Week 43: Villa Mercedes!

Villa Mercedes

This week.

This has been a great week in my new area. San Luis is beautiful, it’s in the mountains… but im in a different city an hour from there called Villa Mercedes. So much work here! The area is huge and we dont have bikes. I’ve walked more in this past week than i have in all my mission! haha . We are staying in a pension of 4 elders it reminds me of the best two years. Theres a ward and a branch in our area so we get to work in the 2. The other city is called Justo Duract.

On Monday i said goodbye to some of the families of alvear. It was sad, I was sad to leave.

On Tuesday I left at 8 in the morning and traveled all day until i arrived in San Luis at 9 pm. it took forever… I parted ways with elder neto which was sad. I learned a ton from him. I met up with the zone leaders in san luis and stayed with them the night.

On Wednesday i finally arrived in my area and met my comp, Elder Cuque. A short dude from Guatemala! He’s awesome. He loves to work and talk to people so we are going to get along well. We ate lunch and got straight to work. we have to walk 20 minutes just to get into our area and 40 minutes to get to our church.

On Thursday we passed by members houses introducing me to everyone and asking for references. We got 5 references doing that it was super effective…there’s also a ton of members willing to help its insane. The area is awesome.

Friday we worked all morning then studied at a members house so we wouldnt have to walk all the way back to the pension and after left with a member to visit some families. All of the appointments fell through, but we talked to a ton of people and had a ton of contacts.

Saturday we had our district meeting and in the evening went contacting people we had talked to. Nobody was home again, but we invited a lot of people to church.

Sunday after all the work, nobody we had invited showed up to church. BUT, a member, Bryan who’s preparing to serve a mission, invited one of his friends and he showed up! He was super interested and now today is coming to play soccer with us. Out of nothing but a pure miracle! There was also 3 other people who attended church at another branch in our area so we are going to have to go to that branch a few times this next week. It’s a small town on the border of Cordoba.

So much to do next week. so excited. love you all have an amazing week!


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