Week 17!

La Consulta

Wooo one more week in training then I’m expected to be able to do everything! Kinda scared for that responsibility to be honest and hopefully I dont have to train next transfer that would be hard… but ive learned a ton and im finally starting to get the hang of everything. This week had its ups and downs im just going to go straight into it.

On Monday we played ultimate frisbee with our small zone. That was fun. I realized I do not have very good coordination  :’)

Later that day we visited the other Matias and gave him a baptismal calendar and advice on how to quit smoking. We hope he will have success, it’s one of the biggest problems with people here. They live in the middle of nowhere so it was so hard to get back haha.

Tuesday we had a ton planned, but nobody was home so that sucked. First Niki. Nothing. Except his 300 year old dog that has burnt skin. Next Blanca. nothing. Sonya. Nothing. Valentin. Nothing. Gisela. Nothing. Flia. Ceverino. Nothing.After all those fails we finally got a lesson with Marianela and invited her to be baptised. She said she wanted to but her husband doesnt and doesnt want to get married…. .nooooo. All we can do now is teach her husband. We went to zulema and natalia again and taught them the restoration. Im pretty sure thats like the 5th time weve taught them that lesson but they have a hard time understanding it sadly haha.  We taught it as simple as we could and let the spirit guide us and now they seem clear with everything!

On wednesday and thursday Elder Martinez had tramites because something went wrong with his DNI so we were at the offices for those few days and werent able to work at all. The only thing I really like about that is that they buy us so many facturas mmmmmmmm. Two Elders from the offices brought our bikes and took them to get fixed and now they are as good as new. A new missionary couple came in fresh from the mtc so it was fun to talk to them and test their spanish 😉

On Friday we had lunch at a members house who lived an hour walk away. We didnt have our bikes cause they were being fixed and boy we werent used to it. She hadnt been going to church for a while so we talked to her about it and she has the classic la consulta problem of being offended by someone else. Jeez so much drama here. We told her what we tell everyone else, that its a commandment from the lord and he blesses us when we follow his commandments. In the evening ew went and did last minute service for a family and shared the christmas initiative with them. Every time a watch that video I start tearing up it gets me every time.

Saturday was amazing. It’s crazy how much the members help. Matias has been wanting to go out with us and teach ever since hes been baptized and its awesome. He has such a desire to spread the knowledge hes been blessed with.. We had so much success everything that night ended up working out our way and I can’t really explain it, but we felt all the lords tender mercies so much that night. We found the most nuevos we had found all week. 3! Sounds like so little haha but it’s tough work over here. Such a good day

Sunday at church was the primary program. There was only about 10 kids, but you could feel their light of christ so easily! Reminded me of back home a little bit. Margarita came to church! Shes been an investigator for so long and im pretty sure she only came because we did service for her, but I still think she felt the warm spirit that was there and maybe will come back… haha well see. I have faith in her.

The week was good overall! Pretty much the same thing every week, just preachin the word. But I love it. Wouldnt rather be doing anything else. Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!

Elder Skonnard


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