Week 39: tender mercies!

San Rafael

Ok. this one is going to be a bit short.

This week we’ve only been focusing on Juan and Brisa. praying and thinking about them every moment. We saw a miracle this week. Juan was indecisive about his decision to come to church on Sunday because he had family to visit, but we visited him the night before, and the problem vanished. He came and Sunday and was taking notes during the conference! Wow. He is super prepared. He is scheduled to be baptized this week so please pray for him!

Brisa came to church, but not her parents. So we are praying to see if we should wait or baptize her this week. We also went to san rafael to be vaccunated for the flu, and boy was that a dissaster. I called to set an appointment for our district, but when we got there after traveling 2 hours, they said they werent doing vaccunations until 5pm. it was the worst, so stressed. After 30 minutes after not knowing what to do we found another pharmacy that did it for us. I’m glad we figured it out and everything worked out well. If not it would’ve wasted so much of our day. We also stopped teaching Elio Cruz this week, he didn’t want to commit to any of our invitations. So we are taking things slow with him.

That was my week, the biggest things i remember. Sorry if its boring, bear with me!

Elder Skonnard 🙂


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