Week 5: Last week in the MTC!


Crazy how next week I’m gonna be on a plane to argentina! I got my flight plans on Friday and we were freaking out!!! Our flight plans only take us to Buenos Aires though so we have to take a 12 hour bus ride to Mendoza from there. By the end of that bus ride I’m gonna be fluent in Spanish! My week was pretty boring we just did what we usually do

Wednesday:We had a Skype lesson with a member from Argentina Bahia Blanca which was super cool! I couldn’t really understand her because she was speaking super fast. At one point she just started laughing at us and I don’t know why but hopefully I didn’t say anything stupid haha. We taught her how to recognize the spirit in her life and I think it helped her a lot. My thumb got super swollen today and idk what even happened.

Thursday: I’m convinced that all lessons go well with a member present. We had a TRC with Julio and a super cool guy, Brother Morino, from Santiago, helped us and gave us some super good advice. During our lesson, we were speaking through the spirit and the gift of tongues was helping so much. At one point, I was talking about how I received a witness that the Book of Mormon was true and I just started bawling out of nowhere. It was weird crying and speaking spanish at the same time hahaha. My thumb still kills

Friday: My finger looked like death and I thought it was gonna fall off. You know I still played four square with my left hand. We taught Jacobo and invited him to be baptized. He basically said no but it was worth a shot! We’ve been super focused for the past few weeks and it has gone by so much faster when we are losing ourselves in the work! We’re finally starting to get to bed by 10:30. It’s tough but we know it will bring blessings with exact obedience.

Saturday: We got Hermana Ellison to dab!!! She’s a fun teacher and is super enthusiastic. She served in Bolivia. Today she made us go outside and practice street contacting random missionaries that were outside. Most of them didn’t even speak spanish so it was funny to see their faces. Today in my studies I learned about Charity and Love and how necessary it is. I’ve been striving to grow this trait and it helps me realize how much joy it brings you when you are thinking about others.

Sunday: Chad Lewis came and gave a devotional. He played football at BYU and in the NFL. He served in Taiwan and showed us a bunvh of pictures. He made everyone there super excited for their missions and helped all of us realize we can’t waste the time we have here.

Monday: I started reading Jesus the Christ. My love for Jesus Christ and testimony of him has grown so much since I’ve been here. When we got back in the evening we had a chips n queso fiesta with Dike, Christiansen, peterson, stauffer, mortensen, and my comp. These Elders are probably my closest friends at the MTC that I’ve made and I’m sad to leave them next week. A few districts in our zone left and it was sad to see them go… they were huge examples in obedience to me.

That was my week! I’m excited to actually leave so I actually have more interesting things to talk about…. next time I email I will be in Argentina! Thanks everyone for the packages and letters they help me so much. Thanks for everyone supporting me out here! I’m having so much fun and growing so close to the lord!

Yo se que si nosotros oramos cada dia, podemos llegar a ser como cristo! Yo testifico que Jesucristo vive en la tierra y sufrio para todos nuestros pecados y por eso podemos ser limpio por cualquier cosa hacemos!!!!!



Week 4: Birthdays and Pinatas


Wow in just a few days I’ll have been here for a month! I love it so much and I’m learning so much. I definetaly am liking it a lot more than the first few weeks! Everyone in my district is my family now and they all bring something unique to the group. This week we got over 30 new people in our zone and now we’re like the oldest ones here. It’s crazy to think we’re already the vets. But I know I still don’t know anything and right when I leave for Argentina it’s gonna hit me like a bus. Elder Stevens one of my friends from school is in my zone so we hang out all the time! It’s so fun to have someone I know in my zone. I don’t really know what els to say so I’m just gonna say my week…\

Wednesday: It was a little discouraging because our TRC investigator gave us a hard time again. It’s hard for him to progress. But during ciclo we focused the whole time on him and we were guided on how to give the next lesson. Heavenly Father really helps us when we’re in need. During comp study we were trying to find a scripture about priesthood keys and we couldn’t find anything when Elder Johnson just looked on the page he was on and we found something that applied exactly to his situation. We started freaking out it was crazy. 3 new districts joined along with my friend Porter Stevens. It was such a spiritual and fun day.

Thursday: Pretty normal day nothing crazy happened just the usual breakfast, 4 hours of study, food, 4 hours of class, food, 4 hours of class. Hermano Black was sick today so we had a sub. Our teacher helped the district realize we can’t waste any time here. We had our last TRC with Jose and it was incredible. He had been struggling the whole time, but we found out his needs and we taught about how we receive answers to our prayers when he just started crying. It was super spiritual and he said he was going to get baptized. I’m pretty sure it was a member, but he still felt the spirit there which is all that matters.

Saturday: I learned how to recognize the spirit through preparing for my priesthood lesson. We had a lesson with Jacobo that we weren’t really prepared for because we were busy doing other important things, but the lord still helped us because we were using his time wisely. For our service we got to wear backpacks like from ghostbusters and we vaccumed all the staircases. For zone soccer we finally won for once. Later in the evening Elder Johnson destroyed his same foot again I felt bad because it was just barely starting to heal and his birthday was the next day. But he’s still super enthusiastic about everything which is so cool..

Sunday: Today was awesome again like usual. It was also elder Johnsons birthday so we partied the whole day. We gave the priesthood lesson on how to recognize and feel the spirit and it went really well and I could tell the spirit was there guiding us. The devotional was so cool. He taught us how to be driven by the purpose and it was super uplifting and encouraging. To celebrate Johnsons birthday we hung up a pinata in our room and threw a tennis ball at it until it broke open. Fun times.

Monday: We got a new TRC investigator! We are getting pretty good at it. The whole lesson we spoke spanish so well and the words were just flowing out of our mouths. Our “gospel” vocabulary is pretty good but outside that it is pretty bad. But we can understand what the investigators are saying super well. But we think that they aren’t using super hard words on us so we don’t really know how much we know to be honest. We made a goal with our district that we can only speak spanish in 18M our classroom building. That is like 12 hours a day. If we speak english we get shunned for the rest of the day if we speak english inside or outside the building. So I think that goal is going to improve our spanish a lot over the next few weeks.

Tuesday: P-day again. An Elder in my room Elder Christiansen lost his passport so e said a prayer and after we went to the temple he got an impression to look in his sock drawer and he found it dug in the bottom. Crazy! We had looked all over for it and couldn’t find it

Well thats my week! Im slow at speaking spanish most of the time, but I usually can think of every word to say. I just am hoping that with practice it will come. Love you all and stay good!


3 weeks down, 3 to go!


Tuesday: For the Tuesday Devotional me and another Elder in our district went to choir because nobody else really wanted to. I’m so glad I went because it was very spiritual. It is always a spiritual place here and it’s crazy. I found Elder Hollingsworth at the choir so we sat right next to him and we talked the whole time it was so fun to catch up! The devotional was so cool. It helped me realized that the lord breaks us down so we can grow back stronger and he only does it out of pure love knowing we will be stronger than we were before. I’ve learned to humble myself while here at the MTC.

Wednesday: Marks exactly 2 weeks from since I left to the MTC. We had a TRC with José in the morning first thing. It was the first time an investigator we had argued with us. It kind of caught us by surpize to be honest and we didn’t really know what to do. He started talking about the word of wisdom and how coke is worse than coffee or tea (which doesn’t make sense) but I think we handled it pretty well. It was cool how we were able to testify of what we knew and still feel the spirit despite how hard he was making it for us.

Thursday: Today we met with our Investigator José again, but this time we had a member present. It was pretty much a train wreck and without the member we would’ve been done for. We tried teaching him about the restoration, but we weren’t able to get past the apostasy before he started arguing with us. The member took care of it for us pretty much haha. We know what to say, but we just don’t know how to say it, sadly. Later that night we had another Investigator and taught the same thing, the restoration, but this time it went really well. We memorized the first vision in spanish and were able to tell it to him with conviction thanks to the spirit. I love hanging out with my district and zone they are awesome. That night we just started talking about the gospel for like an hour and it was so interesting.

Friday: I woke up feeling very sick because there’s been a bug going around the MTC and I caught it unfortunately. I still went to the classes and just powered through it. But it got a lot worse. Then during exercise my companion sprained his ankle really bad. It just wasn’t our day. So for the evening ciclo we just decided to go back to the room and rest which I’m so glad we did. We still studied, just laying in our beds. I also prayed a lot that day to help my strength come back to normal.

Saturday: My prayer was answered! I woke up feeling sick, but after our investigator I felt completely back to normal. It was the weirdest feeling. I’m glad I didn’t get anything for longer than a few days because that would’ve sucked. It’s really easy to get sick here at the MTC because there are so many people here. Elder Peterson from our zone left because he has to get surgery on his shoulder and it made me pretty sad. He was such a fun and optimistic Elder. The way he handled it gave me so much respect for him. He’s coming back out after it heals too. One thing the zone leader does every night at 10:30 is walk down the halls screaming “GO TO BED RIGHT NOW” for like 30 seconds. HAha it is so funny

Sunday:My 3rd sunday already. I’ve decided sundays are my favorite just from how spiritual it is. My testimony of repentence and Joseph Smith grew so much that day. I know for a fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. My goal I set is to strive to become more like christ everyday through my actions.

Monday: Today my companion, Elder Johnson, and another Elder in my district, Elder Morris got sick. The bug is real. I just went on splits that day while they stayed at the rooms together. It was fun hanging out with other people for the day. I started reading “putting on the armor of god” during my studies and it is so good. I advise everyone to read that book. We got a new teacher, Hermana Ellison and she is super enthusiastic, but strict at the same time. I’m glad the is strict because it helps me stay on task. In the evening, our district had a capri sun drinking contest. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to throw up. They all had to drink 10 capri suns hahaha. They all regretted it after though. Those types of things may not sound that fun, but here it is so much fun for us. Half of our zone left as well which is pretty sad because they were all awesome people. We are getting new people on Wednesday and we’re gonna become the vets.

Well that was my week! Lots of the same thing, but my testimony is growing stronger and stronger each day. I now have the first vision and baptismal invite memorized in Spanish. The language is slowly becoming easier. I love it here, I love my companion, district, zone, and everything about this place. It is really so much fun. I love the gospel and everything about it. I love you all and miss you!


Week 2: Study and Tender Mercies!


Tuesday –

Today was P-day and it was so fun. We went and did a temple session then had a devotional later that evening. It was Elder Anderson and it was awesome. What I got from that is to be clean, obedient, and work hard. After that we had a district meeting about the devotional and it was filled with the spirit.


On Wednesday we had our last meeting with our investigator Gianko. We really tried to prepare our hardest for it and tried to focus hard. We challenged him to get baptised and he said he would, but he needs more time. Sometimes I can understand the Spanish but I have to be focusing my hardest. And I can speak decent, but I have to translate it from English to Spanish so it takes a while. I just pray for the gift of tongues and study the language and it starts to come slowly.


Today the day was pretty normal. Just class and food. The one thing that was different was that Gianko came to give us the review of the lessons and it turns out, he became our new teacher. His real name is Hermano Black. I have a lot of respect for him. He served in Santiago, Chile. I think he’s going to be a better teacher because he doesn’t let us speak any English at all. And he never speaks English unlike Hermana Hadfield who was pretty easy on us. It’s kind of hard but I don’t care because it will help me learn the language.


On friday we did the same, but we had a soccer draft with our zone for exercise time. All of our zone during exercise went to the fields and had a tournament with four different teams. It was really fun. I love exercise time, because it gets your mind off things for a little bit. I also had the most focused day of the week. It’s hard sometimes, but I realize I’m on the lords time here.


Saturday we didn’t really do anything unique. Just the usual ciclo and we had two classes, with Hermana Hadfield and Hermano Black, we also began preparing for our new investigators. One of them is a real person and one of them is a worker for the MTC.


Finally my second Sunday. It was very spiritual once again. WE did comp. inventory and set some goals I think will definately help. We had district meeting and learned how to identify the spirit. After we had sacrament and I was worried they were gonna call me to give a talk. Because they just do it right on the spot. The topic was faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement. I prepared a pretty good lesson in Spanish, but I didn’t get called on. After we had priesthood and the Elder that taught was hilarious. He looks and acts like Bill Nye. It’s nice to see my friends all the time throughout the temple walks and other things. For the devotional someone came and talked about the things we can do to help people be convferted unto the lord. After we watched a talk by Elder Bednar which was amazing, called the character of christ. I learned I need to stop thinking about myself and become truly converted unto the lord. I realized I’m here on the lords time and can’t waste a minute. And I set a goal to become more christlike. Such a spiritual day.


In the morning we had our TRC lesson with Jose and it went really well. He was an actual hispanic from Ecuador so his accent was kind of hard to understand. It gave me a taste of what it might be like in Argentina. Prayer is my best friend. My companion and I pray all the time. Prayer definately helps us throughout our lessons to have the spirit and to be able to speak clearly and understand them better. Even though I didn’t understand completely, I could understand well enough to be able to answer him. Elder Johnson and I are really starting to get the hang of lessons with Investigators. After we had a morning lesson with Hermana Hadfield and I could tell she was frustrated because our class goofs around. I wasn’t obviously, but it gets annoying because it kind of defeats the pupose of why we’re here. So that night I talked to the district about it and told them that we can’t waste this time because we are going to be teaching people the first few months we’re on the field and we need to prepare our hardest so we will be able to help them come unto christ to the best of our abilities. We had another investigator that night and once again I felt the spirit guiding me and I felt so much peace and joy.

Tuesday –

Now it’s my second P-day! We woke up early and went to the temple which I don’t even know if it was allowed but my zone leader said it was so we did.

This week has been full of tender mercies and spiritual experiences. I know as I continue to study my hardest I will truly become converted unto the lord and because of that I will be able to teach others always with the spirit. I hope everyone had an amazing week and I miss you all so much!

Yo creo que jesucristo es nuestro salvador. Y tambien creo que mediante la expiacion, nosotros podemos ser perdon para todos nuestros pecados.

Week 1!


Hey guys! I’m alive and well. I’m having so much fun here. The first few days were kinda overwhelming, but now I’m getting the hang of it. Sometimes it’s hard for us to focus, but that’s what everyone says happens the first week. But the past few days we’ve made different strategies to help us focus. We’re not used to studying for 12 hours a day haha. My companion is Elder Johnson and he’s awesome. I’m just going to say what I did every day this week


When I arrived at the MTC Elder Mcquiston brought me through all of the rooms to get all my materials and stuff. He brought me to my room after but everyone was gone since I was like the last drop off time. So I when through the orientation and I still couldn’t find my companions. So I just ate lunch with some people that are going to Indonesia who were pretty sweet. I just pretended I was going there with them. After that I went to my room and waited for my companion to show up. Later that day we had a class/conference thing with investigators. It was pretty cool. Towards the end of the day our Zone Leaders gave us a tour around the MTC. I love our zone everyone is so funny.


I woke up pretty early and wasn’t used to it. I shower every chance I get because it feels so refreshing after wearing church clothes all day. We went to class and started learning some spanish. Our teacher is super nice, she went to spain on her mission. At this point I can pray in spanish and testify of the gospel. Later we had a conference thing with a guy who taught us to love the people and not to judge people by their appearance. It was very inspiring. After we did more studying in a cycle. Our zone leaders told us if we ever have free time we need to be in the class studying. So basically our class is our house and are dorms are just where we sleep and we’re not supposed to study there. After we met with the Branch President which took forever. Pretty much all we do is eat and study.


Was the longest day of the MTC so far. We learned spanish, study habits, and studied the gospel. I like it a lot but it’s long it feels like I’ve been here for 3 years instead of 3 days. My district is ELder Johnson, hamblin, adams, morris, peterson, mortenson, and freeman. They are a fun group. Some of them get on my nerves sometimes but i just learn to love them no matter what. After lunch we played kingdom spikeball for exercise with the celestial, telestial, terestial, and outer darkness. Elder Johnson and I made it to the Celestial Kingdom. After we had our Cycle, preparing for our first investigator. His name is Gianko, and he was really tired during our lesson so he wasn’t really paying attention. We were both kind of clueless on the spanish though and it was pretty tough. We just tried to rely on the spirit as much as we could. We also got escorted out of the MTC in a cop car today. Enough said.


Today was a lot better and went by a lot faster. I think it was because we were starting to get better at focusing. We made some good study plans and habits as a companionship which helped. For our service I had to clean a poop bomb on the bathroom floor which was so gross hahaha. We played soccer for exercise which was really fun. I look forward to exercise time everyday it’s a nice break from everything. Then we had an evening class with our teacher which was very good. The spanish is slowly coming along.


Today was my first Sunday in the MTC! It was a very spiritual day. It was fast sunday so we woke up and studied for a little bit then went to MTC conference. I was super tired so I almost fell asleep. The whole MTC was there. It’s so spiritual when everyone sings. After we had sacrament which was very spiritual because everyone was bearing their testimonies in spanish. (I can understand pretty well now) After we had our temple walk, and in the evening a devotional with Brother Holland who is the president at UVU (not the apostle) It was about Joseph Smith and it was insane. It was like the new Star Wars movie. It was so spiritual and grew my testimony so much.


Monday we taught Gianko for our third time and we’re really progressing with him. We are also getting a lot better at teaching and understanding/talking to him. Other then that we didn’t really do anything interesting besides studying and eating all day. OH, and I got the package and letters on Monday! The food is really nice to have because we don’t have any food throughout the day besides our meals! So thanks so much!

Well that was my week. Sorry if I didn’t explain it that well I’m not as good as Michelle haha. But I’m doing better and better each day and having more and more fun. I’ve been blessed with a good group of Elders, so it’s nice to start off with that. If you are ever wondering what I’m doing I’m probably studying. And I see my friends all the time it’s so awesome. I hope everyone is doing well I love and miss you all. Week 1 down!

Also… Elder Johnson and I got escorted by the police off of MTC campus on Saturday. I don’t want to talk about what happened…haha ok…It was nothing Elder Johnson’s fingerprints got rejected so we had to go to the police station to get him re fingerprinted.