Week 48: We’re here to Change

Villa Mercedes

What a week!

The first few days of the week we had a lot of meetings and found some new investigators. One of them was a part member family who we called to set an appointment, and when we got there they had said they were just about to call us to give their daughter a blessing when we called. The father, who isn’t a member was suprized by that and accepted to hear our message! he saw that as a sign and thinks its true!

We went to Justo Daract a few times this week and havent had very much success. We havent been able to teach the two girls who attend church for the past two weeks so their baptism fell through. They’ve always been gone or sick or something happens. But we’ve had a lot of help from the members, the branch president came with us on saturday for a few lessons. He’s cool, hes only 22 and hes a branch president.

We had a lesson with Dario on Friday and we felt the spirit so much. Elder Machado is learning fast and was able to bear his testimony and help Dario realize that hes prepared for baptism. That night he prayed and the next day he woke up with his answer. He’s going to be baptized on July 22nd!

Towards the end of the week we visited Miguel, an investigator that hasn’t progressed very well. It didn’t start out well because he likes to discuss, but elder machado decided to share a little example for the importance of eternal families and after the example the spirit of the lesson changed. We testified of the importance of eternal families and the spirit was there. we left inviting him to be baptized again but he’s still scared. We don’t want to give him up but it might be time.

This sunday 5 of our investigators attended church! they love church but they don’t like committing to baptism, but this week we are going to commit them all!

love you all! This week I learned that we are here on this earth to CHANGE. we aren’t born to keep our weaknesses for all of our life. We were born to overcome them. This week I’ve felt the truthfullness of that as I’ve strived to overcome my weaknesses.

Have an amazing week!

Elder Skonnard


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