Week 44: Week of Miracles!

Villa Mercedes

Fast week! we did so much this week. and saw so many miracles.

On monday we had our p-day and played soccer with our investigator Dario. He loved it and he feels super comfortable with the ward. He loved church on sunday too. whenever i play soccer with the argentines it makes me feel like i have no idea what im doing but that doesnt matter its so fun.

Tuesday was our district meeting, with doughnuts we found in villa mercedes. havent eaten a doughnut for so long. We talked about goals and we all realized the importance of goals in the mission. it was very impactful for me. after we left to our area and were there working all day.

Wednesday we went to Justo Daract and had a lot of success. We found the investigators that our attending church every week after searching for a while and taught them. They are already ready for baptism they just don’t have missionaries in their area. so we started teaching them. They have been attending church for almost 2 years hahaha. it was a huge success.

On thursday we had our weekly planning session and then after

Friday was pretty fast. We did intercambios with the other elders in our district. I went with Elder Hyer and Elder Cuque with Elder Parker. It was fun, we worked in his area and I learned a lot.we talked to everyone when we were passing the city and got rejected almost everytime hahaha. but thats alright.

Saturday we went to justo daract again. the branch president helped us a ton, and received permission from the parents of the investigators to teach their kids. And we set an appointment with their parents who arent attending church. it was perfect. Our branch president invited our investigators to be baptized and she hahaha (even though we had already invited her)

Sunday was insane. we had 8 church attendences between our ward and justo daract. 5 people came to church and 2 new people. They love church and the members retain them . we just need to help them feel comfortable with baptism hah. In the class we had with the investigators a few of them started crying and felt the spirit so much! That was the miracle of the day.

A fun week. nonstop. it went by so fast too. i hope everyone over there in utah is doing well. love you all and miss you

Have a good week!

Elder Skonnard


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