Week 49: 4th of July + Hot Dogs!

Villa Mercedes

Happy 4th!

Nothing unusual for me this fourth of July. It felt like a normal day. But we did make hot dogs 🙂

This was a challenging week, it seemed like all of our work wasn’t converting into progress or numbers. But i know it caused me to humble myself and rely on the lord even more. I grew so much.

We started out playing soccer on monday with the members and investigators, after pday was over, we went and tryied contacting some of our new investigators we had found and both of them dropped investigting and told us they weren’t interested any more… other than that a lot of walking knocking and talking 🙂

Tuesday highlight was a lesson we had with a family who is relatives with the 1st counselor of our ward. They are a golden family, they just don’t realize it yet! They are still scared to commit themselves to baptism-because they haven’t received their answer yet. Super funny and nice people.

ON wednesday we got to meet our new mission president President Pansacchi! They are super cool and are dedicated to help the mission grow. We had a little conference with them where we met them.

Thursday we visited that familia oliva again, and also Rodrigo Ponce,  the boyfriend of one of the members in our ward. The problem is they arent married, but luckily rodrigo went to deal with the marraige papers. It looks like he has desires to be baptized. A member came with us, and it was a spirit filled lesson! They have desires to become an eternal family

Friday was a tough day. We had a district meeting, and in the evening all of our plans we had didn’t work out. So, we decided to visit a few members to see if we could receive references. Although we didn’t receive references, we planted them a desire for the missionary work and are looking for oppurtunities now to share the gospel

Saturday we went to justo daract and did divisions with the branch president and another member in his ward. I went with our branch president and we hit our investigators and all of the less active members. a total of like 7-8 families in a few hours. Super productive. that was the first time I’ve ever done a division in the mission.

Nobody came to church on sunday sadly. And we havent been able to meet with dario. these past few days his been sick so he didn’t come to church. a few of the investigators in justo daract went, however! that night after the hard week we decided to commit ourselves in finding someone to teach. and after knocking various doors, we got into a less active member house (we didnt know them) with the non-member husband. He agreed to receiving the lessons and we were able to teach him! TENDER MERCY! That was the way to end the week.

I love the gospel! So many blessings come from living it. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Con Cariño,

Elder Skonnard

Week 48: We’re here to Change

Villa Mercedes

What a week!

The first few days of the week we had a lot of meetings and found some new investigators. One of them was a part member family who we called to set an appointment, and when we got there they had said they were just about to call us to give their daughter a blessing when we called. The father, who isn’t a member was suprized by that and accepted to hear our message! he saw that as a sign and thinks its true!

We went to Justo Daract a few times this week and havent had very much success. We havent been able to teach the two girls who attend church for the past two weeks so their baptism fell through. They’ve always been gone or sick or something happens. But we’ve had a lot of help from the members, the branch president came with us on saturday for a few lessons. He’s cool, hes only 22 and hes a branch president.

We had a lesson with Dario on Friday and we felt the spirit so much. Elder Machado is learning fast and was able to bear his testimony and help Dario realize that hes prepared for baptism. That night he prayed and the next day he woke up with his answer. He’s going to be baptized on July 22nd!

Towards the end of the week we visited Miguel, an investigator that hasn’t progressed very well. It didn’t start out well because he likes to discuss, but elder machado decided to share a little example for the importance of eternal families and after the example the spirit of the lesson changed. We testified of the importance of eternal families and the spirit was there. we left inviting him to be baptized again but he’s still scared. We don’t want to give him up but it might be time.

This sunday 5 of our investigators attended church! they love church but they don’t like committing to baptism, but this week we are going to commit them all!

love you all! This week I learned that we are here on this earth to CHANGE. we aren’t born to keep our weaknesses for all of our life. We were born to overcome them. This week I’ve felt the truthfullness of that as I’ve strived to overcome my weaknesses.

Have an amazing week!

Elder Skonnard

Week 47: Paulina the Dog

Villa Mercedes

This week was great! We hit some of our goals and are working a lot more with the members.

This week on Monday we visited a less active family whose husband isnt married but wants to get baptized! He has a strong testimony. Right now were waiting for them to have their baby so they can start going to church and him and his son can be baptized! It was a great lesson

On tuesday we visited another family of 3 who we’ve only taught a few times but they committed to going to church this Sunday! They are a fun family, and they are related to one of the members so thats going to be a huge help!

Wednesday we went to Justo Daract in the morning, but all of our appointments fell through, and in the evening we left to san luis for a zone conference the next day. The funny thing is the dog paulina who follows us everywhere. Followed us into the BUS. so Elder Bustos had to carry her out haha.

Thursday was our zone conference and the last one with President and Hermana Goates. It was a sad day. They helped me a lot. He gave us life advice in this conference which was life changing. Its all about the temple. We also had intercambios (exchanges).

Friday we had intercambios with the zone leaders in san luis. I went with Elder Vejar and one of the doors we knocked we didnt even say anything he just invited us in. the easiest new investigator I’ve ever seen. They are an older couple, but love listening to the gospel so they let us share a message with them. That was the miracle of the day. We finished our intercambios and had a few more lessons in villa mercedes with Elder Machado.

Saturday we went to justo daract and visited some families with the branch president. We found a new investigator named Michael and he is sweet. We committed him to church!

4 investigators attended church on sunday! 1 in villa mercedes, and 3 in justo daract! Dario, our investigator in villa mercedes has 4 attendences already and has decided to be baptized. He is still a little uncertain with the date he has right now

Elder Machado army story of the week:

For a training, he had to stay in the same position aiming at the same point with his sniper until a bird passed by and he killed it. It took 72 hours for him to kill one. He couldnt even budge go to the bathroom or anything.

That’s the week! Love you all!

Elder Skonnard

Week 46: Live with Exactness

Villa Mercedes

Great week! this week we have been full of challenges and a straight miracle. It blew me away.

Monday tuesday and wednesday was elder cuque saying goodbyes to some families, traveling to mendoza, and going on exchanges with elder roderick for the day in the city who is also training. We staying in the offices that night and on wednesday we met our new comps! Im training Elder Machado. He’s from Brazil. So humble and so excited for the work. He’s been in the army since he was 14 so he has some crazy stories. he’s learning fast!

We got back to our area on Thursday finally and only had a few days this week to get to work. The area is still new to me so a lot of the time was figuring out where we were. But now i feel comfortable with the area and I feel like we are going to be very effective this week. on Thursday we visited Dario whos been to church 3 times. Sadly, he hasn’t received his answer yet but he’s searching sincerely. He’s going to receive it and be baptized.

Friday we had a district meeting and talked about the importance of the holy ghost in the lessons. Its so necessary. the most important thing in missionary work. Later that day we visited a few families, walked a TON. and came back with broken legs.

Saturday we were planning on going to Justo Daract, but last minutes we changed plans and ended up visiting a few contacts in villa mercedes and talking to people on the streets.

And on Sunday we woke up to COLD. 2 investigators came to church this week, we were expecting more. But we were happy to see them there. Dario and Miguel. Miguel isnt progressing as much because he still hasnt accepted a baptismal date… but dario is progressing! That night we visited a member family to see how they can help us in the missionary work. That was super effective. They are super willing to help!

Amazing week! we are doing good and working hard! love you all. I know the lord will give us strength as we follow with exactness his gospel!!! have a good week!

Elder Skonnard

Week 45: The Pure Love of Christ

Villa Mercedes


This was a good week! We just had transfers, this time it was only for 3 weeks. Elder Cuque is leaving me in this giant area that i still don’t understand haha. I received the assignment yesterday to train again! I’m going to meet with my new companion this week in Mendoza.

This week we had a fun p day with the whole zone. We played volleyball and made tacos. It was super fun. After I had an intercambios with the zone leaders. I learned a ton from Elder Rawle hes such a good missionary. the biggest thing i learned is that we need to love our investigators with all of our hearts. Charity is the most important attribute we can have in life and for that reason its so vital in the work. I’ve made goals on that and have already seen so many results.

On wednesday we went to Justo Daract. We visited some of the investigators weve been teaching and they seriously are so ready for baptism. They told us they already have their answer and they explained they felt joy as they prayed to the lord! they have a real intent. theyre planning to be baptized in a few weeks!

We had a district meeting on thursday and we talked about conversion in the investigators and in us as missionaries. This made me realize that if we are really converted to the lord, we will give him our souls. We will give everything to the lord in our service and we wont hold anything back. We all need to do everything we can to become converted missionaries.

The end of this week we had a stake conference, and after taught an investigator who showed up. He likes are church and wants a remission of his sins so he accepted baptism! His story is awesome. A member whos preparing to leave on his mission invited him to church and he came for the past few weeks and now wants to get baptized! what a miracle. The members are key for the work.

Love you all! hope you are enjoying the sunny weather. my hands are freezing as we speak. i can barely even write.

Have an amazing week!

Elder Skonnard

Week 44: Week of Miracles!

Villa Mercedes

Fast week! we did so much this week. and saw so many miracles.

On monday we had our p-day and played soccer with our investigator Dario. He loved it and he feels super comfortable with the ward. He loved church on sunday too. whenever i play soccer with the argentines it makes me feel like i have no idea what im doing but that doesnt matter its so fun.

Tuesday was our district meeting, with doughnuts we found in villa mercedes. havent eaten a doughnut for so long. We talked about goals and we all realized the importance of goals in the mission. it was very impactful for me. after we left to our area and were there working all day.

Wednesday we went to Justo Daract and had a lot of success. We found the investigators that our attending church every week after searching for a while and taught them. They are already ready for baptism they just don’t have missionaries in their area. so we started teaching them. They have been attending church for almost 2 years hahaha. it was a huge success.

On thursday we had our weekly planning session and then after

Friday was pretty fast. We did intercambios with the other elders in our district. I went with Elder Hyer and Elder Cuque with Elder Parker. It was fun, we worked in his area and I learned a lot.we talked to everyone when we were passing the city and got rejected almost everytime hahaha. but thats alright.

Saturday we went to justo daract again. the branch president helped us a ton, and received permission from the parents of the investigators to teach their kids. And we set an appointment with their parents who arent attending church. it was perfect. Our branch president invited our investigators to be baptized and she hahaha (even though we had already invited her)

Sunday was insane. we had 8 church attendences between our ward and justo daract. 5 people came to church and 2 new people. They love church and the members retain them . we just need to help them feel comfortable with baptism hah. In the class we had with the investigators a few of them started crying and felt the spirit so much! That was the miracle of the day.

A fun week. nonstop. it went by so fast too. i hope everyone over there in utah is doing well. love you all and miss you

Have a good week!

Elder Skonnard

Week 43: Villa Mercedes!

Villa Mercedes

This week.

This has been a great week in my new area. San Luis is beautiful, it’s in the mountains… but im in a different city an hour from there called Villa Mercedes. So much work here! The area is huge and we dont have bikes. I’ve walked more in this past week than i have in all my mission! haha . We are staying in a pension of 4 elders it reminds me of the best two years. Theres a ward and a branch in our area so we get to work in the 2. The other city is called Justo Duract.

On Monday i said goodbye to some of the families of alvear. It was sad, I was sad to leave.

On Tuesday I left at 8 in the morning and traveled all day until i arrived in San Luis at 9 pm. it took forever… I parted ways with elder neto which was sad. I learned a ton from him. I met up with the zone leaders in san luis and stayed with them the night.

On Wednesday i finally arrived in my area and met my comp, Elder Cuque. A short dude from Guatemala! He’s awesome. He loves to work and talk to people so we are going to get along well. We ate lunch and got straight to work. we have to walk 20 minutes just to get into our area and 40 minutes to get to our church.

On Thursday we passed by members houses introducing me to everyone and asking for references. We got 5 references doing that it was super effective…there’s also a ton of members willing to help its insane. The area is awesome.

Friday we worked all morning then studied at a members house so we wouldnt have to walk all the way back to the pension and after left with a member to visit some families. All of the appointments fell through, but we talked to a ton of people and had a ton of contacts.

Saturday we had our district meeting and in the evening went contacting people we had talked to. Nobody was home again, but we invited a lot of people to church.

Sunday after all the work, nobody we had invited showed up to church. BUT, a member, Bryan who’s preparing to serve a mission, invited one of his friends and he showed up! He was super interested and now today is coming to play soccer with us. Out of nothing but a pure miracle! There was also 3 other people who attended church at another branch in our area so we are going to have to go to that branch a few times this next week. It’s a small town on the border of Cordoba.

So much to do next week. so excited. love you all have an amazing week!

Week 42: Visit from Matias & Transfers!

San Rafael


Okay. This week was crazy. dont have much time, but im going to tell you guys the highlights.

Isabel, Juans mom is progressing, slowly, but progressing. She’s reading and praying and super close to coming to church every week. Juan’s doing good! Flia Fariaz has had a few problems, which is sad, but I dont want to talk about that.

This week we found a few amazing investigators. One of them was a reference, who we luckily found. it was completely lead by the spirit. another we found we had been knocking doors and visiting contacts all day. one person we talked to said he had no time, and finally we almost pleaded for 5 minutes and he let us in. and they left wanting to know more and interested! What a blessing. my testimony grew about insistance.

This week we went to a city in our area, Bowen for the first time. Matias our convert came by suprize and visited us… haha I was not expecting that at all. He accompanied us to our lessons all day. The first person we talked to listened to our message! We visited some less active families from Bolivia. there was so much there to do.

And this sunday we got our transfer calls! Im heading to San Luis! I’m super excited. I still dont know who my companion is but I’ll find out tomorrow. Elder Neto is staying in alvear with another elder from Utah. he’s excited.

That was my week! love you all!

Week 41: Brisa’s Baptism

San Rafael

This week Brisa got baptized! It was awesome!

on monday we had a family home evening with Javier, one of our investigators. it turned out really good. we shared a scripture about faith and taught him of the importance of reading, praying, and attending church. I think it had an impact on him!

tuesday we had our interviews with president! the last one with president goates so i made sure to ask inspired questions haha. he is a man of wisdom.

We visited juan again: He’s been doing good after his baptism, he said looking back on it he feels peace. We started teaching his mom, who we hadn’t been focusing on as much. She’s basicaly an older version of Juan in every aspect, so we are teaching her the same way. it was a good lesson. I think she felt the spirit.

Wednesday we had district meeting. we did practices and talked about investigators. that’s about it besides a lesson with family fariaz. A couple accompanied us to this lesson and we taught their family about eternal families and the temple. It was PERFECT for them. We were really trying to listen to them and to listen to the spirit and it really helped because she started crying and opened up her feelings to us and her dream she has to be able to be sealed with her faimily in the temple! This lesson helped them realize the importance of going back to church. Our prayers were answered and we left that lesson knowing Brisa is prepared for her baptism!

thursday was not a very good day so I’m not going to write too much. We tried going to an event in alvear where there were a bunch of people to pass out cards but it wasnt very effective and when we left both of our bikes tires were flat. So it took up most of the day to get back and all fixed.

friday was Brisa’s baptismal interview! she passed! and the zone leaders went on splits with us. I went with elder vega, from chile. I learned a lot. I learned to have more energy in the lessons and when I’m talking with people on the streets.

Saturday was Brisa’s baptism! It was stressful, because we were late to start filling up the baptismal font and we found baptismal clothes last minute, but once the service started it went so well and the spirit was so present! I was so happy to see her enter the waters of baptism and to see her family there!

Sunday Brisa was confirmed, and all of her family came to church, except her dad who works on sundays 😦 After in the evening I got to skype my family! I saw married michelle and my new brother in law for the first time!

Happy Mothers day Mom! I love you!

That was the week! Love you all.

Elder Skonnard

Week 40: Juan’s Baptism

San Rafael

This WEEK!!! Wow full of miracles


we started out this monday unable to write because of a holiday so we wrote on tuesday.

Tuesday we spent visiting Juan. He still hadn’t drank tea, which was his problem so he seemed ready for his baptism this saturday! It was a good lesson. He had also read more in the book of mormon, which was one of his struggles. IT was awesome to see his progression.

Wednesday we visited a new less active family which a child who hasnt been baptized yet. We are trying to work with them so they can reactivate in the church. I think the message we shared helped them remember the testimony they have received of the gospel. We also visited flia fariaz and brisa. We were praying to know if we should wait longer for her to be more prepared for her baptism when they told us the father wasnt going to be here this saturday. What an answer to our prayer! We didnt even have to make the hard decision. Now we hope all of her family will make it this sunday to church so we dont baptize an inactive member.

Thursday was great, we visited Juan again, still hadnt drank tea. We reviewed his baptismal interview questions and he remembers everything. So we were all set for Saturday. After we headed to an appointment we had set super far away and they werent there again… that always happens haha. We called and everything.

Friday was good. The zone leaders came for the interview and he passed! Juan arrived super early so he was waiting for us. He was nervous that the zone leaders were going to be a lot harder on him haha. He was super excited after the interview was over! we went on splits with the zone leaders and visited that less active family we were talking about. They all committed to coming to church!

Saturday Juan was baptized! The service was super special. Not many people came, but there were enough members to support him. One of the members in our ward baptized him who has been helping him a lot and became friends with. Elder Neto and I sang during the baptismal service so ill see if i can send that jaja perdon para mi voz. It was a spiritual moment for Juan and his mom who was there. The first thing Juan said after he was baptized was, ah frescito! haha. It was great. After we visited familia fariaz again and committed all of them to come to church! What a speical day :’)

Sunday Juan was confirmed a member of the church. It was fast and testimony meeting so everyone was sharing their testimonies about baptism and congratulating him. It was a very spiritual meeting. Everyone showed a lot of love and support for Juan. Him and his mom stayed at church for all the meetings. There were 4 investigators that came today! The less active family, and family fariaz! All of them! A miracle.

I love you all. Miss you so much. This week was full of blessings. I love the mission. its taught me so much!

Week 39: tender mercies!

San Rafael

Ok. this one is going to be a bit short.

This week we’ve only been focusing on Juan and Brisa. praying and thinking about them every moment. We saw a miracle this week. Juan was indecisive about his decision to come to church on Sunday because he had family to visit, but we visited him the night before, and the problem vanished. He came and Sunday and was taking notes during the conference! Wow. He is super prepared. He is scheduled to be baptized this week so please pray for him!

Brisa came to church, but not her parents. So we are praying to see if we should wait or baptize her this week. We also went to san rafael to be vaccunated for the flu, and boy was that a dissaster. I called to set an appointment for our district, but when we got there after traveling 2 hours, they said they werent doing vaccunations until 5pm. it was the worst, so stressed. After 30 minutes after not knowing what to do we found another pharmacy that did it for us. I’m glad we figured it out and everything worked out well. If not it would’ve wasted so much of our day. We also stopped teaching Elio Cruz this week, he didn’t want to commit to any of our invitations. So we are taking things slow with him.

That was my week, the biggest things i remember. Sorry if its boring, bear with me!

Elder Skonnard 🙂