Week 40: Juan’s Baptism

San Rafael

This WEEK!!! Wow full of miracles


we started out this monday unable to write because of a holiday so we wrote on tuesday.

Tuesday we spent visiting Juan. He still hadn’t drank tea, which was his problem so he seemed ready for his baptism this saturday! It was a good lesson. He had also read more in the book of mormon, which was one of his struggles. IT was awesome to see his progression.

Wednesday we visited a new less active family which a child who hasnt been baptized yet. We are trying to work with them so they can reactivate in the church. I think the message we shared helped them remember the testimony they have received of the gospel. We also visited flia fariaz and brisa. We were praying to know if we should wait longer for her to be more prepared for her baptism when they told us the father wasnt going to be here this saturday. What an answer to our prayer! We didnt even have to make the hard decision. Now we hope all of her family will make it this sunday to church so we dont baptize an inactive member.

Thursday was great, we visited Juan again, still hadnt drank tea. We reviewed his baptismal interview questions and he remembers everything. So we were all set for Saturday. After we headed to an appointment we had set super far away and they werent there again… that always happens haha. We called and everything.

Friday was good. The zone leaders came for the interview and he passed! Juan arrived super early so he was waiting for us. He was nervous that the zone leaders were going to be a lot harder on him haha. He was super excited after the interview was over! we went on splits with the zone leaders and visited that less active family we were talking about. They all committed to coming to church!

Saturday Juan was baptized! The service was super special. Not many people came, but there were enough members to support him. One of the members in our ward baptized him who has been helping him a lot and became friends with. Elder Neto and I sang during the baptismal service so ill see if i can send that jaja perdon para mi voz. It was a spiritual moment for Juan and his mom who was there. The first thing Juan said after he was baptized was, ah frescito! haha. It was great. After we visited familia fariaz again and committed all of them to come to church! What a speical day :’)

Sunday Juan was confirmed a member of the church. It was fast and testimony meeting so everyone was sharing their testimonies about baptism and congratulating him. It was a very spiritual meeting. Everyone showed a lot of love and support for Juan. Him and his mom stayed at church for all the meetings. There were 4 investigators that came today! The less active family, and family fariaz! All of them! A miracle.

I love you all. Miss you so much. This week was full of blessings. I love the mission. its taught me so much!


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