Week 26: San Rafael

San Rafael

This has been a really good week! Full of ups and downs forsure, but the blessings outweigh the challenges…

On Monday for Pday we headed over to the capilla of the hermanas in our district and had breakfast for lunch… pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and oj… first time ive had that in a while, so good!! There are only sister missionaries in my district but it’s a blast! The hermanas are awesome. later in the evening Elder Sharp and I visited a less active family we found in our area book. That did not turn out pretty. That night there was a loud thunderstorm… and it rained! We were freaking out.


Tuesday in the morning we didn’t have much success…but on tuesday evening we visited a less active family who has 10 HUGE dogs.one of them jumped onto me on 2 feet and was almost as tall as me haha. They are an awesome family! We taught them, in the most loving way possible, that they need to go to church. They didn’t commit anything to us, but know how important it is know. The rest of the evening was hard, lots of finding. At the end of the day, finally a family let us in and we were able to teach them. What a blessing. We gave them the book of mormon and our invitation. Great way to end the day


Wednesday we had a lesson in the we had a lesson with Brenda, our investigator with a baptismal date. We taught them some of the commandments, and they agreed to let us call them on sunday to wake up for church! woooo! That evening we had a training broadcast for all the missionaries in the world. I learned that its not just about baptism, but really the gospel of christ as a whole. Sounds obvious, but its easy to start thinking that way. and changes to the schedule! we have more flexibility!


Thursday was filled for us with lessons. in the morning we visited Fabio a new investigator. He had some tough questions for us one about the Tower of Babel from the introduction of the book of mormon we were reading. He is very interested though. we found him through a connection from a family of members. we had another lesson with flia araya after about the plan of salvation. They are the other family that wants to be baptized! And in the evening we visited familia Rosas who have a baby on the way and have decided to get married after they have their baby!


On Friday we finally had a lesson with Carlos, our other investigator with a baptismal date. He’s awesome. Really has a desire to find his answer. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader. He is so capo. Hes very dedicated to the work. gave us the best peach smoothie ive had in a while…


Saturday we had about 5 lessons planned in the evening but only made it to 3 of them. That NEVER happens. we found 2 new investigators who agreed to read the book of mormon if we read their book from their religion. We accepted….they really have a lot of interest and he basically told us he already believes the book of mormon is true. So we will see where things go!


Sunday was a good day, but nobody showed up to church. We finished the week with door to door contacting because all of the plans we made didnt work out too well haha.

Things went a lot smoother this week! Definately a more successful week! BTW fun fact i learned this week that the book of mormon testifies of christopher colombus. I think its in 1 Nephi 13 or 14 if I remember right. Love you all have a good week!


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