Week 53: Faith means Action

Villa Mercedes

Hello! This was a normal week!

I hit a year this week! Today I’m burning a shirt! I’ll send pics next week! 1 more to go.

This week has been great. After the baptism of Dario we realized we don’t really have many other investigators who are progressing. So we are going to need to find a lot more new investigators this week. This past week we spent contacting people and visiting a few investigators.

The highlights of Tuesday and Wednesday was that we did some service projects with a sister in our ward. We cleared out a bunch of cement blocks in her yard and did some yard work. From doing that we saw a miracle and got a reference! The other highlight was I did another baptismal interview of a kid being baptized with the other Elders in the district! It was great and he passed! He’s Nate’s age.

On Thursday we had our interviews with our new President, President Panzachhi. It was great, I like the vision he has for the mission and im excited for the changes.

On Friday we had a zone conference. I learned a lot, we studied straight from the preach my gospel which I loved. I learned a lot about the authority we have as missionaries and what it means to have faith. The coolest thing I learned is that Joshua, in the bible, and the group he was traveling with were commanded to cross a dangerous river. They didn’t question, murmur, or anything, but showed their faith and stepped their feet straight into the water, although it seemed impossible to cross. The instant they stepped their feet into the water, the water parted and dried up in the path they were walking to cross. Great story I hadn’t heard before, and it really helped me understand faith more. Faith means action. If we have faith we will ACT.

Saturday was our only other day to work. We visited a less active part member family and committed them to church to present their new baby tomorrow. We went to a baptism in the other ward in our district to support them. An awesome kid who was super prepared!

Sunday was good but harder, because we didn’t really see many fruits of our labor for the week, and realized we don’t really have much progress in the area right now, but as we finished the day we set goals for this next week to work even harder and have more success.

I love this work! It pushes me everyday to become better! I love you all and miss you so much!

Elder Skonnard


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