Week 34: Progressing Area!

San Rafael


This week was awesome. We finally started finding investigators to teach. All of the hard work is paying off đŸ™‚ We taught 7 new investigators this week, some of them are already uninterested, but I’m just glad we were able to teach people.

On Monday we found 3 new investigators. 2 of them were sitting out on their porch. We passed them, but Elder Neto and I both felt like we needed to go back and talk to them. They were open to hearing the message and we taught them a lesson! The other investigator was an older lady, who is super religious, but we were able to help her realize that she can receive a sure answer about which church was true. But today, literally everywhere we went and everyone we talked to was open to hearing our message. It was a huge tender mercy of the lord.

On tuesday we finally taught that dude Michael that I was talking about. His brother lives in Utah and is mormon haha. His parents are baptized too, but now her mom goes to an evangelist church… Michael was super interested. He wants to know if its true. So we gave him a book of mormon.

Wednesday we visited our most progressing investigator, Juan and taught him the word of wisdom. He only had problems with coffee and tea, but he didnt have any problem dropping it. He accepts everything! His baptism is in 2 weeks! Other than that, we didnt have much success. But we did teach a new investigator, Pamela!

Thursday we visited a reference we received from a member and their market. his son is studying english for profession so we offered to present our message in english and he accepted. wooo. We also visited an atheist and you know how those lessons go… that evening we had a baptismal interview for 2 more baptisms in Alvear 2. The hermanas in that area are insane. The 2 getting baptized have a strong testimony

Friday we visited a reference from hermanas in our district. They are awesome investigators, super humble. They’ve had a lot of challenges in their lives, right now they live in a small house they are building. super poor, but they have desires to follow the savior! They accepted a baptismal date and everything. And were going back to help them finish their house im excited for that. We felt like we should visit juan and he wasnt doing so well, he found out his dad has cancer and is dying.. but he is still saying he’s going to church this sunday. Through all this that is happening we hope he will go to the lord for strength.

Saturday was mas o menos. None of our plans worked out, and we went to the baptism that evening so it was a little unproductive day. The baptism was super spiritual! I love going to baptisms all the investigators are so happy. After the baptism we helped the hermanas dump out all the water from the baptismal font because there wasnt a drain. haha that was an adventure. I did buy an alfajor after.

Sunday was good. 5 people had commited to going to church but none of them came. But were used to it, and it gave us peace knowing were doing everything we can and the rest is up to them. We gave that poor family we taught earlier in the week a book of mormon to read. they seem excited to read. It looks like they are going to progress. we finally had a ward council. our mission leader and us missionaries tried to animate the ward for references and coming with us to lessons. It seemed like it worked out ok.

Good week! Went by in a few seconds. the area is slowly progressing đŸ™‚

Love you all have fun over there!


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