Week 31: “Valentia!”

San Rafael


This past few weeks I haven’t been able to write. But basically I finished my transfer with Elder Sharp and then he left to San Juan. We at a lot of torta that week and worked hard. I got assigned to train a new missionary here in Pellegrini.

This Tuesday I did splits with our branch president because elder sharp left to san rafael in the morning and my bus didn’t leave until later. That felt really weird. I was the only missionary in my area for a few hours. I went and visited members with our branch president. Then we had a problem with a dove stuck in the church. That was a fun morning with the branch president. We got to Mendoza that night and met up with all the other trainers. That was fun, all of the trainers are in our zone basically.

Wednesday I received my new comp! Elder Neto. He’s from Brazil. Speaks portugese. Hes super obedient and a hard worker. I hardly need to train him. He already knows everything haha. I have a strong feeling we are going to have a lot of success together as companions. That night was traveling back to San Rafael and we stayed with our zone leaders. The zone leaders made us knock a door in the evening and it ended up being one of their members haha dang it. mission pranks…

Thursday we arrived in Alvear. We had a ton to do. I had an interview for Francos baptism, someone from our district. He’s a capo. I hope we find someone like him. that evening was a lot of showing the area and teaching.

Friday we had our weekly planning in the morning. We had our district meeting, and then in the evening went knocking doors. Elder Neto already invited someone to be baptized just talking to someone at the door haha hes awesome. Valentia!

Saturday we finally were able to have some lessons. We committed Juan to church after 15 minutes of inviting. We also committed Brenda. They have a late party they are going to, but they told us we could come by in the morning to wake them up! yes.

Sunday we headed over to Brenda’s house and were clapping so loud to wake them up, but they didn’t budge. Nothing seems to work. Juan came to church though, and he described his experience as “interesting” so I’m hoping thats in a good way 🙂 That night we talked to victor and his son, Michael who’s my clone but they don’t seem very interested in actually receiving our lessons but just taking. so that kind of crushed my hopes and dreams for them.

MY WEEK! I would talk more about my last week with Elder Sharp but i have no time! Lots of changes, im excited for all the new responsibilities.


One thought on “Week 31: “Valentia!”

  1. Dear Elder Skonnard, We are sure proud of you. You are having some wonderful experiences that has to be resulting in strenghtening your Testimony! Carter has put in his papers so he will be getting his call soon. He is very excited. Take care of yourself and your companion! You are in our prayers. Love Luke and DeAnn Smith


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