Week 20: A Week of Miracles!

La Consulta

This week was so crazy!!! I got the christmas package!! That made my whole mission. Not gonna lie, that was the highlight of my week. This whole week was full of so many miracles. We found 8 new investigators, the most Elder Tyler and I have ever gotten in our whole missions! So many uplifting experiences.

On Monday we went to Manzano which is basically just the Andes. We went into the mountains and got close to chile. The view was amazing. Elder Conover and I decided thats where we want to be when the world ends. After that experience we got back and worked for the rest of the night. We found a new investigador who was interested at the beginning but then it kind of went down hill from there. Hate it when that happens. She still told us we could come back to teach her again! So were praying that her heart will be softened to hear the message. Nothing much else, just talking to everyone.

Tuesday we had district meeting and realized that this week were only going to have another 2 full days to work because of zone conference. All of our goals became that much harder to fulfill. We went to lunch at a family who had their 4 year old sons birthday. They bought him a gun with a bullet that sticks to the wall and boy was that the most brillant idea theyve ever had. He was doing that all lunch and every time he shot it he would burst into laughter. That was a fun afternoon.

Wednesday was another effective day. In the evening we visited a few families with a member. It was very successful but for some reason they do not want to go to church. Probably the hardest thing about the mission. Getting people to come to church, besides the fact that everyone is catholic. By the end of the lesson we got them to say they might come. Which is still a no, but at least it wasnt a straight to our face no haha. Later that night we visited Matias Atencio who still hasn’t smoked this whole time and was so much more attentive in the lesson. Miracle! The only thing is,  He like the others, doesnt want to go to church either…

Thursday we had planiamiento semanal in the morning and only had about an hour in the evening to work before we had to leave for Tunuyan for the zone conference the next day… Funny thing about the day: We ate lunch at Familia Pola. We were explaining to them why we couldn’t continue eating at one of the Hermanas house (because there isn’t a man present) and in that very moment Elder Tyler and I both realized there wasn’t a man at their house either. We didnt say anything we just quickly finished our food and got out of there. Were going to have to announce that on sunday because nobody knows about that rule. In the evening we taught Hermana Nilda who has a strong desire to get baptised but has complications with paperwork for marraige. Apparantly its pretty hard to get married here which is kind of frustrating.

Friday we had our zone conference. It was really fun, and I learned a lot. It’s so fun seeing all the other misisonaries. There was about 50 others there with us. That one went a little bit longer because of a little christmas thing we did after so we ended up getting back from Mendoza late and didn’t have time to prosyletef the rest of that day. The weirdest thing was the song we sang at the end. I can’t explain it but it was.. interesting. Ill video it next time and send it

Saturday we basically went and did contacts for the 108 abrir la bocas we did the week before. We got 3 more new investigators, the best being one of them who didnt want to let us in and we kept insisting and when she let us in the lesson was so spiritual that she started crying a little bit. Whoooph. It was amazing. She invited us back too! success. We found a dude named Franco who looks like James Franco but he is busy with studies rn, but we check literally every day to see if he’s there haha.

Sunday Was another amazing day. Out of everyone we invited to come to church, the son of Zulema, Ricardo, came to church. He LOVED it. At the end Matias received the priesthood and Ricardo asked me if Matias could baptize him. Matias was so happy. That was the miracle of the day. So crazy. After church a colombiano came investigating the church. We showed him around and taught him more about the church. He said he woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, then decided he needed to find a church. And he searched all of the churches but all of the doors were closed–except ours. He’s coming to the christmas activity on thursday and were going to teach him there before. Two huge miracles that day. In the evening we found 3 more new investigators. They are all catholic, but the key indicator is that they arent active. Finding them was a huge tender mercy.

By the way Elder Tyler and I have been thoroughly enjoying that package. It has so many blessings inside. So much food. THE FASTBREAKS. mmmmmmmdfsafmad anyway this week was really good. I love you all and hope you enjoy the holidays!

Elder Skonnard


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