Week 36: The Lord’s Guidance

San Rafael

This Week! Wow what a crazy week. 4 investigators came to church! thats more than both my  last two transfers combined! haha. It was full of miracles.

On monday we had p-day, and we washed clothes all day. we are getting pretty good at it. we dump a bunch of chlorine on our shirts and scrub them it seems to do the trick. we finally did something other than ice cream as our district. We ate lunch at the capilla. nice change. The evening we didnt have any success but we are starting to work with a less active family whose daughter wants to be baptized.

Tuesday we had our zone meeting. we didnt get back until 6:30, but when we got back, we stopped by one of our contacts, a 90 year old lady, and we taught her and her daughter. Were focusing on her daughter more because it doesnt seem like Maria (the 90 year old) understands very well. We committed them to church and baptism. It was a spiritual lesson, i felt the lords guidance so much. After we visited more contacts and committed another family to baptism, but not to church 😦 they know some of the members though so i think they could turn out to be really good investigators.

Wednesday we visited Michael. His sister was there whose already a member but has been inactive forever. She helped so much with the lesson she basically taught it for us and was supporting him. And she said she would be at church with Michael this week. We were so surprised! Michael has a hard time accepting a baptismal date, but were focusing on his answer to the book of mormon. After we were making our way back and a dude that we had taught before stopped us. After our visit with him he seemed uninterested but he told us he had a dream all in white, and happy with the missionaries by his side. After that he was super open. We set an appointment with him for thursday

Thursday we visited hno. cruz. He accepted baptism and is super excited to go to church this sunday. What a miracle! Elder Neto and i are still in shock. Later that day we visited Juan, hes been struggling going to church because his dad is passing away. Which is understandable. We are just trying to support him right now and help him in any way possible.

Friday we worked in the morning just talking to people. in the evening we had our weekly planning and that was our day.

Saturday we visited Elio Cruz again and he accepted a ride from us to go to church tomorrow! Its crazy how that dream changed him. Before he wasnt interested at all and now he’s super open. In the evening we rode our bikes an hour away to teach their son who isn’t a member. He accepted baptism but apparantly is always working so we couldnt set another appointment. I dont know how he will progress if we cant go back.. .haha. We visited flia. Fariaz. We taught their daughter who accepted her baptismal date! I think this will help their family reactivate in the church. Their family es muy bueno. and they have desires to go back.

Sunday we picked up elio cruz going to church driving with our branch presidents huge van. We also stopped by another family. Joel and Antonela, and they brought another one of their friends with them. It took them 15 minutes to get ready when we got their so we were super late and it was the branch conference so presidente stepenenko was a little stressed by all of that. And then we got there and 20 minutes later, they left to catch the bus for some place they were going. Sadly i think they used us to get a ride closer to the terminal…. 😦 i’m hoping thats not the case though. But Elio had an amazing experience! Seeing that strengthened my testimony about fasting. It works!

What a week. Its started to get pretty cold i love it. Hope you all had a good week! until next

Elder Skonnard


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