Week 24:Transfers!

La Consulta

Transfers! I’m going to pelligrini which is apparantly in the middle of nowhere! Im excited! Last week in La Consulta. bittersweet. Im going to miss it so much. I’ve met so many different people this transfer and have grown close to so many. Most successful week numberwise for us as missionaries. 11 news 15 lessons and 4 progressing investigators 🙂

On Monday and Tuesday we didn’t have much success. On Monday we got together with the Zone and ate some soggy hot dogs while we played soccer. It was a blast. In the evening all of our plans we made fell through. So it was another night of finding for us. the last house we knocked had a dude named Victor who is really cool. He has a lot of questions and doubts about the churches and was interested in our message. We almost didnt go to that house too but Elder Tyler reminded me theres always one more. So glad.

ON Tuesday was the same. We didn’t have very much success. In the morning we woke up and i went outside to our porch and found an infestation of maggots. Billions. Literally. It was so gross. apparantly we forgot about a garbage bag sitting outside and it got infested with maggots. We sprayed enflamed hairspray to get rid of a few of them but they would not die. After we burned the bag and got rid of a few more but there were still billions. Finally we boiled water and poured it all over our porch and that got em. Grossest thing ive experienced as a missionary they were everywhere. Matias got assigned to give a talk and needed our help so we went over to his house for a little bit to help him and he had already studied and written his whole talk. I’m not gonna lie, most people write their talks the night before but wow. This convert! Matias left with us after to do more missionary work. He is actually starting to look like a missionary. The bike the shirt and tie, and hes started using a planner when we go out haha., all hes missing is the missionary tag. But today we had a lesson with Guillermo, one of our investigators and decided to drop him. We have been advised to be really bold with our investigators so they know our purpose and so we can focus our time on those who really will progress towards baptism. But he basically told us he doesnt even want to look for his answer if the book of mormon is true so we cant really go anywhere from there. All he wants is to go to church and “conocer” mas. So were going to help him with that but arent going to be teaching him anymore.

Wednesday was really good. We had 4 lessons and 3 new investigators. In the morning we went to Vista Flores, a city in our area, for the first time in my whole time here. It was really successful. We went down this one street looking for a contact and got these 3 investigators. Juan Cruz already accepted baptism and the other family is bolivian and really receptive to the message. Agreed to read the book of mormon! That evening we visited a few families, including Victor again. Now hes progressing and accepted baptism. That night Matias told us his uncle had died so we visited him. His grandma was really sad and crying hard. We taught her about the plan of salvation to help her and said a prayer with them. I hope she was able to feel the peace that I felt as we were teaching.

Thursday Matias left for mar de plata on vacation in buenos aires so I said bye to him today because i didnt know if i would get transfered or not. It was a sad moment. I didn’t cry or anything, and it didnt really hit me, but im gonna miss him a ton. So grateful to have been placed in his path. In the evening we taught a new family who told us in the beginning they are never getting baptized but i think that towards the end their hearts were softened a little bit. Its always a tender mercy of the lord to see that happen. We had a family home evening with Osvaldo because his son who’s a member was visiting him. We showed them the video of the restoration and had pizza. It seemed like they enjoyed that a lot.

Friday we took our bikes to get fixed because they broke once again. surprize! We visited Estella and read with her a chapter in the book of mormon because she hadn’t read it. She’s a little bit of a time sucker but a really awesome lady. Looks to the lord in everything! Apparantly she has bipolar problems so thats why she said she hasnt been able to go to church. WE dont know how we cant help her with that…. just gotta go. But weve explained a lot why its so important going to church every week. So were praying for her. In the evening we went to VF again and started teaching Juan Cruz. He basically told us his whole life story, said he saw Jesus, and started getting really emotional. It was really interesting. We ended up missing our bus back to La Consulta but Pdte Gamboa saved us.

Saturday we did a lot of finding again. We found 2 more nuevos and did a lot of contacting. We visited Estela again and taught her the gospel of jesus christ. We explained baptism again. At one point, she realized that her baptism in the catholic church didnt count and was in shock. She believed it too. She wants to get baptized but she wants her answer. It was a really good lesson. Other than that lesson it was just knocking doors all day 🙂

Sunday Florencia and Abril, two of our investigators showed up to church. And Guillermo. Not what we expected at all haha. We didn’t teach florencia and abril once this week, and we dropped guillermo and he showed up. huh. In the evening we taught a lady who had met with the missionaries before and really liked it. She loved our lesson. We headed over to Tunuyan and received transfer calls. I’m going to pellegrini with Elder Sharp. He just finished his training. the same that happened with elder tyler and I. I’m excited!

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Skonnard


One thought on “Week 24:Transfers!

  1. We [pray you will enjoy your new area and find those searching for the truth. Remember to bear your Testimony often! those Maggots must have been terrible. Carter turns 18 on Friday and is anxious to turn in his papers. We love him and proud of him. We are proud of you too, Michael and you are in our prayers. Love Luke and DeAnn Smith


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