Week 22: First Week of 2017!

La Consulta

Woo! already week 22!! Time flies

This week was crazy.

On Monday we made a tres leches cake which took all p day. It was so good. Not the same as how mom makes it but it was up there. Later that evening we had nothing to do so we decided to ride our bikes until we found an area that we haven’t been in yet. We rode our bikes 30 minutes away and found a street with a bunch of neighborhoods. We stayed there all the rest of the night. It was so cold the weather here is so bipolar

On tuesday we went to lunch and her husband left after 5 minutes of us being there. Were not allowed to be in a house without a man present so we had to tell her and move everything outsid. I felt bad but ya fue. its not easy being obedient haha. Later that evening we found 2 nuevos who almost didnt count because they werent interested at all. Thats the worst when that happens. We also had a lesson with an investigator whos really interested and we brought our recent convert, Matias with us. That was a really good lesson but it was hard to keep that under 45 minutes im not gonna lie.

On Wednesday we went to a families house that we had contacted the week before while we were christmas caroling to everyone. We got 3 news from that. I did not expect to have that much success from christmas caroling we are not good singers at all. We also had another lesson with Jackie, and Florencia. They finally agreed to read the BoM and sincerely look for their answer. I’m excited for them because I know that they will find it. Aparantly her sister has been reading a ton, but she wasnt there when we had the lesson so well see where shes at later. Hermano David helped us with that lesson. Our members have been helping us so much recently and I can tell how much its been helping the missionary work.

Thursday was cool. We had a lesson with guillermo with Hermano Pola. We were kind of nervous for that because hes known for dropping cane on people. But the lesson actually turned out really good he was an awesome herramiento for guillermo. Later we had another lesson with Matias again with Estela. We committed her to a baptismal date and she seems excited to look for her answer about the book of mormon. Everytime weve come shes read everything weve given her super capa… so we have a ton of faith in her and are excited. It was another really good lesson too.

Friday we had Zone Meeting all morning and where I got that package I was supposed to get for christmas! Thanks everyone who put stuff in there for me! And Uncle Greg I got all your letters thank you so much! After the zone meeting we had planned to go back and take investigators to the baptism in Tunuyan but we missed the bus. So we called our investigators to see if any of them wanted to go, but nobody answered. So after proslyting a few hours in Tunuyan we went to the baptism and Matias showed up and told us Guillermo was coming. We were on our toes the whole service waiting for him…. but…. he never showed up. Finally, after the service was over he finally showed up and we were able to show him around the church and the baptismal font and everything. He was really impressed with it all. We were still a little dissapointed he wasnt able to make it to the service because the spirit was filled so strongly.

Saturday we literally had 0 of all numbers. We went to a neighborhood with some contacts in the morning and one of our investigators basically dropped us. It was kind of sad because we thought he was super interested, but nothing we said convinced him to let us keep coming. In the evening we just went out and did the same. Went door to door nothing else, we had to go back at 6 for the new year so we went back to the pension and partied it up. not really. by party we mean do laundry and listen to music.

Sunday was awesome. We witnessed a miracle, after not much of anything all week. in the morning we were walking to church and realized we had forgotten the phone. So as we were going back, a man stopped us. He told us he had been looking for us and wanted us to pass by his house. Later that evening we went by his house and now hes already accepted to be baptized! Highlight of the week by far. His name is Osbaldo. Hes so cool! Super nice.

First week of 2017! Black Year. wish you all a happy new year and success in this next year! Love you all and miss you.

Elder Skonnard


One thought on “Week 22: First Week of 2017!

  1. Elder Skonnard, it’s your Grandma Skonnard… I know you are facing some hard times with the work, but the key to success lays in your patience. You and your companion are working hard and keeping on the move everyday to increase the number of times that you will come into contact with interested investigators. I have to encourage you to keep doing the best you can so you won’t have time to become too discouraged. Discouragement is of the adversary, while encouragement is of the Lord. The Lord wants to help you find success by finding those who are looking for YOU. Keep your spirits up and He will lead you right along the road you need to find..
    We love you Elder Skonnard and pray for you every day. Keep your chin up and fly with the Lord. He loves you too!


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