Week 3, and 2 Months!

La Consulta

Wednesday – Crazy day. Had district meeting then got back to la consulta and after studies went and visited our investigators were focusing on. We also found a nuevo Mirta who is excited to learn more. We went to the Ceverinos and taught the word of wisdom. They are already following it so it was super easy for them to commit to it šŸ˜‰ Jose Ceverino is the most animated person i know hahaha he is so funny. We also commited them to a baptismal date! They obviously need to follow all the commitments we give them before getting baptised so we are hoping the will show up to general conference.

Thursday – Starting to fall in love with oatmeal. Eat it erry day. Left my credit card in the carjeta the day before. Typical. Prayed a ton and had a ton of faith everything would be alright and tried to not think about it too much. Went back to the bank which it was unlikely to be there and it ended up being there! What a tender mercy…Later that night we taught Zulema. She said shes gonna come to church with us this next week and shes progressing a ton! We were teaching the Restoration and i started going off on the atonement even though that wasnt in the lesson….haha im still learning every day. Or maybe it was just the spirit telling me to teach that. She was crying pretty much the whole time cause of all the problems shes having. All we could really do is bear testimony that god will bless us when we live his gospel.

Friday – Martinez was sick so I did a ton of studying for the first half of the day. Around lunch time he started feeling better so we went to members house for lunch soooo good. Since I had already studied in the morning and Martinez was still a little sick we didnt walk around too much that day and just cleaned our padio which was so gross. We went to Margaritas house after and offered service and helped her more with her problems and she was bawling the whole time like Zulema. Shes getting closer to baptism though. I wish I could speak so I could help a little bit haha. Elder Martinez took care of it though and she definitaly felt our love for her.

Saturday and Sunday, General Conference – So amazing. The first day we had to watch it in Spanish which kind of sucked because I didnt get too much out of it. On sunday though Me and Elder mulliner were able to watch it in english though on a computer in the church! It was so good. The main four things I got out of it are: 1. We can feel joy no matter what circumstance were in as long as we have the gospel. 2. We need to look to Jesus in every thought. 3. We need to believe in Christ Personally. 4.As we allow the atonement to enter our lives, we give away all our sins to know him. I had tons of questions answered and I know for a surety that if you go into conference with a few questions in mind, that they will be answered! And best thing was that the Ceverinos came!

Monday – Pday! We went to Mendoza for the day because we got permission from our mission president and we met up with a bunch of other misisonaries from the mission. We went and ate at a buffet which took like 3 hours because the latinos ate like 6 plates of food and I hadnt eaten at all the day before because we didnt have any food in the pension….Came back to Tunuyan and now writing you all. BTW every Pday we stay in Tunuyan because we have district meeting early the next morning.

My week! Crazy things that happened. Tons of miracles. Investigators are progressing very well. Weird thing of the week: Woke up to the sound of a baby screaming. Hope everyones doing fine. I dont know whats going on, but im fine!


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