I’m in Argentina!

La Consulta

This week has been ridiculous. So many different changes I dont even know where to start. So after a day of traveling we arrived at the mission home finally and we spent the night at a sketchy hotel. When Elder johnson was showering the showerhead fell off and the bathroom flooded haha. The next day we had an orientation all day and a tour of Mendoza. Its so beautiful. The next day we got assigned our areas and companions who met us at the mission headq. My comp is Elder Martinez, he{s from chile and is a convert to the church like 2 years ago. He has a strong testimony. He doesnt speak any english though so i dont really know whats going on. when we arrived at our home, la consulta in valle de uco, we went to the stake presidents house and got to know each other. Really cool people. Their kid gave me a transformers toy as a welcome gift. On Friday we visited more members so i could get to know the ward and he showed me around the area. Apparently there is hardly ever baptisms here because nobody is married….so hopefully we can change that. During the day we have study time during siesta because nobody is out. Saturday we visited investigators. We visited Zulema and showed her the video finding faith in christ. It touched her and she started crying. She said she was going to go to church. She has a farm of rabbits that they eat. We ate lunch at the stake presidents home after. I had to share the spiritual thought after which was hard. Later after siesta we visited Ceverilnos idk how to spell it. Their family is so cool. They are investigators and the dad is scary. Hes super buff and apparantly is a champion at ping pong. We gave a thought and set up an appointment for a lesson. After we went to Margarrittas house and there were like 30 people in that tiny house because her daughter just had a baby. It was kind of hard to teach but we still did anyway. Sunday was fun. We went to church and there was like nobody there. Zulema didn{t show up which was kind of dissapointing. We ate lunch at margharittas. We are trying to focus on her family because they are ready to be baptised. For lunch we had a bunch of meat which was straight fat. Weve been setting up a bunch of service appointments with families because everyone needs help with stuff and we can teach them about the gospel while we serve. Now today we{re in Tunuyan and are going up to where the zone leaders are to play soccer for pday. Crazy week.

I didnt have much time this week so forgive me. Elder Martinez is an amazing cook. He makes pizza out of everything its so crazy. Our zone has like 8 people in all of Valle de Uco so me and Elder Martinez have all of La Consulta and Carlos and a huge area below that. So basically us two missionaries are in charge of 2 cities. Im slowly learning the language. Every house we visit theyre drinking mate. I cant think of anything else cause i dont have much time, but that was my week!


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