Week 37: Elder Neto is 1/2 done with his Training!

San Rafael

Como estan todos?! This has been a fun week. Can’t believe my son is already done with his first transfer :’) The mission is going by so fast

This monday we went to grido again 🙂 Nothing much besides that. One of the sisters from our district is leaving so we said our goodbyes. Another sister is coming from a different mission! In the evening we had 3 lessons! It was hard to squeeze it all in 3 hours. First we went to Elio Cruz who is still super excited about the gospel. He asked us to come to do a service project and when he asked us that I started freaking out because i havent been able to do service for so long. We always ask but nobody never needs anything… We passed by Javier Diaz the son of one of the members in our ward, and we showed him the First Vision video. He liked it, he says while he was praying he fell asleep and it looks like he took that for an answer to his prayer. His problem is hes always working so its hard to find him. After we visited a new investigator Nancy with a member Hno. Olguien. The lesson went perfectly. We literally invited her to do everything, it was almost a little too much. But now she has a baptismal date for the end of this month. Having a member there helped everything so much.

Tuesday we did service for hno cruz. We cleared a bunch of huge tree branches that were in his field. He’s really poor, so we made him dulce de leche pancakes in the morning to eat. After the service was over, we taught him a lesson. It was weird teaching in normal clothes, but we could still feel the spirit! In the evening we had a lesson with Michael. This lesson didnt go so well. He is convinced he doesnt need to pray for his answer and that he can just read in the bible. After trying to explain to him and sharing various scriptures there was nothing we could really do so we just left. After we visited Juan with another member, their dad had recently passed away so we focused on teaching the plan of salvation to his mom. We put another baptismal date with juan, i think this is the 5th one already. But it seems like hes actually going to church this week

Wednesday was a crazy day. We had to take the bus to mendoza in the early afternoon and we were running late but thankfully our branch president drove us to the terminal. The bus ride from alvear to mendoza was 5 hours. so long. I was finally reunited with Elder Johnson, my comp from the mtc! He works in the offices now.

Thursday we had our second training for the greenies. That took up the whole day. I learned a lot. And we had a lot of food.

Friday we had our weekly planning session and also set some goals for the transfer. we set the goal to talk to contact 500 people this transfer. This encouraged us to work hard. In the evening we visited a less active family whose daughter we are preparing for baptism. We tuaght the plan of salvation. In the beginning of that lesson it seemed really hard to start a conversation, but thankfully we prayed and the spirit guided us throughout that lesson. Its hard to teach younger people but at the end it seemed like she was understanding… i hope.

Saturday we had two more lessons with members. We visited hno cruz, who is still committed to coming to church this sunday. This time he had talked to someone about us and left with a bunch of doubts in his head. So we changed the subject of the lesson and soley focused on clearing up his doubts. We were able to help him understand questions he had about the book of mormon and priesthood authority. Now he knows why he needs to be baptized again. We left there so thankful, exactly what I had studied was for that lesson!! We visited Juan again who is committed to church this sunday. Its hard to get to his feelings about everything, but we attempted this lesson and figured out he thinks the book of mormon is true! thats a good sign. After our branch president took us back, who came with us to the lesson. And we were late to a lesson with another family. What made it worse is that they live 30 minutes away in bike, and worse Elder Netos bike was flat, and worse it was raining and cold, and worse the family wasnt answering the phone. So we ran inside, said a quick prayer, and asked the branch president if he could drive us there. Youre expecting me to say he came with us. It didnt end up working out, but for some reason i wsa super at peace, because we did everything we could, and it was all left in the lords will.  the rest of the night we stayed there fixing the bike.

Sunday nobody ended up coming to church, except Juan. we picked him up in the morning, and he left after sacrament meeting. The only two times hes been to church were testimony meetings, but I think it was meant to be that way! The rest of the evening was contacting in the cold and rain. Nobody was outside so it was kidn of hard.

That was my week! Its a little long, just trying to say everything that happened. love you all.

Elder Skonnard


One thought on “Week 37: Elder Neto is 1/2 done with his Training!

  1. Dear Elder Skonnard, Those pictures are fantastic.You are having an awesome mission. We pray for you and your companion to find those people that are searching for the Truthfullness of the Gospel. We pray you are able to bear your Testimony often. We love you and proud of you. I saw Lisa’s invitationto your sister’s wedding. She is so beautiful and we wish her much Happiness. When yhou come home you will have a brother -in-law. How about that. Be safe and take care of yourself and your companion. Love from Luke and DeAnn Smith


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