Week 5 in Mendoza!

La Consulta

Tuesday – Fun week. After district meeting I went on splits with Elder Robeiro to lunch at a members house which was fun. Robeiro only has a week left so he was giving me some good advice for the mish. There is nobody as unique as Robeiro hahaha hes awesome though. In the evening we visited our progressing investigator Matias and got their family involved this time. We ended up staying there for like 3 hours, and missed two other appointments. But after we realized that that was necessary to earn their trust and get to know them. Now we are going to be able to teach their family in the future. I taught them some english

Wednesday – SERVICE THE WHOLE DAY. i was so sore after. We moved a bunch of junk for matias then moved 3 trees at a members house… I love service though. Elder Martinez told me that in this mission you do a lot more service then you usually do in other missions.

Thursday. Today was good but we had to pick up princess robeiro from mendoza so we were only able to work for about half the day. going to mendoza literally sucks up the time. So now were in a  trio with Robeiro for two days.

Friday– Had to go back to Mendoza to get Elder Robeiros companion so we were only able to work for half the day again… while we had robeiro we went to a less active and he taught her portugeuese. That night investigator Margarita had an asado for leaving Robeiro so much fun.

Saturday – We helped the branch president make something for all the moms in the ward because it is mothers day for argentina on sunday. While listening to some mormon tab that was the best…Visited Zulema and ended up teaching her friends that were there and they were very interested and even asked us “Could you guys baptize me?” We answered with a huge smile, YES we can baptize you! We are going to teach them more in the future.

Sunday – 2 investigators showed up! Matias, and Zulema. I sent Matias a message in the morning and told him we were going to pick him up for church so we already knew about that, but the real success was in Zulema. Because she always says shes going to come but never ends up coming in the end.. But she came. That was the highlight of my day. she invited us to eat lunch at her house after too so thats what we did. Elder Martinez has been sick all week so he hasnt had the desire to work as hard as we usually do. So thats been a little bit rough. Also I dont know if its bad enough for us to stop working.. Hes usually pretty obedient but there are some rules that he breaks that kind of annoy me. I get along with him pretty good though!

That was my week nothing crazy.. Love you all!


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