Week 32: Love for Christ!

San Rafael

Well this week was cool . No success, but learning. All of our 9 investigators with a baptismal date fell haha. Our focus on the commitments has gotten insane though. If they don’t accept a for sure attendence at church we dont leave until they do or if they dont, usually they arent an investigator that is going to progress. Its been hard because weve dropped a lot of investigators but its helping us find the people that are ready to receive the gospel right now. I have a feeling things are going to change real soon.

On Monday we got together with the zone for the first time in my life in alvear. we played soccer it was a blast. That night Elder Neto and I had to stay in san rafael because of a zone meeting the next day so we went out and found people for the elders in san rafael to teach. It’s called tormenta blanca. The elders from malargue did it too.

Tuesday was our zone conference and a lesson from a reference from one of the members of the ward. He doesnt like pressure, but he 50 percent accepted a baptismal date so that’s success. Hes awesome, doesnt know much about anything gospel related, so it might be a slow process. My son, Elder Neto is already killing it in the lessons. He has a huge testimony!

Wednesday we had a lesson with Brenda…… still not progressing, but is the most excited for baptism. It’s hard for them to make it to church. And we’ve tried everything. We don’t know what to do with them.

Thursday and Friday we were busy with a lot of contacting. Were trying to figure out who of this people are actually going to convert into new investigators. Most of them no. but Juans mom now is a new investigator..we had a lesson with Juan. At the beginning he wsnt progressing but last week he went to church and we brought a member to this lesson and they connected quick. He’s got to go to church these next two weeks th has his baptism! Really cool dude, he accepts everything at the lessons even though sometimes we don’t know how serious he’s being.

Saturday ws good. We committed Brenda to go to church again and it sounded like they were sure. We can’t do anything to help them because nothing has worked so we are just expecting them to come based on their own desires. We called them that night and they confirmed with them…..but they didn’t show up on Sunday. That made us sad. Juan didnt come either. Nobody came. It gave Elder Neto and I even more encouragement to continue looking for more people to teach. This next week I’m expecting 10 new investigators.

The mission has given me so much respect for the Lord. Nowhere near as hard as what the Lord suffered for us. So much love for Christ!

Love you all!

Go read 1 nephi 3 7 and keep following the lord!


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