Last Week of My 1st Transfer!

La Consulta

Last week of my first tranfer! Crazy how fast its going…


felt pretty cool cause i actually was able to speak in the district meeting! Its a lot more fun when you can actually understand whats going on. Werent able to really do anything because we had to leave for Mendoza to do tramites again.


We did tramites for pretty much the whole day. I got to know the latinos and brasilenas from my travel group more they are so cool! Now im finally legal to be in Argentina. After we got back we just decided to spend a few hours to fix our crappy bikes and got pretty much nowhere.


Went to a catholic in the morn which is always fun…We had one bike fixed so we took it and I rode on the back in the afternoon when we were late for lunch and it broke again hahaha what luck. At lunch Hno. Pola offered to help us fix our bikes tho cause hes a mechanic so that was a tender mercy. So were going back the next day. Didnt even take a break for studies and just went straight back at it. We went to 4 people for the rest of the day which is good for us. WE spend a little bit too much time at citas so we need to work on that a little more…


Early in the morning went and took care of our bikes. Finally they are fixed! Thank you hermano pola! Its crazy how much faster we get everywhere with them that was much needed. I woke up pretty sick that morning, but I just prayed and had faith that the Lord would help me and just got back to work. It was crazy because at the end of the night I felt completely better! We found one new person who is really nice and invited us back to teach!


We went to conference with Matias! He really loves the gospel and wants to be a missionary some day! he follows every commitment and has a ton of faith. Hes going to get baptized after his last assistence! So cool. After the conference I introduced him to President Goates. ON the bus on the way back he asked me if I could baptize him! Best moment!



Said chao to Elder Robeiro đŸ˜¦ We took Matias to the conference again and some less active members we have been teaching came too! The chapel was filled because all the different branches from Valle de Uco were there! Robeiro taught me a ton it was sad saying bye to him. Later we had 3 visits in the evening cause were focusing on spending less time at their houses. Its been way more effective. Had a moment that night where I spoke the perfect spanish and I didnt even know what I was saying it was crazy.

That was my week. Starting to slowly get the language down. Im keeping everyone in my prayers back in the States! Love you all. Have an amazing week!

(Matias is in the picture where he is wearing a missionary name tag! He looks like a future missionary!!)


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