Week 19 with Elder Tyler!

La Consulta

This week was so good! lots of changes and so much different

My new comp is Elder Tyler. He’s from Salt Lake Utah. He is an awesome missionary. Super obedient super hard worker. Don’t worry my spanish will be fine because he doesnt speak english.


In the evening we had an activity at the church for everyone who wanted to say bye to Elder Martinez. Everyone pretty much started crying because they all love him. One of them asked if he could switch me name tags hahaha nobody likes me here. Sad moment it felt like I was leaving too. After that we headed to Tunuyan and that was it.


Parted ways with Elder Martinez. Im gonna miss him. I learned a lot from him. Both the good and the bad. Elder Conover and I went and picked up our new comps at the terminal and we were off. The first few hours were an adventure because I had to show him around everywhere. And to make things more stressful I figured out we had no lunches scheduled for that week. After figuring everything out, everything started to go pretty smoothly. That evening we visited a few families who aren’t progressing at all 😦


I realized we barely have any investigators and the ones we do have we needed to drop. So basically we’re starting from scratch, and that evening we decided to go to San Carlos and find people to teach. We got a lot of funny rejections. Everyone says the same thing too which gets annoying sometimes haha.


it rained all day and i forgot to bring my jacket so I was soaked. Nobody was letting us in either so we were basically outside all day. We found 2 people who were really interested and we taught them a lesson and invited them to be baptised on the spot. They both accepted! That lesson was so good, and so spiritual.


we went and basically talked to everyone we could. At one point I cut someone off on my bike to talk to him and luckily he didnt get mad. We talked to so many people and there were a lot of people interested. It is so tiring doing that 24 7 but its rewarding.


Basically did the same thing. Talked to people all day and found more people to teach. That evening we had a ton of things planned and were planning on going out with Matias, but everything fell through. Matias still came with us because hes a capo, but we just ended up finding people again. Basically all weve done all week


Sunday was good, but kind of dissapointing. Nobody showed up to church. After we went to one of our “eternigators” And invited them to be baptized. They didnt seem too excited about that. But they finally committed to going to church the next week so well see what happens. That night we found a hidden golden area. Its like a 30 minute bike ride away, but theres a huge neighborhood inside. So many more people we can talk to.

That was my week! Sounds depressing, but honestly it was probably the best week of my mission. We get rejected so much and do the same thing all day, but the weird thing is, im happy. It’s nice to have a comp thats obedient. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!


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