Last week in the MTC!


Crazy how next week I’m gonna be on a plane to argentina! I got my flight plans on Friday and we were freaking out!!! Our flight plans only take us to Buenos Aires though so we have to take a 12 hour bus ride to Mendoza from there. By the end of that bus ride I’m gonna be fluent in Spanish! My week was pretty boring we just did what we usually do

Wednesday:We had a Skype lesson with a member from Argentina Bahia Blanca which was super cool! I couldn’t really understand her because she was speaking super fast. At one point she just started laughing at us and I don’t know why but hopefully I didn’t say anything stupid haha. We taught her how to recognize the spirit in her life and I think it helped her a lot. My thumb got super swollen today and idk what even happened.

Thursday: I’m convinced that all lessons go well with a member present. We had a TRC with Julio and a super cool guy, Brother Morino, from Santiago, helped us and gave us some super good advice. During our lesson, we were speaking through the spirit and the gift of tongues was helping so much. At one point, I was talking about how I received a witness that the Book of Mormon was true and I just started bawling out of nowhere. It was weird crying and speaking spanish at the same time hahaha. My thumb still kills

Friday: My finger looked like death and I thought it was gonna fall off. You know I still played four square with my left hand. We taught Jacobo and invited him to be baptized. He basically said no but it was worth a shot! We’ve been super focused for the past few weeks and it has gone by so much faster when we are losing ourselves in the work! We’re finally starting to get to bed by 10:30. It’s tough but we know it will bring blessings with exact obedience.

Saturday: We got Hermana Ellison to dab!!! She’s a fun teacher and is super enthusiastic. She served in Bolivia. Today she made us go outside and practice street contacting random missionaries that were outside. Most of them didn’t even speak spanish so it was funny to see their faces. Today in my studies I learned about Charity and Love and how necessary it is. I’ve been striving to grow this trait and it helps me realize how much joy it brings you when you are thinking about others.

Sunday: Chad Lewis came and gave a devotional. He played football at BYU and in the NFL. He served in Taiwan and showed us a bunvh of pictures. He made everyone there super excited for their missions and helped all of us realize we can’t waste the time we have here.

Monday: I started reading Jesus the Christ. My love for Jesus Christ and testimony of him has grown so much since I’ve been here. When we got back in the evening we had a chips n queso fiesta with Dike, Christiansen, peterson, stauffer, mortensen, and my comp. These Elders are probably my closest friends at the MTC that I’ve made and I’m sad to leave them next week. A few districts in our zone left and it was sad to see them go… they were huge examples in obedience to me.

That was my week! I’m excited to actually leave so I actually have more interesting things to talk about…. next time I email I will be in Argentina! Thanks everyone for the packages and letters they help me so much. Thanks for everyone supporting me out here! I’m having so much fun and growing so close to the lord!

Yo se que si nosotros oramos cada dia, podemos llegar a ser como cristo! Yo testifico que Jesucristo vive en la tierra y sufrio para todos nuestros pecados y por eso podemos ser limpio por cualquier cosa hacemos!!!!!



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