Week 16: Ice Cream and Rain!

La Consulta

This week was pretty rough… didn’t have that much success… tons of appointments fell through and nothing was really going our way.. it was still a good week though. When we center our lives on the lord he will help us get through any trial.


Played soccer for pday and i couldnt breathe so that was fun. In the evening we taught the new investigator we found named Matias. Both of the Matias’s are awesome. He just needs to quit smoking. Everyone here has a problem with smoking so its hard..


Pretty crazy few days.. we had district meeting then right after went and did intercambios. I was with Elder Mulliner who is only one transfer older than me. We were pretty nervous and wondered if we would even be able to do it hahah. But we decided to make the best of it and went out. We didnt have many appointments so we just started going door to door finding people. The first family we ended up talking to let us in and we taught them a lesson and they invited us back. After that appointment we had so much more confidence and the rest of the day we did everything easily without worry. We ended up getting two nuevos that day which was more than Elder Martinez and I got in the whole week. It was such a good day.


Wednesday we did intercambios and went back to consulta with Elder Martinez… they went to Mendoza for intercambios because elder martinez was having knee problems. That morning was long, all we did was find.


Thursday was fun because Zulema committed to a baptismal date! It was suprizing because we just asked her randomly at the end and she said yes this time. The lord works in mysterious ways. Her only problem is going to church. In the morning we went and visited a less active member who we’ve been trying to visit forever. She was throwing references at us left and right. It was awesome. Apparently she wasn’t going to church because she was sick so we’ll see.


Friday we went to Eugenio Bustos. Its a city in our area that weve never been to. First time Ive ever been there in all the time ive been in this area. We went finding over there and visited a few families. Later we had an activity at the church–the first one they’ve had for who knows how long. The ward is slowly becoming stronger which is fun to watch. There ended up being more investigators there than members, better for us. One person came that we’ve never even taught, and after she invited us to teach her. The activities really help. We shared a message basically telling them they need to help us with the missionary work.. haha. It was good


Saturday we went out with the recent convert, Matias. After being baptized all he wants to do is help us with the work and give us references. It’s such a blessing. He helps us with the work more than anyone else in the ward. He went out with us to teach all that night, didn’t have much success. All of our appointments fell through so we decided to go teach his dad who has never been taught. On the way there we bought ice cream and ended up talking to the people there for like 30 minutes and they seemed very interested in our message. Never reject ice cream. We were never able to teach him because he had to leave to work last minute… that happens every time.


Sunday there was a crazy storm and earthquake in San Juan. It was raining all day. We were supposed to get 4 new investigators that day but every appointment fell through again… it was pretty rough. So our numbers didnt end up being the best. Interesting fact of the day: When we went out in the evening we took our umbrellas out and mine snapped in half. So I was carrying the bottom part in my other hand and someone thought it was a knife. that was fun.

Although we didnt have much success throughout the week, I still witnessed so many tender mercies and the lords hand in my life. It was a great week. I love being a missionary

Until next

Elder Skonnard


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