Week 18: I’m not a “verdecito” anymore!

La Consulta

Wow im not a greenie anymore. Time flies. Last night we got transfer calls and we were freaking out. Elder Martinez, my comp., is leaving to San Luis tommorow. I’m staying in La Consulta and my new comp is Elder Tyler. He only has one more transfer than me so well see how this goes haha. Excited for this new experience. Also shout out to MICHELLE SKONNARD whose birthday was last week!! Love ya sis


We had intercambios in Tunuyan. I went with Elder Conover and I learned so much! We talked to the radio in tunuyan and i completely blanked out and didnt know what to say hahaha. Elder Conover and I played a game that which ever pamplet we pulled out was the one we had to talk about at whatever house we were knocking. He tricked me into pulling out the law of chastity first try. I was so mad at him haha.


We had a very spiritual lesson in the evening. Elder Martinez and one of the members started to cry. I held it in. Our investigator, Matias,felt it too.  He has the desire to be baptized, but likes smoking more than that desire. He’s always smoking. It’s going to be hard to help him with that.


In the morning we went to San Carlos for only the second time ever. We had so much success. Everyone we talked to was so nice and invited us back. Definitely going back there. One of the other cities in our area we havent even been too, so maybe we should go there someday based on the success we had today…..that night we headed to tunuyan for the zone meeting the next day. We ate empanadas there mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Friday we had zone meeting that didnt end until like 4 so we didnt get back until 6 30ish… it was soo long. It was really good though.  There we watched a video that helped us understand that the mission is always going to be hard, but someone there is beside us the whole way, who suffered more than all of us, for all of us. Jesus Christ is so amazing. My love has grown so much for him while ive been here. Also parted ways with Elder Rogers… im gonna miss him we became good friends…


HOT day.  In the morning we didnt really know what to do so we just left finding more people like usual. We ended up in a panaderia talking to a lady working there for a while. I’m so glad the lord led us there because now we have another person to teach his gospel to!! We ate lunch at Matias house and he asked us all why we wanted him to be baptized. After our inspired responses, Elder Martinez asked him why he wants to be baptized. The response is kind of sad, but funny at the same time. He said he wants to be baptized so we will stop bothering him…  we messed up. We left him with the commitment to pray to the Lord to find out for himself.


Elder Martinez last sunday  in La Consulta. The church was filled again. Only a few of our investigators, but none of the ones who are progressing.  Today was even hotter than yesterday. After fasting I ate way too much and I almost died. Matias ceverino is feeding us lunch now every once in a while, he’s an awesome kid. That night we got transfer calls and found out all the detes. I still dont know the city very well, so this will be fun. Elder Mulliner and Elder Martinez both gone to San Luis 😦

That was my  week! love you all!!

Elder Skonnardimg_2208img_2209img_2218


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