Week 4 in La Consulta!

La Consulta

Norm week just going straight into it.

Tuesday: Zone meeting. I had to give the spiritual thought in Spanish. It actually didnt go as bad as I thought though nobody even laughed at me. I’m starting to get a little bit better at Spanish :’) Later after studies went to Matias again. Gave a way good lesson on el Evangelio de Jesucristo… He is such a CAPO. He also offered us some alchohol so we had to teach him a little bit about the palabra de sabiduria haha

Wednesday: Crazy things always happen on wednesday. We didnt have anything to do in the morning so we just went door to door which is the worst way to do things because nobody lets you in. And everyone says their catholic so they dont wanna hear it. One lady started yelling at us mid sentence saying “No, no, no, no, STOP.” haha and pretty much said she didnt want anything to do with us. haha love it. Dont be fooled though most of everyone here is super nice they just dont really want to hear our message. After we ate lunch at a members house Hermano Ramon. Then we did service for him for a huge portion of the day. He has 3 huge German Shepards and we set them off to go destroy a rabbit (it got away….)

ThursdayÑFriday: Martinez started having knee problems so the health missionary made us stay in for two days and rest. All i did during that time was study. I have grown to love reading the scripts tho

Saturday: Went to an Investigators house that was so far away… he is a drug addict and is trying to change his life. His story is pretty sad. We shared with him a book of mormon and as we were reading he marked a page with his lighter. I have a ton of faith that he can overcome it through the gospel. All of our citas fell through except Margarita, but it actually worked out fine because Elder Martinez cut her hair (idk if thats allowed, but whatev) Then just called everyone making sure they would go to church the next day..

Sunday: We were super hopeful that everyone would show up…. but like happens, nobody did. Kind of dissapointing, but all we can really do is invite. The people that are progressing the most still dont go i dont get it. Spend the day at church and in meetings with the branch president. Our focus right now is to try and get more referrals for more investigators. So that is what we ended up doing for the rest of the day after studies.

Pretty boring week, I know. My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown so much since Ive been here. Ive witnessed miracles and I know that is only through the will of god. Ive recognized and felt the Holy ghost so much guiding me in the right direction. The gosel brings so much happiness to everyone and all i want is to share that with everyone here!!! The only thing i lack is the ability to speak, but one day! Mendoza is crazy i didnt realize how much the weather varies. Apparrantly in the northern area of the mission it gets up to 120-130 degrees. You can cook an egg on the ground…kinda hoping i dont go there haha. Fun fact of the day. Chao


One thought on “Week 4 in La Consulta!

  1. Hello Elder Skonnard you are doing awesome!! Every day that you work for the Lord you will see progress in the language. One day you will wake up in the morning speaking Spanish only and feel like you are slipping in your English. Can you believe that?
    We are so proud of your service to the Lord and happy to see the pix!
    The referrals and investigators and baptisms will come so that you will be very busy. You will feel joy in the service and great love for the people
    because of their love for the Lord. Always rely on the Savior to strengthen you when you may feel tired or discouraged. He will always be there for you!!! ❤️ Love you Michael !!!


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