. Nosotros todavia estamos teniendo dificultades de ver progreso o encontrar personas que tienen tiempo para recibirnos. El desafio mas grande ahora en la zona es poder encontrar. Trabajare con los nuevos lideres de distrito acerca de eso y la vision de la zona.

Nos vemos en la fiesta!

Elder Skonnard


Week 71: Christmas Spirit

San Martin


This week was just the same old! Nothing really new.

We’ve been teaching this investigador (Nara) for a while now. She’s 9 and has a huge desire to be baptized. Shes the niece of a recent convert of our branch. The only problem is her grandma is super against the Mormons and does not want her to be baptized at all! Her mom doesnt live with them so were trying to see what were going to do…. it’s complicated

We’re also teaching this sweet old lady who’s 80 and lives a couple houses down the street. We picked her up on sunday and she was all ready to go. The missionaries taught her before, but they didnt keep teaching her because she has memory problems, but were going to teach her with pictures and see if that helps! She has a desire to be baptized!

The coolest thing about the week was an event we did in the Elders in our districts area. The live in a small town but every saturday theres a huge flea market there where all the neighboring cities go to buy all their food and other stuff. Their companionship and us set up a table with our santa hats and candy canes (thanks to the package) and we set up a tv there and started playing all the videos from Light the World. There were TONS of people there. As people walked buy they would stop to check out the videos and we were able to talk to them and share our short christmas message with them. That turned in to a lot of really good references! It was a cool experience and I could definately feel the christmas spirit.

This week I was studying more on the life of Christ, as I gave a talk on sunday. While sharing the scripture D&C 19:16-19, I felt so deeply the love that Christ has for us in atoning for our sins. What gets me every time is that its impossible for us to understand the profoundness of the sacrifice he made.


Elder Skonnard 🙂

Week 70: Light the World

San Martin

This week is going to be short because nothing new happened.

We’ve been struggling the whole week to find progress, with very little success. The good thing is, we were able to find a golden family after the hard week! We found them from doing the christmas initiative “light the world” while passing along cards. We taught them a lesson and the whole family seems super interested. We’ll see where that leads us this week!

This next week is going to be great! I’m doing an intercambios (exchanges) with an Elder and we have a special conference from Elder Packer (70) the ex-apostles son!!

Love you all! Have an amazing week!

Elder Skonnard!


Week 69: Thanksgiving Week

San Martin

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

This has been a great week. Our investigators though they have very little time to receive us, are slowly progressing 🙂 This week has gone by pretty fast. We were in Mendoza for a day so Elder Teeples could do his paperwork for his visa, and another day this week we did an intercambios with an Elder in Palmira, Elder Aguilar from Mexico. He’s an awesome humble dude and he loves to work. They happened to have a baptism the next day so I got to do their interview. It was actually a family of 4 and they had gained a strong testimony. The mom said she had a dream telling her to be baptized! So cool. I love all the Elders in this zone we have had some fun times together, especially my comp. Elder Teeples. He’s always making missionary work super fun and hes been super funny.

One investigator were teaching, Nara, has a baptismal date for this Saturday but doesn’t look very likely she will be able to be baptized. She needs permission from her Mom who doesn’t even live with her (long story) But she came to church last week! She’s 9 and her uncle, who is a member, takes her.

Nothing new really happen this week. I’ve been really enjoying the Thanksgiving package. THANK YOU FAMILY!!! Its almost gone already… haha.

I love you all so much!! Have a good week!

Elder Skonnard

Week 68: Priesthood Blessings

San Martin

THIS WEEK! IT was a cool week!!

We’ve been searching for good investigators to teach. We did intercambios (exchanges) with the assistant which was really good. Elder Teeples and I learned a ton. We were able to find a family of like 15 at least. Literally when we were in the lesson like 4 people came out of each room. I counted a ton of people… we were able to teach a lot of them it was a good lesson! They told us some of their kids were going to be baptized before but they never did in the end…wow, it was a miracle finding them!

The other thing of the week was in the morning when we woke up we heard some babies crying. So we went outside to where we where hearing the voice and they ended up being two cats that sound like humans. They were on the roof and pretty cranky and suddenly they started attacking each other! Funniest thing of my life seeing that. They were screamng so loud.

Apart from that I was sick for half the week! But I learned a valuable lesson. Over a year ago when I was set apart as a missionary I remember receiving the blessing from my stake president that health problems would never affect my ability to work. After a year of the mission I saw that promise being kept because to that point I had never  had to stay in the pension for being sick. That day I was in intercambios with an Elder and I was feeling super sick like it was impossible to leave. But they had a few appointments in their area so I decided to try it out.

We left to the appointments and I felt horrible.. BUT, as we got to the lessons, after saying the first prayer immediately the stomach pain went away and the spirit was with us throughout the whole lesson. After we left the pain came back but bearable to keep working. That was such a miracle. The first half of the day I had spent in the pension thinking I was never going to be able to do it. But now I realize it was just a lack of faith to that priesthood blessing I received. There is so much power and miracles in the priesthood!!

I love the gospel! By the way im feeling great now! back to 100 percent! I love you and miss you so much.

THIS thanksgiving im especially grateful for the Savior and my family. Both have inspired me so much to be able to progress to the point I’m at today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Love Elder Skonnard

Week 67: Lauty’s Baptism!

San Martin


It was a good week! Lauty got baptized! I was so happy about that!! Well, this week was pretty slow. Basically the whole week we prepared for our open chapel event. It ended up pretty good, but few people came since its not really in the center of any city. Bummer! The good thing from this week was that we were able to talk too many of the members and get to know them, which resulted in a lot of references. Some of the members in the ward are super excited to work. We had some spiritual lessons, a few with new investigators. We met them and taught them at the house of a member we were visiting. They seem super interested in the message and in learning more.

We taught an investigator Daniela, which was a great lesson. She’s gone from smoking 40 cigs a day to 1 or 2 a day. So much progress with her, and she shared her testimony with us about the Book of Mormon. She knows it’s true and has a lot of potential to be baptized! Not much else new, just getting to know the area and members. I still miss my last area a ton!! It’s not the same.

Love you all and have a great week!

Week 66: The Hardest Transfers

San Juan

This week was the hardest week of my life. wowoowowowo. I was shipped to Mendoza and it was SO sad. I fell in love with the people there. Everyone was my family. We had 2 baptisms planned for the next weekend and 4 for the month, but sadly I won’t be able to see them. I had to leave probably my best friend from the mission, Walter el traico. so sad. I cried so much yesterday hahaha.

But well yesterday I met my new comp and area. Elder Teeples is excited and fresh in the field ready to work and see miracles. We basically don’t have any investigators or progress so we are going to be starting from scatch again.  BUT SUPER EXCITED TO WORK!!!!

Throughout the week we taught many of our investigators and saw a lot of progress. We committed Lautaro and Joana to baptism for the next week and made all the plans. Lauty already finished all of the lessons, but had to wait til the next week so his dad could be there and baptize him. We started teaching maycol again and he is more committed than ever now to the gospel. He passed through some hard trails and we shared with him a church video that impacted him so much. It was a spiritual lesson. He wants to be baptized and change his life. We were able to begin teaching Monica again, who had been struggling with her husband to be able to come to church. But she decided to put god first and started with the lessons again. We were so happy for her. Lautaro, Joana, and Monica all came to church and Maycol too (after it already ended hahaha)  It was SUCH a good week.

We did service for a family and moved a mound of dirt out of their sidewalk. It took a lot longer than we thought. Like 3 hours.

Walter and Seba, my best friends, came with us the whole week to our lessons. it was amazing.

We received transfer calls and I passed away when I heard I was leaving……

At church I said my goodbyes to everyone and Walter came with us on monday to help us with the suitcases and send me off.

that day i tried to keep my spirits up as we met the new area and people!!!

we should have a lot of success.



Week 65: A Cool Week

San Juan

OKAY, This was a cool week.

We ALMOST had a baptism.

We had interviews with our mission president this week. They were pretty interesting. He helped us realize our investigators can be baptized faster than we think. All they need to be able to do is be able to pass the baptismal interview. That changed my perspective a little bit, usually we would wait until they were super super prepared for baptism… but now I think we are going to start having more baptisms.

Other than that we had many lessons and an activity. These new investigators we have been teaching are super prepared. An 18 year old who already has his house and his family and he just happened to be searching for religion when we showed up at his house. They are super prepared and an awesome family. They have been keeping all the commitments and should be baptized in a few weeks. (if they get married :))

I did a super cool interview for a super cool dude who is 11, and is holding up his family trying to get them to church. He was baptized last Saturday, and on Sunday his mom had to leave and he was SO mad he had to go. Haha what an awesome kid.

That was the week! Oh and this morning we gave liberty to some pidgeons!

Elder Skonnard

Week 64: Progress in San Juanino

San Juan


It’s been a successful week! Elder Aguilar and I are having a lot of progress with our investigators! They still aren’t coming to church, but we’ve been finding and teaching a ton of investigators. Right now we have a pool of probably about 50 investigators. A lot who probably won’t progress but also a lot with potential to be baptized! We are working hard! It was a fast week!

Like the last week, we had some days of extreme success and a few days where the appointments just kept falling through. The good thing is, we didn’t let that discourage us too much. We were able to endure and see some success.

This week I did an intercambios with Elder McCausland, el gallo. It was amazing! The best intercambios I’ve had in the mission. He came to my area and we had like 6 lessons that day. It was super successful and we both learned a lot. He’s a district leader in the other area now.

My eardrum burst last week so a bunch of crap kept coming out of my ear, and I couldnt hear anything for a few days. Walter, probably my best friend from the ward took some medical classes so he fixed my ear. And now its back to normal 🙂

Besides all of that , nothing new happened. Just 2 elders trying to support a San Juanino ward.

Oh and Lauty came to church yesterday!!!

Elder Skonnard