Second week in La Consulta!

La Consulta

Crazy week! I’m just gonna go straight into it.

On Pday we played soccer with our zone at the church and I got  schooled so much. Nothing much really from that day. The next day we had district meeting with the other 2 who are in our district, Elder Robeiro, and Elder Mulliner. It was motivating. For lunch we made a bunch of tortillas and put a bunch of crap on it and it was actually pretty good not gonna lie. Later that night after we got back and did studies we found a new investigator named Mateas. He is so cool! He showed us around his homemade museum for like an hour and we got to know him super well. When it came time for the lesson he brought in his whole family so we could teach them. We taught them the restoration and it went super well. He invited us to come back and seemed super interested in our message. On wednesday we did service for the Pola family who is in our ward. Their family is super cool and have kids around our age who are active in the church. For service we helped make cement for them and cleared out a bunch of junk in their yard. It was a ton of work, but I love service so much! Reminded me of when I was in Tong. After we ate lunch at Hermano Ramon’s house with their family. Best spaghetti ive ever had. They also drink a ton of coke here and it tastes way better for some reason. While we were driving to his house, Hermano Ramon said “this car is probably a piece of dump compared to your mercedes, huh?” and i didnt understand what he said so i just said, “si” and then Elder Martinez started dying so I knew i did something wrong once again.  We walked all the way back from his house which took forever and later that night, we visited familia Ceverrino. We gave them a baptismal calendar hoping that as they do the lessons, they will have a desire to be baptised. They are super ready for baptism, but the problem is they are super catholic like everyone else here. We also challenged the same thing for our other investigator Margarita, and she accepted everthing….except baptism…super sad. Don’t know what to do with her. On the 22nd we had zone meetings and interviews with the mission president which went really well. Got some great advice. The rest of the day was mostly traveling because we had tramites the next day.  Friday we did tramites with a couple of other Elders from the travel group. We went around to a bunch of different places in Mendoza filling out paperwork for our visas. Elder Amann a good friend from  the travel group was with us so it was nice to hang out with him and speak english for once. By the time we got back to la consulta it was so late so after studies we went and visited the sister of Hermana Ceverrino and gave her a ctr ring and a movie, finding faith in christ for her birthday. She has a mental illness, so she is super hard to understand putting aside the fact that i don’t know spanish. She was ecstatic when we visited her it was the highlight of my day. Saturday was the busiest day of the week. We had another lesson with Mateas in the morning. He completed our invitation to read the introduction of the book of mormon and even read more. He is really interested. We taught him the plan of salvation and at the end, challenged him to be baptised! He said yes… if he knows it’s true. So we told him to keep praying and reading the book of mormon and he can know the truthfulness of it. I have a lot of confidence that he will find the truth because he has a huge desire to. We had lunch at a members house. Their house is surrounded by their farm, all their vineyards and it is beautiful. Right now, not as much because it’s just a bunch of sticks sticking out of the ground, but once it is wine season the whole town is going to be so pretty.  The highlight of the evening was visiting an inactive members house that night. They  have some members, and some nonmembers. We just got to know them and shared a spiritual thought. They are super nice and good people. The parents don’t follow the law of chastity because they  aren’t married, and I think thats why they don’t go to church. Sunday was even crazier. We got to church early and there was one person there, and finally at like 8:55 people started showing up. We were getting pretty nervous. Everyone shows up late to sacrament meeting here. The family we visited the night before showed up to church! I{m so glad we visited them because they decided to come. The only family we didn’t invite to come to church is the family that came… so maybe were doing this all wrong. For lunch we went to the fiesta of familia Ceverrino for their daughters first communion for the catholic church. I probably ate 30 empanadas. A ton of their family was their and one of them kept offering  us wine… Later that evening we visited another inactive family and brought the Pola kids with us. Elder Martinez made me lead the lesson this time which was pretty scary because I haven’t done that yet. But I just trusted the lord to put the right words in my mouth and it turned out to be very spiritual. I was shaking during that lesson.

Well…. thats my week.   My district is so fun and its nice to have someone to speak english to every once in a while. My  companion has a strong testimony and is so funny. He is super outgoing to everyone and is a hard worker. There are never baptisms which is pretty sad, but all that matters is that we help people come unto christ.  Literally every time we  teach  someone their abuela or abuelo comes in and rants about how they are a catholic family and wont change religions.  Its a pretty well to do city. And so beautiful. I love the people here. Dogs everywhere. pretty cold right now. Nobody is married so even when people want to be baptised they always have that problem. I love the challenge though. And I know that Im here for a reason and the if I humble myself before the lord and work hard, we will have success here. Its crazy to think i’ve only been here for two weeks because It seems like ive been here forever. now im about to go play soccer and get abused by some argentines! Hope everyone had a good week im praying for you all!

Elder Skonnard


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