3 weeks down, 3 to go!


Tuesday: For the Tuesday Devotional me and another Elder in our district went to choir because nobody else really wanted to. I’m so glad I went because it was very spiritual. It is always a spiritual place here and it’s crazy. I found Elder Hollingsworth at the choir so we sat right next to him and we talked the whole time it was so fun to catch up! The devotional was so cool. It helped me realized that the lord breaks us down so we can grow back stronger and he only does it out of pure love knowing we will be stronger than we were before. I’ve learned to humble myself while here at the MTC.

Wednesday: Marks exactly 2 weeks from since I left to the MTC. We had a TRC with José in the morning first thing. It was the first time an investigator we had argued with us. It kind of caught us by surpize to be honest and we didn’t really know what to do. He started talking about the word of wisdom and how coke is worse than coffee or tea (which doesn’t make sense) but I think we handled it pretty well. It was cool how we were able to testify of what we knew and still feel the spirit despite how hard he was making it for us.

Thursday: Today we met with our Investigator José again, but this time we had a member present. It was pretty much a train wreck and without the member we would’ve been done for. We tried teaching him about the restoration, but we weren’t able to get past the apostasy before he started arguing with us. The member took care of it for us pretty much haha. We know what to say, but we just don’t know how to say it, sadly. Later that night we had another Investigator and taught the same thing, the restoration, but this time it went really well. We memorized the first vision in spanish and were able to tell it to him with conviction thanks to the spirit. I love hanging out with my district and zone they are awesome. That night we just started talking about the gospel for like an hour and it was so interesting.

Friday: I woke up feeling very sick because there’s been a bug going around the MTC and I caught it unfortunately. I still went to the classes and just powered through it. But it got a lot worse. Then during exercise my companion sprained his ankle really bad. It just wasn’t our day. So for the evening ciclo we just decided to go back to the room and rest which I’m so glad we did. We still studied, just laying in our beds. I also prayed a lot that day to help my strength come back to normal.

Saturday: My prayer was answered! I woke up feeling sick, but after our investigator I felt completely back to normal. It was the weirdest feeling. I’m glad I didn’t get anything for longer than a few days because that would’ve sucked. It’s really easy to get sick here at the MTC because there are so many people here. Elder Peterson from our zone left because he has to get surgery on his shoulder and it made me pretty sad. He was such a fun and optimistic Elder. The way he handled it gave me so much respect for him. He’s coming back out after it heals too. One thing the zone leader does every night at 10:30 is walk down the halls screaming “GO TO BED RIGHT NOW” for like 30 seconds. HAha it is so funny

Sunday:My 3rd sunday already. I’ve decided sundays are my favorite just from how spiritual it is. My testimony of repentence and Joseph Smith grew so much that day. I know for a fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. My goal I set is to strive to become more like christ everyday through my actions.

Monday: Today my companion, Elder Johnson, and another Elder in my district, Elder Morris got sick. The bug is real. I just went on splits that day while they stayed at the rooms together. It was fun hanging out with other people for the day. I started reading “putting on the armor of god” during my studies and it is so good. I advise everyone to read that book. We got a new teacher, Hermana Ellison and she is super enthusiastic, but strict at the same time. I’m glad the is strict because it helps me stay on task. In the evening, our district had a capri sun drinking contest. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to throw up. They all had to drink 10 capri suns hahaha. They all regretted it after though. Those types of things may not sound that fun, but here it is so much fun for us. Half of our zone left as well which is pretty sad because they were all awesome people. We are getting new people on Wednesday and we’re gonna become the vets.

Well that was my week! Lots of the same thing, but my testimony is growing stronger and stronger each day. I now have the first vision and baptismal invite memorized in Spanish. The language is slowly becoming easier. I love it here, I love my companion, district, zone, and everything about this place. It is really so much fun. I love the gospel and everything about it. I love you all and miss you!


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