Week 23: Milanesa de Banana

La Consulta

img_2446img_2452img_2453img_2455This week was good….

Monday we had an asado to start of the new year. Elder Conover basically did it all but it was really good. Other than that normal missionary day. Work. We visited Estela and were able to put a baptismal date with her. Her daughter Vanessa was there and we taught her too. They are AWESOME. Its really hard to have a lesson under 45 minutes with her because shes super talkitive, but she has been keeping all of our commitments. They accepted the calendar, and well see if they can fulfill the hardest commitment, going to church. :}

On tuesday we headed over to Tunuyan for the district meeting, had banana bread, and started our intercambios. I went with Elder Conover this time and Elder Tyler went with Elder Plumb. We started off by going to lunch with some locos. Theyre an amazing family, but their kids are crazy. And they made fun of my ctr ring 😦 I guess the ctr ring is a girl ring….. That evening we did a lot of walking and talking and had a few lessons. In one of the lessons I was trying to explain the book of mormon and I completely butchered it.. so Elder Conover had to help me out on that one. Other than that we had a really successful evening.

On wednesday we finished our intercambios and went back to La Consulta. When we got back we realized we had no plans for the evening so we made quick plans and went out hoping they would work. The first few hours did not work out at all, but later in the evening we were able to visit one of our investigators, Osbaldo, who is progressing a ton. We invited him to be baptized when he recieves his answer that the book of mormon is true, but he told us he already knows its true. wow! So we set a baptismal date with him and have really high hopes for him, such a cool dude.

Thursday we planned the week all morning. We went to lunch with familia Pola. When we got there they told us it was going to take another 30 minutes to make the food so we left and got a bunch of new contacts. It was a good use of time. Laster that night we had two lessons with two of our investigators. The hardest thing as a missionary is talking to everyone but as we have done it, we have started to see the lord on our side helping us and putting the words in our mouth in every situacion. We visited Estela again and went into it with the goal of making it only 45 minutes. Boy did we fail. We got out after an hour and a half and got back a few minutes late to the pension…Weve tried everything and cant make it shorter haha

Friday we spent all day in Mendoza having interviews with president and receiving training from Hermana Goates. We learned we need to be BOLD. Nothing much else, President Goates is the best.

Saturday was our only full work day of the week in our area. We have had a lot of other stuff going on. It was really successful and really spiritual. In the morning we went to an area 30 minutes away where we had found a lot of contacts earliler and all of them were gone. Except the last house we went to, she was there. We started teaching her the message of the restoration and half way through her husband joined. We noticed a different spirit when he came in. He had the doubt why there is so many churches if there only is one god. As we testified to him we felt the spirit manifesting through us so strongly, I think it was the most I have felt the spirit in my mission so far. As we watched him, we saw that he felt the same thing. he started to cry at the end. Moments like those make all the hard moments worth it. we did a ton of other things that evening, but that was the highlight of the day, and of the week.

Sunday was normal like all other sundays. I couldnt sleep because i was so thirsty and we were fasting haha. Mostly because it was so hot they day before and we were going everywhere on the bikes. The weirdest thing happened when we finished our fast. We drank a whole glass of water and immediately we started sweating immensly. The weirdest thing of my life. Nobody showed up to church today which was pretty sad. The baptismal date of Estela fell because she wasnt able to go. That evening we visited one of our investigators Nilda, who is basically a member, but cant get baptized because shes not married. We dropped a lot of cane that lesson. it was almost a little to much, but we did it with love and we think she really needed it because she hasnt been able to progress for over a year and she needs the little push 🙂

Good week! Matias gave us Milanesa de banana which are my two favorite things combined it was the best thing ive ever eaten. Super spiritual week! a lot of progress! I love you all and hope you had a good first week of the year!

Elder Skonnard


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