Week 4: Birthdays and Pinatas


Wow in just a few days I’ll have been here for a month! I love it so much and I’m learning so much. I definetaly am liking it a lot more than the first few weeks! Everyone in my district is my family now and they all bring something unique to the group. This week we got over 30 new people in our zone and now we’re like the oldest ones here. It’s crazy to think we’re already the vets. But I know I still don’t know anything and right when I leave for Argentina it’s gonna hit me like a bus. Elder Stevens one of my friends from school is in my zone so we hang out all the time! It’s so fun to have someone I know in my zone. I don’t really know what els to say so I’m just gonna say my week…\

Wednesday: It was a little discouraging because our TRC investigator gave us a hard time again. It’s hard for him to progress. But during ciclo we focused the whole time on him and we were guided on how to give the next lesson. Heavenly Father really helps us when we’re in need. During comp study we were trying to find a scripture about priesthood keys and we couldn’t find anything when Elder Johnson just looked on the page he was on and we found something that applied exactly to his situation. We started freaking out it was crazy. 3 new districts joined along with my friend Porter Stevens. It was such a spiritual and fun day.

Thursday: Pretty normal day nothing crazy happened just the usual breakfast, 4 hours of study, food, 4 hours of class, food, 4 hours of class. Hermano Black was sick today so we had a sub. Our teacher helped the district realize we can’t waste any time here. We had our last TRC with Jose and it was incredible. He had been struggling the whole time, but we found out his needs and we taught about how we receive answers to our prayers when he just started crying. It was super spiritual and he said he was going to get baptized. I’m pretty sure it was a member, but he still felt the spirit there which is all that matters.

Saturday: I learned how to recognize the spirit through preparing for my priesthood lesson. We had a lesson with Jacobo that we weren’t really prepared for because we were busy doing other important things, but the lord still helped us because we were using his time wisely. For our service we got to wear backpacks like from ghostbusters and we vaccumed all the staircases. For zone soccer we finally won for once. Later in the evening Elder Johnson destroyed his same foot again I felt bad because it was just barely starting to heal and his birthday was the next day. But he’s still super enthusiastic about everything which is so cool..

Sunday: Today was awesome again like usual. It was also elder Johnsons birthday so we partied the whole day. We gave the priesthood lesson on how to recognize and feel the spirit and it went really well and I could tell the spirit was there guiding us. The devotional was so cool. He taught us how to be driven by the purpose and it was super uplifting and encouraging. To celebrate Johnsons birthday we hung up a pinata in our room and threw a tennis ball at it until it broke open. Fun times.

Monday: We got a new TRC investigator! We are getting pretty good at it. The whole lesson we spoke spanish so well and the words were just flowing out of our mouths. Our “gospel” vocabulary is pretty good but outside that it is pretty bad. But we can understand what the investigators are saying super well. But we think that they aren’t using super hard words on us so we don’t really know how much we know to be honest. We made a goal with our district that we can only speak spanish in 18M our classroom building. That is like 12 hours a day. If we speak english we get shunned for the rest of the day if we speak english inside or outside the building. So I think that goal is going to improve our spanish a lot over the next few weeks.

Tuesday: P-day again. An Elder in my room Elder Christiansen lost his passport so e said a prayer and after we went to the temple he got an impression to look in his sock drawer and he found it dug in the bottom. Crazy! We had looked all over for it and couldn’t find it

Well thats my week! Im slow at speaking spanish most of the time, but I usually can think of every word to say. I just am hoping that with practice it will come. Love you all and stay good!



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