Week 28: labor of love

San Rafael

Hahaha I was just reading back on a few of my emails and realized they are so boring, from now on I’m just going to focus on the highlights

Monday we had pday and got ice cream again. thats about it. In the morning during Pday we visited our investigator Brenda. Apparantly Mariano drinks tea. Dang it. But they say they are 100 percent going to church on Sunday. We didnt get into a house that evening which was tough

On Tuesday we had our zone meeting. I realized I haven’t been using the members to find new investigators. Duh what am I doing? In the evening we found two more investigators! Dayana, and Lucia. Lucia started crying when Elder Sharp offered the prayer to start our lesson. We asked her what was wrong and she told us her son in law had passed away. We had the restoration pamplet out, but quickly changed it to the plan of salvation when we heard that. Shes AWESOME. Committed to going to church this week too.

On wednesday we had a good morning of “abrir la boca” nothing planned really. We had a lesson with another investigator we found, Juan, a painter. He accepted a baptismal date for April… yes i know… thats in two months. haha.. But apparantly hes going to be gone all of march. Juan is just a happy guy. That evening it POURED. We were way far out when it started raining. It got pretty scary, I couldnt see for a few minutes and the lightning was so close. what an adventure 🙂

Thursday we taught CARMEN. hahaha we had tried to teach her a billion times but she was never home. Actually, today was our last time trying before giving up and moving on. But the lord saw fit for us to teach her. The lesson was a little hectic. We taught her outside on her porch and her german shepard dog kept hoping the fence to the front. During our lesson this happened about 10 times and we would have to stop and wait for her to chase the dog down and bring it back, and then the cycle would repeat all over again. Im actually suprized we were even able to finish the

lesson. We were there for at least an hour and a half haha. We also taught Carlos who might be investigating “too much.” He’s comparing the bible with the book of mormon to find his answer. He’s taken a bunch of notes and had a lot of questions for us, some scriptures that we didnt even understand. Remember, The Holy Ghost is how we receive our testimony, nothing else. But the good thing is he really does want to find his answer!

Friday was a rough day. Are numbers were all zeros so you can imagine what it was like. Basically on the streets the whole time.

Saturday we had a few hard lessons again. Jeez our investigators really like dificult questions. We had a lesson with Fabio, and he had questions about the second coming and the millenium. Really deep questions that we didnt even know haha. After a lesson with Johlie. When we got there she had about 10 religious books on the table she was reading, including the book of mormon we gave her. She believes in all of the reformed churches. She tried to convince us the sabbath was on a saturday, and we ended up leaving and telling her we would explain it the next lesson because we didnt know really.

Sunday Brenda came to church! what a miracle. Their whole family came. Her uncle had passed away the night before, but she told us the meeting was perfect for her. It was so exciting to see them there. A few other investigators agreed to come but never showed up. Dang it. We passed by Liliana Cruz who we thought was a golden investigator, but she ended up being fools gold. She gave us back the book of mormon and pamplet and told us not to visit her anymore. Sad. not her time yet. overall it was a good week!

Mah week. Love you all.


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