Week 14: Goals and Miracles!

La Consulta

Wow already 8 weeks out here. Its been going by so fast. It feels like Ive known my companion for ages. My week was pretty normal. We had a pretty slow week but the last few days we had a ton of success! Im just going to get straight into it.


Wind storm called a sonda and an asado. Those two things dont mix very well but we made it work. Best meat Ive probably ever had in my life serious. That evening we couldnt do anything because we got back so late. The busses kill us, they take away so much time and money from us  😦 And I can never stay awake on the bus hahaha


Our first district meeting with the new district leader. It was fun and inspiring. We started a tradition to have facturas at every district meeting which will make it better. Later that evening we visited a few families who arent really progressing and invited them to go to church but they all are going to some parade… so there goes our goal of 10 attendences….


Didnt have much success. We spent the morning doing service and later visited some families and found 1 person were going to teach named Matias. Im convinced anyone named matias will want to hear our message. Later we visited an investigator who I had no idea wasnt even a member because she goes to church every week and does everything a member does. but she cant get baptized because shes not married, but we taught her to have faith and trust in gods will. She ended up saying at the end that if she doesnt get married shes leaving him so we can get baptized. Her dilligence to be baptized and the faith she has is incredible


Very unsuccessful day. But we were invited to a family home evening with a less active family. We are trying to teach the Dad because hes not a member and they arent following the law of chastity… So weve just been trying to reach out to them in any way we can. Elder Martinez painted the face of a kid named Nico for a halloween party he was going was so funny.


We had zone meeting and got to meet the new zone leader. Hes big, red head, and plays rugby. Hes pretty cool. LAter we only had time to visit one less active family because of how late we got back….. busses


Saturday was the day. We hadnt made a budge on any of our goals throughout the week so we decided to set all of our weekly goals for that day. We hadnt gotten one referal that week and hadnt gotten any. So we went out and worked hard and ended up receiving 5. We had a goal for 7 new investigators that week and hadnt gotten any. We ended up only receiving two, but the amount of references we received made us satisfied.


We made an attempt to find 5 more investigators and ended up finding a family of 4 which was erfect. But we werent able to find anyone else. 1 off from our goal, but it taught me that if we set are minds to something we can do it no matter how hard it may be. We worked a lot harder than we ever had in those 2 days and it made a huge difference. Elder Martinez is becoming very diligent in the work and its awesome. One of our future investigators (Matias) had his birthday the day before so we brought him 2 gatorades as a gift and later that night he showed up at our pension and gave us a ton of bread. He’s such a capo. Were going to teach him this next week.

Yep that was my week love you all!


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