Week 25: My New Area!

San Rafael

This week has been a little crazy with transfers and everything. On Monday we headed over to La Consulta with Elder Conover and I said my goodbyes to a few of our investigators then went back to the pension to pack all my bags. I started packing at like 10 and got done at 5am. No it really only took me an hour haha.

On Tuesday we left at 6 in the morning and I parted ways with Elder Conover and my comp Elder Tyler. I got on the bus by myself which was probably the weirdest thing of my mission so far. Just being by myself on a bus… I got to the terminal in Mendoza and got together with all the missionaries transfering and headed over to San Rafael. I met my comp Elder Sharp we went out to eat with the other missionaries and we got to our area at 6pm. 12 hours of travel! That night we went out and worked, talked and met some members, less actives, and thats about it.

On wednesday we had 1 number the whole day. This area to be honest is kind of dead, we dont have very many investigators so were going to have to look hard. We had a lesson with one of our investigators, Brenda. She’s awesome. Her husband is a less active member, and she has a strong desire to be baptized! they are an awesome family. We just need to get them to church these next few weeks!! In the evening I got really sick so we just visited a bunch of less active members, and other members…. I drank so much water that day haha

On thursday we had our weekly planning. It was a little bit of a change because im used to knowing pretty much everything about the area and the people, but I had no idea what was going on in that planning session haha. Its been awesome though I’ve learned a ton already, and I like the change. A ton of contacting that day and we had an activity that night. Sadly our investigators didn’t show up, neither any of the less actives. But I got to know the members more which was awesome.

On Friday our citas fell again so we did more finding. One of the schedules we have here is we can take an hour siesta during the day and work an hour later in the evening. Weve been doing that because its been so hot and its so satisfying. In the evening we did the same thing as always, but later in the evening we headed over 30 minutes to a house Elder Sharp had said they had been teaching. We were only hoping they would be there because we didnt set up an appointment. As we got there their kids told us he wasnt there and as we were leaving we saw him returning on his bike. WE GOT A LESSON!!! We shared a short but powerful lesson with him and committed him to go to church this Sunday! Miracle.

On Saturday we did a lot of finding. And we visited a few less active families. A lot of these families have kids who arent members so it helps us find people to teach. That morning was super hot, but then in the evening it started pouring rain and got colder….the weathers all over the place haha just like utah. That evening we visited Flia Simon, and Brenda again. Hermana Simon told us some bible stories that I have never heard of and her non member husband listened to a short message from us. He’s a good guy, seems like he will never change religions, but i felt the spirit throughout the message we shared. We visited Brenda again and they committed to go to church tomorrow!

On Sunday I got to know the church and all the people a little bit more. I introduced myself to the ward and shared my testimony during sacrament. It’s a branch again and we reunirnos in a house. The Investigator, Niko Araya who we visited on Friday who lives 30 minutes away, rode his bike 20 minutes to attend church!! The last hour was perfect for him too. Hermano Hernandez is capo. He taught the lesson and made him super included in everything and asked him lots of inspiring questions. He told us he already received his answer that the book of mormon is true! Were going to focus on him a lot more this next week.. Brenda didnt end up coming…That evening was the same. Finding. But we found our only new investigator of the week!

Crazy week. Lots of changes. I love it though. My new comp is awesome. He just finished his training and hes already a district leader. that never happens. but I think were going to have a lot of success as companions this transfer.

I love you all! Have an amazing week!


One thought on “Week 25: My New Area!

  1. Michael sounds so good. I am so happy to read about his adventures and growth. So proud of him. Certainly a different climate from Danny’s
    -25 celcius temperatures in Canada.


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