Week 33: Talk to 10 people a Day!

San Rafael


This week was really uplifting! we changed some things of the work and have seen the results. This last week was kind of sad because we lost basically all of our investigators, but its made us even more encouraged to work harder this week and weve seen the difference!

On Monday we had a bunch of things to do, but we got ice cream with the hermanas like always. Argentina Ice Cream never gets old. That evening was just knocking doors and looking for people to teach.

Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. Everything that President Goates focused on felt like was exactly for my needs. There was a new challenge from Elder Ballard for each of us missionaries to talk to 10 people about the gospel on the street every day. Elder Neto and I decided in that moment thats what we were going to do.

On wednesday we taught 2 lessons. One, with 1 of our investigators who we invited to be baptized but who didnt accept, and the other with Juan. It was a good lesson, we taught him the gospel of christ. He accepts everything, he has his baptism planned for 3 weeks, so we are praying he can follow his commitments. Elder Neto and I both reached the goal of talking to 10 people and the difference was HUGE

Thursday we had a lesson with Brenda, and decided to stop teaching her for a little bit. Shes not progressing, and told us she doesnt want to be baptized if shes not keeping the commitments. Which is good, she shouldn’t if shes not, but her problem was she doesn’t have a desire to actually do the things were inviting her to do. That was a sad lesson for me. We reached the goal of 10 people talking to everyone we saw on the street, and we set a lot of appointments with random people on the street today. Ive felt like the lord is preparing and placing every person that comes into our view to hear our message which has helped me even more with this.

Friday was the same, searching for people to teach and doing our weekly planning. Finally, we found someone to teach and we were able to teach him the message of the restoration. Were hoping hes still interested when we come back.

Saturday was hard. Finding all day, and in the morning we felt like we should pass by Juan to see how he was doing. We shared with him a scripture and he told us he wouldnt be able to make it to church because of his dad whos internado. Good excuse, but dang it! That evening we had a lesson planned 30 minutes away on bike. We called her to confirm the appointment, but when we showed up, she wasnt there. NOOOO. That wasted a lot of time… but it happened that way for a reason, maybe it was the lord telling us not to spend to much time on their family.

Sunday was an uplifting day. Elder Neto shared a talk about the missionary work and everyone loved it. We are starting to notice the ward getting animated for the work. We visited some members and committed them to invite someone they knew to listen to the missionaries. I hope all these finding efforts will lead to results this next week haha.

What a week. It was a little slow, and we had very few lessons. But we were comforted knowing we were giving everything we had, and the lord will take care of the rest!


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