Week 42: Visit from Matias & Transfers!

San Rafael


Okay. This week was crazy. dont have much time, but im going to tell you guys the highlights.

Isabel, Juans mom is progressing, slowly, but progressing. She’s reading and praying and super close to coming to church every week. Juan’s doing good! Flia Fariaz has had a few problems, which is sad, but I dont want to talk about that.

This week we found a few amazing investigators. One of them was a reference, who we luckily found. it was completely lead by the spirit. another we found we had been knocking doors and visiting contacts all day. one person we talked to said he had no time, and finally we almost pleaded for 5 minutes and he let us in. and they left wanting to know more and interested! What a blessing. my testimony grew about insistance.

This week we went to a city in our area, Bowen for the first time. Matias our convert came by suprize and visited us… haha I was not expecting that at all. He accompanied us to our lessons all day. The first person we talked to listened to our message! We visited some less active families from Bolivia. there was so much there to do.

And this sunday we got our transfer calls! Im heading to San Luis! I’m super excited. I still dont know who my companion is but I’ll find out tomorrow. Elder Neto is staying in alvear with another elder from Utah. he’s excited.

That was my week! love you all!


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