Week 15: Baptism!

La Consulta

img_1606BAPTISM! This is sweet. I’ve been here for 9 weeks. 9. That’s almost double digits. My week was good, here it is.

Monday: We sat in a park all day for p day cause theres nothing to do here hahah.  Not bad though, I did some cartwheels. We visited a girl that night who is progressing a ton. We took EL David Sosa with us who is a returned missionary and helps us with everything. She’s a snake though and Im scared of her so I don’t know if were going to keep visiting her haha.

Tuesday: We worked all morning trying to get references and contacts but only got one. So much biking I’ve been exercising so much more here than I did back home… thats a sad thought but its true… Later we had to travel to Mendoza for the zone conference.

Wednesday: Met a ton of new missionaries at zone conference. One of the Elders has lost like 40 kilos of weight while hes been here which is insane. We got a sneak peek of the new church christmas video. We had to sign a paper to not reveal anything from the video. Jokes Jokes. It was really good and I learned a ton on becoming a consecrated missionary —all I want to be right now.

Thursday: Today we found out that Matias received permission to be baptized!!! Best feeling Ive had on the misison so far. All the hard work finally paying off. We were freaking out and didnt know what to do so we went to the church and made sure we had a font for him to use and it was sooo dirty. So we ended up cleaning that for a few hours. That night we biked 40 minutes away to some village to visit a less active family. That took up pretty much the rest of the night wasnt really effective and my legs felt like jello after.

Friday: Friday was huge. We got 5 new investigators. That night we went to Matias house to get the signature from his parents for him to be baptized. With the pen in hand the mom asked, “So if I don’t sign this, he cant get baptized?” After we confirmed that was true she said, “Ok, Im not going to sign it then” Boom knife to the heart. In that moment I said a prayer and Matias left the house a little emotional. After a few minutes she changed her mind and signed it. We invited her to be baptized and that was a bad decision also because she started arguing with us more. But all we ended up doing was invited her to her our message and I think she softened up a little bit. But all of that isn’t important because she signed it! It was kind of hard to believe we were going to have a baptism the next day

Saturday: Spend the day preparing for the baptism because our ward mission leader doesnt really do much. We got everything set up which took the whole day. The baptism went smoothly and I felt the spirit so strong. Matias was so happy that day and im never going to forget that. I got to baptize him and I was pretty nervous for that–but everything ended up going well. The water was freezing, but other than that It was an amazing day!!

Sunday: Matias came in a suit to church and he looks like hes been a member for years. He got confirmed that day and his family ended up coming unexpectedly. Looks like they are really starting to open up to the religion. That night we visited a less active and ended up being there for like 2 hours. We really need to work on shorter lessons haha.. its a process

That was my week! So many miracles. So many tender mercies. I love putting everything I have to the work and all the blessings that come from this gospel! So glad I get to spend 2 years doing this. it’s hard, but its so rewarding.

Love you allll!!

Elder Skonnard


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