A Full Chapel!

La Consulta


First of all happy birthday Mom!!! I love you!! Second, Happy Halloween!! This week was filled with tons of changes, for the better though! Heres the highlights of the week

Tuesday: We decided to stop visiting some of our investigators who arent progressing at all. We never give up though so Tuesday we went around all of the houses explaining our purpose as missionaries and that we were going to have to stop visiting them if they arent fufilling the commitments. None of them are progressing so we had to drop a bunch of people. Now we have to find more people.

Wednesday: We didnt have anything to do so we just went contacting all morning and had a ton of success and found 2 families (doesnt sound like success but for us it is) They are awesome families and are interested in the message!The lord was evidently on our side that morning. Later in the afternoon we did service for hmo ramon again and helped him build a fence. He constantly needs help and is always calling us over which im happy to do. Later we visited Matias hoping he found his answer to the truthfullness of our message. He found his answer! He knows its true.. we were planning the baptismal service for the next week when his mom came in and told us that hes catholic and is going to continue being catholic.. he needs his parents permission since hes only 17. that was sad because he wants more than anything right now to be baptised. All we have to do now though is teach her mom.

Thursday: Had our second capaticacion which took the whole day. didnt do anything else. It was fun seeing everyone from my travel group but kind of weird too. Brought back memories from the MTC :’)


Friday: In the morning we visited one of the people we found contacting and shared a message with him, but he wasnt very interested in receiving the lessons :/ We also visited one of our progressing investigators Marianela and taught her about the BoM. Talking about the book of mormon is my favorite because of the huge testimony i have of it! A bunch of other lessons throughout the day


Saturday: We went finding again all morning and found 2 more families! Having the bikes helps so much because we can get around everywhere so much faster and talk to so many more people! We visited a menos activo family who are so cool. It was my first time visiting that family. They have a huge vineyard and it sounds like a ton of work. They havent been to church in years, but they committed to going the following week. Their problem is the amount of work they always have to do…

Sunday: The capilla was filled! All of us almost didnt fit. There was at least 50 people there. When I got here there was only about 20 coming. It´s nice to know that all of the hard work is paying off. When we were doing sacrament we ran out because of how many people were there. We are really focusing on getting a lot of menos activos to come back to church. theres about 300 members in our area but only like 20-30 active members. Later we went contacting again and I had to do all of them by myself. The first few were pretty rough not gonna lie haha but im getting the hang of it now.


That was my week! This transfer were really focusing on the missionary purpose and changing a lot of things. I can already see it starting to bring more success to us as missionaries. Elder Martinez is starting to have a strong desire to be a more obedient missionary and have more success. Our goal for the next week is 10 investigators to go to church and were gonna make it happen.

Well, thats it. love you all and have a good week!


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