Week 29: I Found My Twin?

San Rafael

This week was carazy!!! I found my clone!!! I’m still in shock.

Monday: For p-day we got together with the sisters and ate hamburgers and colored for a good two hours. Nothing much else to do haha. Not gonna lie though, it was a blast hahaha. In the evening we found 3 new investigators! It was a contact we had and we had already tryed visited about 20 times, our last time trying they were there. What a miracle. We connected really well with them, showed them our families, talked about the states, and then shared with them the message of the restoration. I love sharing the story of joseph smiths vision, because I know it happened. Awesome family.

Tuesday we had interviews. Favorite part of the transfer for me! It’s basically the only time I get to talk to the mission president all transfer. President Goates walked in carrying a package for me.I GOT A PACKAGE!!! THANKS FAM. the interviews were good, took up a huge chunk of the day, and then we had our district meeting after. We didn’t get out working until late so we only had a few ours and didn’t have much success. But big day of training and advice.

Wednesday was busy! We had 5 lessons. One, with a new investigator Luciana. She can speak English really well . It scared me a little bit. We found a family of 4 who are awesome! We taught these 2 families, then in the evening we taught Nahuel, Juan, and Brenda. It was pouring in the evening, so I’m glad those families were there or we wouldve been stuck in the rain knocking doors all night. We got so muddy…Out of all those lessons it seems like Juan is going to be progressing.. yes his baptismal date is in a month, but hes keeping all the commitments! (besides church) ;(

Thursday I found my twin!! We just got out of a lesson and were knocking doors, when a man came out and started talking to us. After he figured out we were from the US he started speaking english to us. We asked him how he knew english and he told us he had lived in Utah for 10 years. WHAT?! He told us he has a son who lives in utah now and hes a member of the church. That conversation got interesting. Elder Sharp and I were freaking out. They only had a few minutes, because they had to leave for work, so we werent able to teach him. But he introduced us to his 14 year old son who still lives with him. His name is Michael—not Miguel, Michael. He told us he was born in Utah, is a swimmer, and wants to go to BYU after high school. Thats exactly me. But he’s not mormon+not yet. That was the craziest part of my week so far.

Friday and Saturday were good. Had a lot more lessons on Saturday. Turns out that family of 4 we found, arent so golden. We invited him to be baptized but he told us there’s no way he’s going to stop drinking wine. All we could do is commit him to reading the book. That was a hard lesson. We commited Brenda to coming to church again they loved it last week!

Sunday Brenda didn’t come to church 😦 Now shes going to have to wait another 3 weeks to be baptized. We focused a lot more today on getting the members involved, trying to get references and them to come with us to the lessons. We have seen the difference as the ward has gotten more involved it helps the work so much!

That was my week. Went by so fast. This next week Elder Sharp might be leaving and I dont know if I know the area yet, its huge. But well see what happens. Love you all! Miss you so much.

Elder Skonnard


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