Week 35: general conference & goals

San Rafael

11th week in Alvear

haha thats so hard to believe. I swear i just got here yesterday. Fast week, there was a ton of stuff going on. Conference was great, every question answered! Especially the talk from Elder Ballard about goals! that inspired me.

This monday we didnt do anything for p-day, again. Just good ole grido ice cream. The evening was filled with contacting again 😉

Tuesday we had our district meeting. We set a vision to create exact obedience and to find more people to teach by working on our punctuality and sharing the message with 10 random people on the street every day. I think by setting this goal it encouraged all of us. We set plans on how were going to do it. This will be so effective.

On Wednesday we had our interviews. I love it, the only time we get to talk to our mission president one on one. After we had intercambios with the zone leaders. I went with chileano Elder Vega. It was pretty fun, elder vega was sick so we took it slow, but i still learned a lot.

On thursday we finished our intercambios. One dude walked passed us and we started talking to us but he said he didnt have any time and kept going so we decided to walk with him. After 5 minutes walking he finally accepted to hear the message in his house! Being insistint is really uncomfortable but it works… sometimes.

Friday was our only full day in Alvear. We had a lot of plans, but the biggest thing i think was our visit with a less active family. we’ve been working with them for a while, and They have a daughter whos not baptized. It looks like they are going to start going back to church and their daughter will be baptized in the church. It ws a good lesson, and the committed to going to general conference! awesome. We also stopped by a store where we always by bread. We were talking to their son who speaks english and we challenged him to hear our message in english. He accepted and now were going to his house this next week.

Saturday and Sunday we had permission to go to San Rafael to watch the general conference… it was the only way I could watch it in English. It was a really spiritual conference, a lot of questions were answered. I especially loved the talks by Elder Ballard, and Elder Costa. Elder Costa was clutch for all of the investigators. It was PERFECT. And it was the one session that all the investigators in the zone came to. I felt the spirit so strongly in how I can become better as a person.

That was my week! way too fast

love you all

Elder Skonnard


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