Week 24:Transfers!

La Consulta

Transfers! I’m going to pelligrini which is apparantly in the middle of nowhere! Im excited! Last week in La Consulta. bittersweet. Im going to miss it so much. I’ve met so many different people this transfer and have grown close to so many. Most successful week numberwise for us as missionaries. 11 news 15 lessons and 4 progressing investigators 🙂

On Monday and Tuesday we didn’t have much success. On Monday we got together with the Zone and ate some soggy hot dogs while we played soccer. It was a blast. In the evening all of our plans we made fell through. So it was another night of finding for us. the last house we knocked had a dude named Victor who is really cool. He has a lot of questions and doubts about the churches and was interested in our message. We almost didnt go to that house too but Elder Tyler reminded me theres always one more. So glad.

ON Tuesday was the same. We didn’t have very much success. In the morning we woke up and i went outside to our porch and found an infestation of maggots. Billions. Literally. It was so gross. apparantly we forgot about a garbage bag sitting outside and it got infested with maggots. We sprayed enflamed hairspray to get rid of a few of them but they would not die. After we burned the bag and got rid of a few more but there were still billions. Finally we boiled water and poured it all over our porch and that got em. Grossest thing ive experienced as a missionary they were everywhere. Matias got assigned to give a talk and needed our help so we went over to his house for a little bit to help him and he had already studied and written his whole talk. I’m not gonna lie, most people write their talks the night before but wow. This convert! Matias left with us after to do more missionary work. He is actually starting to look like a missionary. The bike the shirt and tie, and hes started using a planner when we go out haha., all hes missing is the missionary tag. But today we had a lesson with Guillermo, one of our investigators and decided to drop him. We have been advised to be really bold with our investigators so they know our purpose and so we can focus our time on those who really will progress towards baptism. But he basically told us he doesnt even want to look for his answer if the book of mormon is true so we cant really go anywhere from there. All he wants is to go to church and “conocer” mas. So were going to help him with that but arent going to be teaching him anymore.

Wednesday was really good. We had 4 lessons and 3 new investigators. In the morning we went to Vista Flores, a city in our area, for the first time in my whole time here. It was really successful. We went down this one street looking for a contact and got these 3 investigators. Juan Cruz already accepted baptism and the other family is bolivian and really receptive to the message. Agreed to read the book of mormon! That evening we visited a few families, including Victor again. Now hes progressing and accepted baptism. That night Matias told us his uncle had died so we visited him. His grandma was really sad and crying hard. We taught her about the plan of salvation to help her and said a prayer with them. I hope she was able to feel the peace that I felt as we were teaching.

Thursday Matias left for mar de plata on vacation in buenos aires so I said bye to him today because i didnt know if i would get transfered or not. It was a sad moment. I didn’t cry or anything, and it didnt really hit me, but im gonna miss him a ton. So grateful to have been placed in his path. In the evening we taught a new family who told us in the beginning they are never getting baptized but i think that towards the end their hearts were softened a little bit. Its always a tender mercy of the lord to see that happen. We had a family home evening with Osvaldo because his son who’s a member was visiting him. We showed them the video of the restoration and had pizza. It seemed like they enjoyed that a lot.

Friday we took our bikes to get fixed because they broke once again. surprize! We visited Estella and read with her a chapter in the book of mormon because she hadn’t read it. She’s a little bit of a time sucker but a really awesome lady. Looks to the lord in everything! Apparantly she has bipolar problems so thats why she said she hasnt been able to go to church. WE dont know how we cant help her with that…. just gotta go. But weve explained a lot why its so important going to church every week. So were praying for her. In the evening we went to VF again and started teaching Juan Cruz. He basically told us his whole life story, said he saw Jesus, and started getting really emotional. It was really interesting. We ended up missing our bus back to La Consulta but Pdte Gamboa saved us.

Saturday we did a lot of finding again. We found 2 more nuevos and did a lot of contacting. We visited Estela again and taught her the gospel of jesus christ. We explained baptism again. At one point, she realized that her baptism in the catholic church didnt count and was in shock. She believed it too. She wants to get baptized but she wants her answer. It was a really good lesson. Other than that lesson it was just knocking doors all day 🙂

Sunday Florencia and Abril, two of our investigators showed up to church. And Guillermo. Not what we expected at all haha. We didn’t teach florencia and abril once this week, and we dropped guillermo and he showed up. huh. In the evening we taught a lady who had met with the missionaries before and really liked it. She loved our lesson. We headed over to Tunuyan and received transfer calls. I’m going to pellegrini with Elder Sharp. He just finished his training. the same that happened with elder tyler and I. I’m excited!

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Skonnard


Week 23: Milanesa de Banana

La Consulta

img_2446img_2452img_2453img_2455This week was good….

Monday we had an asado to start of the new year. Elder Conover basically did it all but it was really good. Other than that normal missionary day. Work. We visited Estela and were able to put a baptismal date with her. Her daughter Vanessa was there and we taught her too. They are AWESOME. Its really hard to have a lesson under 45 minutes with her because shes super talkitive, but she has been keeping all of our commitments. They accepted the calendar, and well see if they can fulfill the hardest commitment, going to church. :}

On tuesday we headed over to Tunuyan for the district meeting, had banana bread, and started our intercambios. I went with Elder Conover this time and Elder Tyler went with Elder Plumb. We started off by going to lunch with some locos. Theyre an amazing family, but their kids are crazy. And they made fun of my ctr ring 😦 I guess the ctr ring is a girl ring….. That evening we did a lot of walking and talking and had a few lessons. In one of the lessons I was trying to explain the book of mormon and I completely butchered it.. so Elder Conover had to help me out on that one. Other than that we had a really successful evening.

On wednesday we finished our intercambios and went back to La Consulta. When we got back we realized we had no plans for the evening so we made quick plans and went out hoping they would work. The first few hours did not work out at all, but later in the evening we were able to visit one of our investigators, Osbaldo, who is progressing a ton. We invited him to be baptized when he recieves his answer that the book of mormon is true, but he told us he already knows its true. wow! So we set a baptismal date with him and have really high hopes for him, such a cool dude.

Thursday we planned the week all morning. We went to lunch with familia Pola. When we got there they told us it was going to take another 30 minutes to make the food so we left and got a bunch of new contacts. It was a good use of time. Laster that night we had two lessons with two of our investigators. The hardest thing as a missionary is talking to everyone but as we have done it, we have started to see the lord on our side helping us and putting the words in our mouth in every situacion. We visited Estela again and went into it with the goal of making it only 45 minutes. Boy did we fail. We got out after an hour and a half and got back a few minutes late to the pension…Weve tried everything and cant make it shorter haha

Friday we spent all day in Mendoza having interviews with president and receiving training from Hermana Goates. We learned we need to be BOLD. Nothing much else, President Goates is the best.

Saturday was our only full work day of the week in our area. We have had a lot of other stuff going on. It was really successful and really spiritual. In the morning we went to an area 30 minutes away where we had found a lot of contacts earliler and all of them were gone. Except the last house we went to, she was there. We started teaching her the message of the restoration and half way through her husband joined. We noticed a different spirit when he came in. He had the doubt why there is so many churches if there only is one god. As we testified to him we felt the spirit manifesting through us so strongly, I think it was the most I have felt the spirit in my mission so far. As we watched him, we saw that he felt the same thing. he started to cry at the end. Moments like those make all the hard moments worth it. we did a ton of other things that evening, but that was the highlight of the day, and of the week.

Sunday was normal like all other sundays. I couldnt sleep because i was so thirsty and we were fasting haha. Mostly because it was so hot they day before and we were going everywhere on the bikes. The weirdest thing happened when we finished our fast. We drank a whole glass of water and immediately we started sweating immensly. The weirdest thing of my life. Nobody showed up to church today which was pretty sad. The baptismal date of Estela fell because she wasnt able to go. That evening we visited one of our investigators Nilda, who is basically a member, but cant get baptized because shes not married. We dropped a lot of cane that lesson. it was almost a little to much, but we did it with love and we think she really needed it because she hasnt been able to progress for over a year and she needs the little push 🙂

Good week! Matias gave us Milanesa de banana which are my two favorite things combined it was the best thing ive ever eaten. Super spiritual week! a lot of progress! I love you all and hope you had a good first week of the year!

Elder Skonnard

Week 22: First Week of 2017!

La Consulta

Woo! already week 22!! Time flies

This week was crazy.

On Monday we made a tres leches cake which took all p day. It was so good. Not the same as how mom makes it but it was up there. Later that evening we had nothing to do so we decided to ride our bikes until we found an area that we haven’t been in yet. We rode our bikes 30 minutes away and found a street with a bunch of neighborhoods. We stayed there all the rest of the night. It was so cold the weather here is so bipolar

On tuesday we went to lunch and her husband left after 5 minutes of us being there. Were not allowed to be in a house without a man present so we had to tell her and move everything outsid. I felt bad but ya fue. its not easy being obedient haha. Later that evening we found 2 nuevos who almost didnt count because they werent interested at all. Thats the worst when that happens. We also had a lesson with an investigator whos really interested and we brought our recent convert, Matias with us. That was a really good lesson but it was hard to keep that under 45 minutes im not gonna lie.

On Wednesday we went to a families house that we had contacted the week before while we were christmas caroling to everyone. We got 3 news from that. I did not expect to have that much success from christmas caroling we are not good singers at all. We also had another lesson with Jackie, and Florencia. They finally agreed to read the BoM and sincerely look for their answer. I’m excited for them because I know that they will find it. Aparantly her sister has been reading a ton, but she wasnt there when we had the lesson so well see where shes at later. Hermano David helped us with that lesson. Our members have been helping us so much recently and I can tell how much its been helping the missionary work.

Thursday was cool. We had a lesson with guillermo with Hermano Pola. We were kind of nervous for that because hes known for dropping cane on people. But the lesson actually turned out really good he was an awesome herramiento for guillermo. Later we had another lesson with Matias again with Estela. We committed her to a baptismal date and she seems excited to look for her answer about the book of mormon. Everytime weve come shes read everything weve given her super capa… so we have a ton of faith in her and are excited. It was another really good lesson too.

Friday we had Zone Meeting all morning and where I got that package I was supposed to get for christmas! Thanks everyone who put stuff in there for me! And Uncle Greg I got all your letters thank you so much! After the zone meeting we had planned to go back and take investigators to the baptism in Tunuyan but we missed the bus. So we called our investigators to see if any of them wanted to go, but nobody answered. So after proslyting a few hours in Tunuyan we went to the baptism and Matias showed up and told us Guillermo was coming. We were on our toes the whole service waiting for him…. but…. he never showed up. Finally, after the service was over he finally showed up and we were able to show him around the church and the baptismal font and everything. He was really impressed with it all. We were still a little dissapointed he wasnt able to make it to the service because the spirit was filled so strongly.

Saturday we literally had 0 of all numbers. We went to a neighborhood with some contacts in the morning and one of our investigators basically dropped us. It was kind of sad because we thought he was super interested, but nothing we said convinced him to let us keep coming. In the evening we just went out and did the same. Went door to door nothing else, we had to go back at 6 for the new year so we went back to the pension and partied it up. not really. by party we mean do laundry and listen to music.

Sunday was awesome. We witnessed a miracle, after not much of anything all week. in the morning we were walking to church and realized we had forgotten the phone. So as we were going back, a man stopped us. He told us he had been looking for us and wanted us to pass by his house. Later that evening we went by his house and now hes already accepted to be baptized! Highlight of the week by far. His name is Osbaldo. Hes so cool! Super nice.

First week of 2017! Black Year. wish you all a happy new year and success in this next year! Love you all and miss you.

Elder Skonnard

Week 21:Feliz Navidad!

La Consulta

MERRY CHRISTMAS! this week was so good! Not with too much success, but still a fun week!

Monday – We played around the world ultimate frisbee in the church gym with the Elders from Tunuyan. That was interesting. Pretty boring to be honest but eh. That evening we went around contacting some people. One of the contacts we went to wasnt even home but her mother was there and was super nice and let us in. She apparantly received the missionaries once before and was really interested. She is a talker. every question we asked her she would go off for 15 minutes at least. We ended up being there for like an hour haha. Good day

Tuesday – I went on intercambios with Elder Plumb. It was a good time. They didn’t really have anything planned for us so all we did was go knock doors the whole time 😦 We got a lot of rejections that day. We visited one family who didnt believe in Joseph Smith because it doesnt say his name in the bible and the other dude we talked to was really old and lost this kid he was taking care of who doesnt have parents and he hadnt seem him for 5 days. But it didnt seem to bother him very much. It was kind of hard to teach the both of them. In the evening some drunk dude tried messing with us so we just told him we didnt understand and left. Weird

Wednesday – we finished intercambios and got a new investigator. She was awesome! We basically woke her up from her sleep when we knocked on her door but she was super nice and attentive in the lesson! The best moments of the mission are when you get a lesson like that. In the evening we didnt have anything planned which was kind of stressful. We had a lesson planned with a family 3 girls, but we didnt have a member that could go with us. Finally we ended up calling a family that lives in a different city and thanks to their willingness we were able to visit that family. It was a really good lesson, and they helped a lot. Its nice to have the members especially since Elder Tyler and I are so new in the mission ahaha. That evening we went to an area 30 minutes away but nobody was home so that was pretty much just a waste of time…

ThursdayOn thursday we invited everyone we could to the activity we were having in the evening. In the evening we had a lesson with Guillermo the dude from Colombia that showed up to church the week before. We invited him to get baptised, he accepted, but hes afraid he cant change in the time we set for him. Hopefully he can realize the potential he has as a person within these next few lessons! The activity was amazing. 5 of our investigators came, a miracle. The kids presented the nativity and Elder Tyler and I sang silent night with Matias on piano. Everyone clapped after to be nice. The song was awful. We are so bad at singing haha were practicing. We had food and Matias Atencio one of our investigators dressed up as santa and gave candy to all the kids. That whole activity went so well, besides the song we sang.

FridayFriday morning we went to Eugenio Bustos for the morning with Mati Ceverino. He had lunch with us at Familia Coronel. Best meal I’ve had so far while ive been here…. ynokies with this amazing beef sauce i dont even know but it was amazing. We had our first correlacion with Hermano Coronel cause apparantly hes our mission leader. That went well. They are starting to get a lot more involved in missionary work. That evening we basically just talked to everyone we could and visited a less active members house. He told us a dude from work came to his house the week before and started talking to him about his religion. He said he was mormon but not active. And the dude from work started asking him a bunch of questions about the church. So he gave him a book of mormon and told him that the missionaries would go over. Awesome! Missionary work from the less actives! Their family is so cool. Dad youre gonna love this. Their son is studying electrical engineering and is taking a bunch of programming classes right now.

Saturday – Today in the morning we visited Matias Atencio. That was an ugly lesson. We got there and they werent there, but Hermano David was there watching their daughter. He told us that Matias had smoked one cigarrette the day before. NOOOOOO. When they got there we taught them the law of chastity and that did not go well. He started getting mad at his wife for not having trust in him. So we just got outta there as fast as we could. Matias Ceverino was with us too. The story about Matias gets worse, just wait til sunday. After my Skype call we went looking for condensed milk but didnt find any so no tres leches cake for us 😦 That whole evening chilled in the pension because we werent allowed to be out after 6. More fastbreaks for meeee. At midnight it sounded like Argentina was in WW3 so many fireworks went off.

Sunday – Worst church attendence in my history here in La Consulta. 11 people. Luckily we cant count that on our two hands….or that would of been kind of depressing. One of our investigators called us half way through the meeting. We thought he was drunk because he couldnt remember where the church was and he had already been there like 3 times. But he came for like the last 5 minutes of the meeting, and luckily he wasnt drunk haha. In the afternoon we ate lunch with Matias Ceverino and all of his family and celebrated christmas with them. That was so fun, and the food was amazing. I think were starting to get on their good side. In the evening we went christmas caroling which ended up working really well suprisingly. Got some strange looks, but it seemed like most of the people enjoyed it.

Yep that was my week. Sorry kinda long, but a ton of stuff happened. Merry christmas everyone! Have a good last week of 2016!!!

Elder Skonnard

Week 20: A Week of Miracles!

La Consulta

This week was so crazy!!! I got the christmas package!! That made my whole mission. Not gonna lie, that was the highlight of my week. This whole week was full of so many miracles. We found 8 new investigators, the most Elder Tyler and I have ever gotten in our whole missions! So many uplifting experiences.

On Monday we went to Manzano which is basically just the Andes. We went into the mountains and got close to chile. The view was amazing. Elder Conover and I decided thats where we want to be when the world ends. After that experience we got back and worked for the rest of the night. We found a new investigador who was interested at the beginning but then it kind of went down hill from there. Hate it when that happens. She still told us we could come back to teach her again! So were praying that her heart will be softened to hear the message. Nothing much else, just talking to everyone.

Tuesday we had district meeting and realized that this week were only going to have another 2 full days to work because of zone conference. All of our goals became that much harder to fulfill. We went to lunch at a family who had their 4 year old sons birthday. They bought him a gun with a bullet that sticks to the wall and boy was that the most brillant idea theyve ever had. He was doing that all lunch and every time he shot it he would burst into laughter. That was a fun afternoon.

Wednesday was another effective day. In the evening we visited a few families with a member. It was very successful but for some reason they do not want to go to church. Probably the hardest thing about the mission. Getting people to come to church, besides the fact that everyone is catholic. By the end of the lesson we got them to say they might come. Which is still a no, but at least it wasnt a straight to our face no haha. Later that night we visited Matias Atencio who still hasn’t smoked this whole time and was so much more attentive in the lesson. Miracle! The only thing is,  He like the others, doesnt want to go to church either…

Thursday we had planiamiento semanal in the morning and only had about an hour in the evening to work before we had to leave for Tunuyan for the zone conference the next day… Funny thing about the day: We ate lunch at Familia Pola. We were explaining to them why we couldn’t continue eating at one of the Hermanas house (because there isn’t a man present) and in that very moment Elder Tyler and I both realized there wasn’t a man at their house either. We didnt say anything we just quickly finished our food and got out of there. Were going to have to announce that on sunday because nobody knows about that rule. In the evening we taught Hermana Nilda who has a strong desire to get baptised but has complications with paperwork for marraige. Apparantly its pretty hard to get married here which is kind of frustrating.

Friday we had our zone conference. It was really fun, and I learned a lot. It’s so fun seeing all the other misisonaries. There was about 50 others there with us. That one went a little bit longer because of a little christmas thing we did after so we ended up getting back from Mendoza late and didn’t have time to prosyletef the rest of that day. The weirdest thing was the song we sang at the end. I can’t explain it but it was.. interesting. Ill video it next time and send it

Saturday we basically went and did contacts for the 108 abrir la bocas we did the week before. We got 3 more new investigators, the best being one of them who didnt want to let us in and we kept insisting and when she let us in the lesson was so spiritual that she started crying a little bit. Whoooph. It was amazing. She invited us back too! success. We found a dude named Franco who looks like James Franco but he is busy with studies rn, but we check literally every day to see if he’s there haha.

Sunday Was another amazing day. Out of everyone we invited to come to church, the son of Zulema, Ricardo, came to church. He LOVED it. At the end Matias received the priesthood and Ricardo asked me if Matias could baptize him. Matias was so happy. That was the miracle of the day. So crazy. After church a colombiano came investigating the church. We showed him around and taught him more about the church. He said he woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, then decided he needed to find a church. And he searched all of the churches but all of the doors were closed–except ours. He’s coming to the christmas activity on thursday and were going to teach him there before. Two huge miracles that day. In the evening we found 3 more new investigators. They are all catholic, but the key indicator is that they arent active. Finding them was a huge tender mercy.

By the way Elder Tyler and I have been thoroughly enjoying that package. It has so many blessings inside. So much food. THE FASTBREAKS. mmmmmmmdfsafmad anyway this week was really good. I love you all and hope you enjoy the holidays!

Elder Skonnard

Week 19 with Elder Tyler!

La Consulta

This week was so good! lots of changes and so much different

My new comp is Elder Tyler. He’s from Salt Lake Utah. He is an awesome missionary. Super obedient super hard worker. Don’t worry my spanish will be fine because he doesnt speak english.


In the evening we had an activity at the church for everyone who wanted to say bye to Elder Martinez. Everyone pretty much started crying because they all love him. One of them asked if he could switch me name tags hahaha nobody likes me here. Sad moment it felt like I was leaving too. After that we headed to Tunuyan and that was it.


Parted ways with Elder Martinez. Im gonna miss him. I learned a lot from him. Both the good and the bad. Elder Conover and I went and picked up our new comps at the terminal and we were off. The first few hours were an adventure because I had to show him around everywhere. And to make things more stressful I figured out we had no lunches scheduled for that week. After figuring everything out, everything started to go pretty smoothly. That evening we visited a few families who aren’t progressing at all 😦


I realized we barely have any investigators and the ones we do have we needed to drop. So basically we’re starting from scratch, and that evening we decided to go to San Carlos and find people to teach. We got a lot of funny rejections. Everyone says the same thing too which gets annoying sometimes haha.


it rained all day and i forgot to bring my jacket so I was soaked. Nobody was letting us in either so we were basically outside all day. We found 2 people who were really interested and we taught them a lesson and invited them to be baptised on the spot. They both accepted! That lesson was so good, and so spiritual.


we went and basically talked to everyone we could. At one point I cut someone off on my bike to talk to him and luckily he didnt get mad. We talked to so many people and there were a lot of people interested. It is so tiring doing that 24 7 but its rewarding.


Basically did the same thing. Talked to people all day and found more people to teach. That evening we had a ton of things planned and were planning on going out with Matias, but everything fell through. Matias still came with us because hes a capo, but we just ended up finding people again. Basically all weve done all week


Sunday was good, but kind of dissapointing. Nobody showed up to church. After we went to one of our “eternigators” And invited them to be baptized. They didnt seem too excited about that. But they finally committed to going to church the next week so well see what happens. That night we found a hidden golden area. Its like a 30 minute bike ride away, but theres a huge neighborhood inside. So many more people we can talk to.

That was my week! Sounds depressing, but honestly it was probably the best week of my mission. We get rejected so much and do the same thing all day, but the weird thing is, im happy. It’s nice to have a comp thats obedient. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Week 18: I’m not a “verdecito” anymore!

La Consulta

Wow im not a greenie anymore. Time flies. Last night we got transfer calls and we were freaking out. Elder Martinez, my comp., is leaving to San Luis tommorow. I’m staying in La Consulta and my new comp is Elder Tyler. He only has one more transfer than me so well see how this goes haha. Excited for this new experience. Also shout out to MICHELLE SKONNARD whose birthday was last week!! Love ya sis


We had intercambios in Tunuyan. I went with Elder Conover and I learned so much! We talked to the radio in tunuyan and i completely blanked out and didnt know what to say hahaha. Elder Conover and I played a game that which ever pamplet we pulled out was the one we had to talk about at whatever house we were knocking. He tricked me into pulling out the law of chastity first try. I was so mad at him haha.


We had a very spiritual lesson in the evening. Elder Martinez and one of the members started to cry. I held it in. Our investigator, Matias,felt it too.  He has the desire to be baptized, but likes smoking more than that desire. He’s always smoking. It’s going to be hard to help him with that.


In the morning we went to San Carlos for only the second time ever. We had so much success. Everyone we talked to was so nice and invited us back. Definitely going back there. One of the other cities in our area we havent even been too, so maybe we should go there someday based on the success we had today…..that night we headed to tunuyan for the zone meeting the next day. We ate empanadas there mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Friday we had zone meeting that didnt end until like 4 so we didnt get back until 6 30ish… it was soo long. It was really good though.  There we watched a video that helped us understand that the mission is always going to be hard, but someone there is beside us the whole way, who suffered more than all of us, for all of us. Jesus Christ is so amazing. My love has grown so much for him while ive been here. Also parted ways with Elder Rogers… im gonna miss him we became good friends…


HOT day.  In the morning we didnt really know what to do so we just left finding more people like usual. We ended up in a panaderia talking to a lady working there for a while. I’m so glad the lord led us there because now we have another person to teach his gospel to!! We ate lunch at Matias house and he asked us all why we wanted him to be baptized. After our inspired responses, Elder Martinez asked him why he wants to be baptized. The response is kind of sad, but funny at the same time. He said he wants to be baptized so we will stop bothering him…  we messed up. We left him with the commitment to pray to the Lord to find out for himself.


Elder Martinez last sunday  in La Consulta. The church was filled again. Only a few of our investigators, but none of the ones who are progressing.  Today was even hotter than yesterday. After fasting I ate way too much and I almost died. Matias ceverino is feeding us lunch now every once in a while, he’s an awesome kid. That night we got transfer calls and found out all the detes. I still dont know the city very well, so this will be fun. Elder Mulliner and Elder Martinez both gone to San Luis 😦

That was my  week! love you all!!

Elder Skonnardimg_2208img_2209img_2218

Week 17!

La Consulta

Wooo one more week in training then I’m expected to be able to do everything! Kinda scared for that responsibility to be honest and hopefully I dont have to train next transfer that would be hard… but ive learned a ton and im finally starting to get the hang of everything. This week had its ups and downs im just going to go straight into it.

On Monday we played ultimate frisbee with our small zone. That was fun. I realized I do not have very good coordination  :’)

Later that day we visited the other Matias and gave him a baptismal calendar and advice on how to quit smoking. We hope he will have success, it’s one of the biggest problems with people here. They live in the middle of nowhere so it was so hard to get back haha.

Tuesday we had a ton planned, but nobody was home so that sucked. First Niki. Nothing. Except his 300 year old dog that has burnt skin. Next Blanca. nothing. Sonya. Nothing. Valentin. Nothing. Gisela. Nothing. Flia. Ceverino. Nothing.After all those fails we finally got a lesson with Marianela and invited her to be baptised. She said she wanted to but her husband doesnt and doesnt want to get married…. .nooooo. All we can do now is teach her husband. We went to zulema and natalia again and taught them the restoration. Im pretty sure thats like the 5th time weve taught them that lesson but they have a hard time understanding it sadly haha.  We taught it as simple as we could and let the spirit guide us and now they seem clear with everything!

On wednesday and thursday Elder Martinez had tramites because something went wrong with his DNI so we were at the offices for those few days and werent able to work at all. The only thing I really like about that is that they buy us so many facturas mmmmmmmm. Two Elders from the offices brought our bikes and took them to get fixed and now they are as good as new. A new missionary couple came in fresh from the mtc so it was fun to talk to them and test their spanish 😉

On Friday we had lunch at a members house who lived an hour walk away. We didnt have our bikes cause they were being fixed and boy we werent used to it. She hadnt been going to church for a while so we talked to her about it and she has the classic la consulta problem of being offended by someone else. Jeez so much drama here. We told her what we tell everyone else, that its a commandment from the lord and he blesses us when we follow his commandments. In the evening ew went and did last minute service for a family and shared the christmas initiative with them. Every time a watch that video I start tearing up it gets me every time.

Saturday was amazing. It’s crazy how much the members help. Matias has been wanting to go out with us and teach ever since hes been baptized and its awesome. He has such a desire to spread the knowledge hes been blessed with.. We had so much success everything that night ended up working out our way and I can’t really explain it, but we felt all the lords tender mercies so much that night. We found the most nuevos we had found all week. 3! Sounds like so little haha but it’s tough work over here. Such a good day

Sunday at church was the primary program. There was only about 10 kids, but you could feel their light of christ so easily! Reminded me of back home a little bit. Margarita came to church! Shes been an investigator for so long and im pretty sure she only came because we did service for her, but I still think she felt the warm spirit that was there and maybe will come back… haha well see. I have faith in her.

The week was good overall! Pretty much the same thing every week, just preachin the word. But I love it. Wouldnt rather be doing anything else. Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!

Elder Skonnard

Week 16: Ice Cream and Rain!

La Consulta

This week was pretty rough… didn’t have that much success… tons of appointments fell through and nothing was really going our way.. it was still a good week though. When we center our lives on the lord he will help us get through any trial.


Played soccer for pday and i couldnt breathe so that was fun. In the evening we taught the new investigator we found named Matias. Both of the Matias’s are awesome. He just needs to quit smoking. Everyone here has a problem with smoking so its hard..


Pretty crazy few days.. we had district meeting then right after went and did intercambios. I was with Elder Mulliner who is only one transfer older than me. We were pretty nervous and wondered if we would even be able to do it hahah. But we decided to make the best of it and went out. We didnt have many appointments so we just started going door to door finding people. The first family we ended up talking to let us in and we taught them a lesson and they invited us back. After that appointment we had so much more confidence and the rest of the day we did everything easily without worry. We ended up getting two nuevos that day which was more than Elder Martinez and I got in the whole week. It was such a good day.


Wednesday we did intercambios and went back to consulta with Elder Martinez… they went to Mendoza for intercambios because elder martinez was having knee problems. That morning was long, all we did was find.


Thursday was fun because Zulema committed to a baptismal date! It was suprizing because we just asked her randomly at the end and she said yes this time. The lord works in mysterious ways. Her only problem is going to church. In the morning we went and visited a less active member who we’ve been trying to visit forever. She was throwing references at us left and right. It was awesome. Apparently she wasn’t going to church because she was sick so we’ll see.


Friday we went to Eugenio Bustos. Its a city in our area that weve never been to. First time Ive ever been there in all the time ive been in this area. We went finding over there and visited a few families. Later we had an activity at the church–the first one they’ve had for who knows how long. The ward is slowly becoming stronger which is fun to watch. There ended up being more investigators there than members, better for us. One person came that we’ve never even taught, and after she invited us to teach her. The activities really help. We shared a message basically telling them they need to help us with the missionary work.. haha. It was good


Saturday we went out with the recent convert, Matias. After being baptized all he wants to do is help us with the work and give us references. It’s such a blessing. He helps us with the work more than anyone else in the ward. He went out with us to teach all that night, didn’t have much success. All of our appointments fell through so we decided to go teach his dad who has never been taught. On the way there we bought ice cream and ended up talking to the people there for like 30 minutes and they seemed very interested in our message. Never reject ice cream. We were never able to teach him because he had to leave to work last minute… that happens every time.


Sunday there was a crazy storm and earthquake in San Juan. It was raining all day. We were supposed to get 4 new investigators that day but every appointment fell through again… it was pretty rough. So our numbers didnt end up being the best. Interesting fact of the day: When we went out in the evening we took our umbrellas out and mine snapped in half. So I was carrying the bottom part in my other hand and someone thought it was a knife. that was fun.

Although we didnt have much success throughout the week, I still witnessed so many tender mercies and the lords hand in my life. It was a great week. I love being a missionary

Until next

Elder Skonnard

Week 15: Baptism!

La Consulta

img_1606BAPTISM! This is sweet. I’ve been here for 9 weeks. 9. That’s almost double digits. My week was good, here it is.

Monday: We sat in a park all day for p day cause theres nothing to do here hahah.  Not bad though, I did some cartwheels. We visited a girl that night who is progressing a ton. We took EL David Sosa with us who is a returned missionary and helps us with everything. She’s a snake though and Im scared of her so I don’t know if were going to keep visiting her haha.

Tuesday: We worked all morning trying to get references and contacts but only got one. So much biking I’ve been exercising so much more here than I did back home… thats a sad thought but its true… Later we had to travel to Mendoza for the zone conference.

Wednesday: Met a ton of new missionaries at zone conference. One of the Elders has lost like 40 kilos of weight while hes been here which is insane. We got a sneak peek of the new church christmas video. We had to sign a paper to not reveal anything from the video. Jokes Jokes. It was really good and I learned a ton on becoming a consecrated missionary —all I want to be right now.

Thursday: Today we found out that Matias received permission to be baptized!!! Best feeling Ive had on the misison so far. All the hard work finally paying off. We were freaking out and didnt know what to do so we went to the church and made sure we had a font for him to use and it was sooo dirty. So we ended up cleaning that for a few hours. That night we biked 40 minutes away to some village to visit a less active family. That took up pretty much the rest of the night wasnt really effective and my legs felt like jello after.

Friday: Friday was huge. We got 5 new investigators. That night we went to Matias house to get the signature from his parents for him to be baptized. With the pen in hand the mom asked, “So if I don’t sign this, he cant get baptized?” After we confirmed that was true she said, “Ok, Im not going to sign it then” Boom knife to the heart. In that moment I said a prayer and Matias left the house a little emotional. After a few minutes she changed her mind and signed it. We invited her to be baptized and that was a bad decision also because she started arguing with us more. But all we ended up doing was invited her to her our message and I think she softened up a little bit. But all of that isn’t important because she signed it! It was kind of hard to believe we were going to have a baptism the next day

Saturday: Spend the day preparing for the baptism because our ward mission leader doesnt really do much. We got everything set up which took the whole day. The baptism went smoothly and I felt the spirit so strong. Matias was so happy that day and im never going to forget that. I got to baptize him and I was pretty nervous for that–but everything ended up going well. The water was freezing, but other than that It was an amazing day!!

Sunday: Matias came in a suit to church and he looks like hes been a member for years. He got confirmed that day and his family ended up coming unexpectedly. Looks like they are really starting to open up to the religion. That night we visited a less active and ended up being there for like 2 hours. We really need to work on shorter lessons haha.. its a process

That was my week! So many miracles. So many tender mercies. I love putting everything I have to the work and all the blessings that come from this gospel! So glad I get to spend 2 years doing this. it’s hard, but its so rewarding.

Love you allll!!

Elder Skonnard

Week 14: Goals and Miracles!

La Consulta

Wow already 8 weeks out here. Its been going by so fast. It feels like Ive known my companion for ages. My week was pretty normal. We had a pretty slow week but the last few days we had a ton of success! Im just going to get straight into it.


Wind storm called a sonda and an asado. Those two things dont mix very well but we made it work. Best meat Ive probably ever had in my life serious. That evening we couldnt do anything because we got back so late. The busses kill us, they take away so much time and money from us  😦 And I can never stay awake on the bus hahaha


Our first district meeting with the new district leader. It was fun and inspiring. We started a tradition to have facturas at every district meeting which will make it better. Later that evening we visited a few families who arent really progressing and invited them to go to church but they all are going to some parade… so there goes our goal of 10 attendences….


Didnt have much success. We spent the morning doing service and later visited some families and found 1 person were going to teach named Matias. Im convinced anyone named matias will want to hear our message. Later we visited an investigator who I had no idea wasnt even a member because she goes to church every week and does everything a member does. but she cant get baptized because shes not married, but we taught her to have faith and trust in gods will. She ended up saying at the end that if she doesnt get married shes leaving him so we can get baptized. Her dilligence to be baptized and the faith she has is incredible


Very unsuccessful day. But we were invited to a family home evening with a less active family. We are trying to teach the Dad because hes not a member and they arent following the law of chastity… So weve just been trying to reach out to them in any way we can. Elder Martinez painted the face of a kid named Nico for a halloween party he was going was so funny.


We had zone meeting and got to meet the new zone leader. Hes big, red head, and plays rugby. Hes pretty cool. LAter we only had time to visit one less active family because of how late we got back….. busses


Saturday was the day. We hadnt made a budge on any of our goals throughout the week so we decided to set all of our weekly goals for that day. We hadnt gotten one referal that week and hadnt gotten any. So we went out and worked hard and ended up receiving 5. We had a goal for 7 new investigators that week and hadnt gotten any. We ended up only receiving two, but the amount of references we received made us satisfied.


We made an attempt to find 5 more investigators and ended up finding a family of 4 which was erfect. But we werent able to find anyone else. 1 off from our goal, but it taught me that if we set are minds to something we can do it no matter how hard it may be. We worked a lot harder than we ever had in those 2 days and it made a huge difference. Elder Martinez is becoming very diligent in the work and its awesome. One of our future investigators (Matias) had his birthday the day before so we brought him 2 gatorades as a gift and later that night he showed up at our pension and gave us a ton of bread. He’s such a capo. Were going to teach him this next week.

Yep that was my week love you all!

Week 12: A Full Chapel!

La Consulta


First of all happy birthday Mom!!! I love you!! Second, Happy Halloween!! This week was filled with tons of changes, for the better though! Heres the highlights of the week

Tuesday: We decided to stop visiting some of our investigators who arent progressing at all. We never give up though so Tuesday we went around all of the houses explaining our purpose as missionaries and that we were going to have to stop visiting them if they arent fufilling the commitments. None of them are progressing so we had to drop a bunch of people. Now we have to find more people.

Wednesday: We didnt have anything to do so we just went contacting all morning and had a ton of success and found 2 families (doesnt sound like success but for us it is) They are awesome families and are interested in the message!The lord was evidently on our side that morning. Later in the afternoon we did service for hmo ramon again and helped him build a fence. He constantly needs help and is always calling us over which im happy to do. Later we visited Matias hoping he found his answer to the truthfullness of our message. He found his answer! He knows its true.. we were planning the baptismal service for the next week when his mom came in and told us that hes catholic and is going to continue being catholic.. he needs his parents permission since hes only 17. that was sad because he wants more than anything right now to be baptised. All we have to do now though is teach her mom.

Thursday: Had our second capaticacion which took the whole day. didnt do anything else. It was fun seeing everyone from my travel group but kind of weird too. Brought back memories from the MTC :’)


Friday: In the morning we visited one of the people we found contacting and shared a message with him, but he wasnt very interested in receiving the lessons :/ We also visited one of our progressing investigators Marianela and taught her about the BoM. Talking about the book of mormon is my favorite because of the huge testimony i have of it! A bunch of other lessons throughout the day


Saturday: We went finding again all morning and found 2 more families! Having the bikes helps so much because we can get around everywhere so much faster and talk to so many more people! We visited a menos activo family who are so cool. It was my first time visiting that family. They have a huge vineyard and it sounds like a ton of work. They havent been to church in years, but they committed to going the following week. Their problem is the amount of work they always have to do…

Sunday: The capilla was filled! All of us almost didnt fit. There was at least 50 people there. When I got here there was only about 20 coming. It´s nice to know that all of the hard work is paying off. When we were doing sacrament we ran out because of how many people were there. We are really focusing on getting a lot of menos activos to come back to church. theres about 300 members in our area but only like 20-30 active members. Later we went contacting again and I had to do all of them by myself. The first few were pretty rough not gonna lie haha but im getting the hang of it now.


That was my week! This transfer were really focusing on the missionary purpose and changing a lot of things. I can already see it starting to bring more success to us as missionaries. Elder Martinez is starting to have a strong desire to be a more obedient missionary and have more success. Our goal for the next week is 10 investigators to go to church and were gonna make it happen.

Well, thats it. love you all and have a good week!