Week 21:Feliz Navidad!

La Consulta

MERRY CHRISTMAS! this week was so good! Not with too much success, but still a fun week!

Monday – We played around the world ultimate frisbee in the church gym with the Elders from Tunuyan. That was interesting. Pretty boring to be honest but eh. That evening we went around contacting some people. One of the contacts we went to wasnt even home but her mother was there and was super nice and let us in. She apparantly received the missionaries once before and was really interested. She is a talker. every question we asked her she would go off for 15 minutes at least. We ended up being there for like an hour haha. Good day

Tuesday – I went on intercambios with Elder Plumb. It was a good time. They didn’t really have anything planned for us so all we did was go knock doors the whole time 😦 We got a lot of rejections that day. We visited one family who didnt believe in Joseph Smith because it doesnt say his name in the bible and the other dude we talked to was really old and lost this kid he was taking care of who doesnt have parents and he hadnt seem him for 5 days. But it didnt seem to bother him very much. It was kind of hard to teach the both of them. In the evening some drunk dude tried messing with us so we just told him we didnt understand and left. Weird

Wednesday – we finished intercambios and got a new investigator. She was awesome! We basically woke her up from her sleep when we knocked on her door but she was super nice and attentive in the lesson! The best moments of the mission are when you get a lesson like that. In the evening we didnt have anything planned which was kind of stressful. We had a lesson planned with a family 3 girls, but we didnt have a member that could go with us. Finally we ended up calling a family that lives in a different city and thanks to their willingness we were able to visit that family. It was a really good lesson, and they helped a lot. Its nice to have the members especially since Elder Tyler and I are so new in the mission ahaha. That evening we went to an area 30 minutes away but nobody was home so that was pretty much just a waste of time…

ThursdayOn thursday we invited everyone we could to the activity we were having in the evening. In the evening we had a lesson with Guillermo the dude from Colombia that showed up to church the week before. We invited him to get baptised, he accepted, but hes afraid he cant change in the time we set for him. Hopefully he can realize the potential he has as a person within these next few lessons! The activity was amazing. 5 of our investigators came, a miracle. The kids presented the nativity and Elder Tyler and I sang silent night with Matias on piano. Everyone clapped after to be nice. The song was awful. We are so bad at singing haha were practicing. We had food and Matias Atencio one of our investigators dressed up as santa and gave candy to all the kids. That whole activity went so well, besides the song we sang.

FridayFriday morning we went to Eugenio Bustos for the morning with Mati Ceverino. He had lunch with us at Familia Coronel. Best meal I’ve had so far while ive been here…. ynokies with this amazing beef sauce i dont even know but it was amazing. We had our first correlacion with Hermano Coronel cause apparantly hes our mission leader. That went well. They are starting to get a lot more involved in missionary work. That evening we basically just talked to everyone we could and visited a less active members house. He told us a dude from work came to his house the week before and started talking to him about his religion. He said he was mormon but not active. And the dude from work started asking him a bunch of questions about the church. So he gave him a book of mormon and told him that the missionaries would go over. Awesome! Missionary work from the less actives! Their family is so cool. Dad youre gonna love this. Their son is studying electrical engineering and is taking a bunch of programming classes right now.

Saturday – Today in the morning we visited Matias Atencio. That was an ugly lesson. We got there and they werent there, but Hermano David was there watching their daughter. He told us that Matias had smoked one cigarrette the day before. NOOOOOO. When they got there we taught them the law of chastity and that did not go well. He started getting mad at his wife for not having trust in him. So we just got outta there as fast as we could. Matias Ceverino was with us too. The story about Matias gets worse, just wait til sunday. After my Skype call we went looking for condensed milk but didnt find any so no tres leches cake for us 😦 That whole evening chilled in the pension because we werent allowed to be out after 6. More fastbreaks for meeee. At midnight it sounded like Argentina was in WW3 so many fireworks went off.

Sunday – Worst church attendence in my history here in La Consulta. 11 people. Luckily we cant count that on our two hands….or that would of been kind of depressing. One of our investigators called us half way through the meeting. We thought he was drunk because he couldnt remember where the church was and he had already been there like 3 times. But he came for like the last 5 minutes of the meeting, and luckily he wasnt drunk haha. In the afternoon we ate lunch with Matias Ceverino and all of his family and celebrated christmas with them. That was so fun, and the food was amazing. I think were starting to get on their good side. In the evening we went christmas caroling which ended up working really well suprisingly. Got some strange looks, but it seemed like most of the people enjoyed it.

Yep that was my week. Sorry kinda long, but a ton of stuff happened. Merry christmas everyone! Have a good last week of 2016!!!

Elder Skonnard


One thought on “Week 21:Feliz Navidad!

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome filled week! Hope you got your Musical Christmas card! We love you and proud of you and you are in our prayers always.. Love Luke and DeAnn Smith


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