Week 2: Study and Tender Mercies!


Tuesday –

Today was P-day and it was so fun. We went and did a temple session then had a devotional later that evening. It was Elder Anderson and it was awesome. What I got from that is to be clean, obedient, and work hard. After that we had a district meeting about the devotional and it was filled with the spirit.


On Wednesday we had our last meeting with our investigator Gianko. We really tried to prepare our hardest for it and tried to focus hard. We challenged him to get baptised and he said he would, but he needs more time. Sometimes I can understand the Spanish but I have to be focusing my hardest. And I can speak decent, but I have to translate it from English to Spanish so it takes a while. I just pray for the gift of tongues and study the language and it starts to come slowly.


Today the day was pretty normal. Just class and food. The one thing that was different was that Gianko came to give us the review of the lessons and it turns out, he became our new teacher. His real name is Hermano Black. I have a lot of respect for him. He served in Santiago, Chile. I think he’s going to be a better teacher because he doesn’t let us speak any English at all. And he never speaks English unlike Hermana Hadfield who was pretty easy on us. It’s kind of hard but I don’t care because it will help me learn the language.


On friday we did the same, but we had a soccer draft with our zone for exercise time. All of our zone during exercise went to the fields and had a tournament with four different teams. It was really fun. I love exercise time, because it gets your mind off things for a little bit. I also had the most focused day of the week. It’s hard sometimes, but I realize I’m on the lords time here.


Saturday we didn’t really do anything unique. Just the usual ciclo and we had two classes, with Hermana Hadfield and Hermano Black, we also began preparing for our new investigators. One of them is a real person and one of them is a worker for the MTC.


Finally my second Sunday. It was very spiritual once again. WE did comp. inventory and set some goals I think will definately help. We had district meeting and learned how to identify the spirit. After we had sacrament and I was worried they were gonna call me to give a talk. Because they just do it right on the spot. The topic was faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement. I prepared a pretty good lesson in Spanish, but I didn’t get called on. After we had priesthood and the Elder that taught was hilarious. He looks and acts like Bill Nye. It’s nice to see my friends all the time throughout the temple walks and other things. For the devotional someone came and talked about the things we can do to help people be convferted unto the lord. After we watched a talk by Elder Bednar which was amazing, called the character of christ. I learned I need to stop thinking about myself and become truly converted unto the lord. I realized I’m here on the lords time and can’t waste a minute. And I set a goal to become more christlike. Such a spiritual day.


In the morning we had our TRC lesson with Jose and it went really well. He was an actual hispanic from Ecuador so his accent was kind of hard to understand. It gave me a taste of what it might be like in Argentina. Prayer is my best friend. My companion and I pray all the time. Prayer definately helps us throughout our lessons to have the spirit and to be able to speak clearly and understand them better. Even though I didn’t understand completely, I could understand well enough to be able to answer him. Elder Johnson and I are really starting to get the hang of lessons with Investigators. After we had a morning lesson with Hermana Hadfield and I could tell she was frustrated because our class goofs around. I wasn’t obviously, but it gets annoying because it kind of defeats the pupose of why we’re here. So that night I talked to the district about it and told them that we can’t waste this time because we are going to be teaching people the first few months we’re on the field and we need to prepare our hardest so we will be able to help them come unto christ to the best of our abilities. We had another investigator that night and once again I felt the spirit guiding me and I felt so much peace and joy.

Tuesday –

Now it’s my second P-day! We woke up early and went to the temple which I don’t even know if it was allowed but my zone leader said it was so we did.

This week has been full of tender mercies and spiritual experiences. I know as I continue to study my hardest I will truly become converted unto the lord and because of that I will be able to teach others always with the spirit. I hope everyone had an amazing week and I miss you all so much!

Yo creo que jesucristo es nuestro salvador. Y tambien creo que mediante la expiacion, nosotros podemos ser perdon para todos nuestros pecados.


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