Week 42: Visit from Matias & Transfers!

San Rafael


Okay. This week was crazy. dont have much time, but im going to tell you guys the highlights.

Isabel, Juans mom is progressing, slowly, but progressing. She’s reading and praying and super close to coming to church every week. Juan’s doing good! Flia Fariaz has had a few problems, which is sad, but I dont want to talk about that.

This week we found a few amazing investigators. One of them was a reference, who we luckily found. it was completely lead by the spirit. another we found we had been knocking doors and visiting contacts all day. one person we talked to said he had no time, and finally we almost pleaded for 5 minutes and he let us in. and they left wanting to know more and interested! What a blessing. my testimony grew about insistance.

This week we went to a city in our area, Bowen for the first time. Matias our convert came by suprize and visited us… haha I was not expecting that at all. He accompanied us to our lessons all day. The first person we talked to listened to our message! We visited some less active families from Bolivia. there was so much there to do.

And this sunday we got our transfer calls! Im heading to San Luis! I’m super excited. I still dont know who my companion is but I’ll find out tomorrow. Elder Neto is staying in alvear with another elder from Utah. he’s excited.

That was my week! love you all!


Week 41: Brisa’s Baptism

San Rafael

This week Brisa got baptized! It was awesome!

on monday we had a family home evening with Javier, one of our investigators. it turned out really good. we shared a scripture about faith and taught him of the importance of reading, praying, and attending church. I think it had an impact on him!

tuesday we had our interviews with president! the last one with president goates so i made sure to ask inspired questions haha. he is a man of wisdom.

We visited juan again: He’s been doing good after his baptism, he said looking back on it he feels peace. We started teaching his mom, who we hadn’t been focusing on as much. She’s basicaly an older version of Juan in every aspect, so we are teaching her the same way. it was a good lesson. I think she felt the spirit.

Wednesday we had district meeting. we did practices and talked about investigators. that’s about it besides a lesson with family fariaz. A couple accompanied us to this lesson and we taught their family about eternal families and the temple. It was PERFECT for them. We were really trying to listen to them and to listen to the spirit and it really helped because she started crying and opened up her feelings to us and her dream she has to be able to be sealed with her faimily in the temple! This lesson helped them realize the importance of going back to church. Our prayers were answered and we left that lesson knowing Brisa is prepared for her baptism!

thursday was not a very good day so I’m not going to write too much. We tried going to an event in alvear where there were a bunch of people to pass out cards but it wasnt very effective and when we left both of our bikes tires were flat. So it took up most of the day to get back and all fixed.

friday was Brisa’s baptismal interview! she passed! and the zone leaders went on splits with us. I went with elder vega, from chile. I learned a lot. I learned to have more energy in the lessons and when I’m talking with people on the streets.

Saturday was Brisa’s baptism! It was stressful, because we were late to start filling up the baptismal font and we found baptismal clothes last minute, but once the service started it went so well and the spirit was so present! I was so happy to see her enter the waters of baptism and to see her family there!

Sunday Brisa was confirmed, and all of her family came to church, except her dad who works on sundays ๐Ÿ˜ฆ After in the evening I got to skype my family! I saw married michelle and my new brother in law for the first time!

Happy Mothers day Mom! I love you!

That was the week! Love you all.

Elder Skonnard

Week 40: Juan’s Baptism

San Rafael

This WEEK!!! Wow full of miracles


we started out this monday unable to write because of a holiday so we wrote on tuesday.

Tuesday we spent visiting Juan. He still hadn’t drank tea, which was his problem so he seemed ready for his baptism this saturday! It was a good lesson. He had also read more in the book of mormon, which was one of his struggles. IT was awesome to see his progression.

Wednesday we visited a new less active family which a child who hasnt been baptized yet. We are trying to work with them so they can reactivate in the church. I think the message we shared helped them remember the testimony they have received of the gospel. We also visited flia fariaz and brisa. We were praying to know if we should wait longer for her to be more prepared for her baptism when they told us the father wasnt going to be here this saturday. What an answer to our prayer! We didnt even have to make the hard decision. Now we hope all of her family will make it this sunday to church so we dont baptize an inactive member.

Thursday was great, we visited Juan again, still hadnt drank tea. We reviewed his baptismal interview questions and he remembers everything. So we were all set for Saturday. After we headed to an appointment we had set super far away and they werent there again… that always happens haha. We called and everything.

Friday was good. The zone leaders came for the interview and he passed! Juan arrived super early so he was waiting for us. He was nervous that the zone leaders were going to be a lot harder on him haha. He was super excited after the interview was over! we went on splits with the zone leaders and visited that less active family we were talking about. They all committed to coming to church!

Saturday Juan was baptized! The service was super special. Not many people came, but there were enough members to support him. One of the members in our ward baptized him who has been helping him a lot and became friends with. Elder Neto and I sang during the baptismal service so ill see if i can send that jaja perdon para mi voz. It was a spiritual moment for Juan and his mom who was there. The first thing Juan said after he was baptized was, ah frescito! haha. It was great. After we visited familia fariaz again and committed all of them to come to church! What a speical day :’)

Sunday Juan was confirmed a member of the church. It was fast and testimony meeting so everyone was sharing their testimonies about baptism and congratulating him. It was a very spiritual meeting. Everyone showed a lot of love and support for Juan. Him and his mom stayed at church for all the meetings. There were 4 investigators that came today! The less active family, and family fariaz! All of them! A miracle.

I love you all. Miss you so much. This week was full of blessings. I love the mission. its taught me so much!

Week 39: tender mercies!

San Rafael

Ok. this one is going to be a bit short.

This week we’ve only been focusing on Juan and Brisa. praying and thinking about them every moment. We saw a miracle this week. Juan was indecisive about his decision to come to church on Sunday because he had family to visit, but we visited him the night before, and the problem vanished. He came and Sunday and was taking notes during the conference! Wow. He is super prepared. He is scheduled to be baptized this week so please pray for him!

Brisa came to church, but not her parents. So we are praying to see if we should wait or baptize her this week. We also went to san rafael to be vaccunated for the flu, and boy was that a dissaster. I called to set an appointment for our district, but when we got there after traveling 2 hours, they said they werent doing vaccunations until 5pm. it was the worst, so stressed. After 30 minutes after not knowing what to do we found another pharmacy that did it for us. I’m glad we figured it out and everything worked out well. If not it would’ve wasted so much of our day. We also stopped teaching Elio Cruz this week, he didn’t want to commit to any of our invitations. So we are taking things slow with him.

That was my week, the biggest things i remember. Sorry if its boring, bear with me!

Elder Skonnard ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 38: Hidden Blessings

San Rafael

This week has been good. going to get straight to it.

Monday after p-day was on the streets, waiting for people to pass by to talk to. we got a few contacts at least!

Tuesday we had various meetings. Our district meeting, then later a meeting with our ward mission leader. That night we had 3 lessons with member. with Juan, Hno. Cruz, and Nancy. muy bueno. Juan basically knows its true but its only because he believes all of the members testimonies. So was going to be baptized this week, but theres a stake conference, so we have to wait another week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hno cruz is a good guy. He’s old so its hard for him to understand, but he loves going to church. Nancy is a really good investigator. We went with a member and taught her how she can receive and feel her answer of the book of mormon. it was a great day.

Wednesday we only had one lesson. With hno cruz again. We did service for him and cleared a bunch of branches and after taught him, like the last time. we taught him about the sabbath day and committed him to coming to church again.

thursday and friday went well, but a little slow. a lot of things planned, but a lot of things that fell through. we taught juan the 10 commandments. but he’s still not reading. when he told us that I ย shouted a little ย “NOOOOO” he hasn’t been reading at all. after the rest of our plans fell through for the day, but Elder neto and I were able to talk to more people at least.

Saturday we had another lesson with hno cruz. it did not go well, we talked about baptism again, but he doesnt think he needs to be baptized again. After explaining it and inviting numerous times, he still didnt accept. So we left and don’t know what we are going to do now. The other lesson was with another dude from Peru. he was a bible basher so it was pretty hard. he’s a cool guy though.

Sunday 1 investigator came to church! Brisa, the daughter of a less active family were teaching. If their family reactivates in the church it will lead her to baptism! She has a date for 2 weeks!

a week full of contacting! But it was a good week. And the members have been helping a ton! I love it. We were bothering them as much as we can without offending them, and they’ve been helping us out so much.

So apparently the jazz are doing good…..so many hidden blessing from mission service

love you all!

Elder Skonnard

Week 37: Elder Neto is 1/2 done with his Training!

San Rafael

Como estan todos?! This has been a fun week. Can’t believe my son is already done with his first transfer :’) The mission is going by so fast

This monday we went to grido again ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing much besides that. One of the sisters from our district is leaving so we said our goodbyes. Another sister is coming from a different mission! In the evening we had 3 lessons! It was hard to squeeze it all in 3 hours. First we went to Elio Cruz who is still super excited about the gospel. He asked us to come to do a service project and when he asked us that I started freaking out because i havent been able to do service for so long. We always ask but nobody never needs anything… We passed by Javier Diaz the son of one of the members in our ward, and we showed him the First Vision video. He liked it, he says while he was praying he fell asleep and it looks like he took that for an answer to his prayer. His problem is hes always working so its hard to find him. After we visited a new investigator Nancy with a member Hno. Olguien. The lesson went perfectly. We literally invited her to do everything, it was almost a little too much. But now she has a baptismal date for the end of this month. Having a member there helped everything so much.

Tuesday we did service for hno cruz. We cleared a bunch of huge tree branches that were in his field. He’s really poor, so we made him dulce de leche pancakes in the morning to eat. After the service was over, we taught him a lesson. It was weird teaching in normal clothes, but we could still feel the spirit! In the evening we had a lesson with Michael. This lesson didnt go so well. He is convinced he doesnt need to pray for his answer and that he can just read in the bible. After trying to explain to him and sharing various scriptures there was nothing we could really do so we just left. After we visited Juan with another member, their dad had recently passed away so we focused on teaching the plan of salvation to his mom. We put another baptismal date with juan, i think this is the 5th one already. But it seems like hes actually going to church this week

Wednesday was a crazy day. We had to take the bus to mendoza in the early afternoon and we were running late but thankfully our branch president drove us to the terminal. The bus ride from alvear to mendoza was 5 hours. so long. I was finally reunited with Elder Johnson, my comp from the mtc! He works in the offices now.

Thursday we had our second training for the greenies. That took up the whole day. I learned a lot. And we had a lot of food.

Friday we had our weekly planning session and also set some goals for the transfer. we set the goal to talk to contact 500 people this transfer. This encouraged us to work hard. In the evening we visited a less active family whose daughter we are preparing for baptism. We tuaght the plan of salvation. In the beginning of that lesson it seemed really hard to start a conversation, but thankfully we prayed and the spirit guided us throughout that lesson. Its hard to teach younger people but at the end it seemed like she was understanding… i hope.

Saturday we had two more lessons with members. We visited hno cruz, who is still committed to coming to church this sunday. This time he had talked to someone about us and left with a bunch of doubts in his head. So we changed the subject of the lesson and soley focused on clearing up his doubts. We were able to help him understand questions he had about the book of mormon and priesthood authority. Now he knows why he needs to be baptized again. We left there so thankful, exactly what I had studied was for that lesson!! We visited Juan again who is committed to church this sunday. Its hard to get to his feelings about everything, but we attempted this lesson and figured out he thinks the book of mormon is true! thats a good sign. After our branch president took us back, who came with us to the lesson. And we were late to a lesson with another family. What made it worse is that they live 30 minutes away in bike, and worse Elder Netos bike was flat, and worse it was raining and cold, and worse the family wasnt answering the phone. So we ran inside, said a quick prayer, and asked the branch president if he could drive us there. Youre expecting me to say he came with us. It didnt end up working out, but for some reason i wsa super at peace, because we did everything we could, and it was all left in the lords will. ย the rest of the night we stayed there fixing the bike.

Sunday nobody ended up coming to church, except Juan. we picked him up in the morning, and he left after sacrament meeting. The only two times hes been to church were testimony meetings, but I think it was meant to be that way! The rest of the evening was contacting in the cold and rain. Nobody was outside so it was kidn of hard.

That was my week! Its a little long, just trying to say everything that happened. love you all.

Elder Skonnard

Week 36: The Lord’s Guidance

San Rafael

This Week! Wow what a crazy week. 4 investigators came to church! thats more than both my ย last two transfers combined! haha. It was full of miracles.

On monday we had p-day, and we washed clothes all day. we are getting pretty good at it. we dump a bunch of chlorine on our shirts and scrub them it seems to do the trick. we finally did something other than ice cream as our district. We ate lunch at the capilla. nice change. The evening we didnt have any success but we are starting to work with a less active family whose daughter wants to be baptized.

Tuesday we had our zone meeting. we didnt get back until 6:30, but when we got back, we stopped by one of our contacts, a 90 year old lady, and we taught her and her daughter. Were focusing on her daughter more because it doesnt seem like Maria (the 90 year old) understands very well. We committed them to church and baptism. It was a spiritual lesson, i felt the lords guidance so much. After we visited more contacts and committed another family to baptism, but not to church ๐Ÿ˜ฆ they know some of the members though so i think they could turn out to be really good investigators.

Wednesday we visited Michael. His sister was there whose already a member but has been inactive forever. She helped so much with the lesson she basically taught it for us and was supporting him. And she said she would be at church with Michael this week. We were so surprised! Michael has a hard time accepting a baptismal date, but were focusing on his answer to the book of mormon. After we were making our way back and a dude that we had taught before stopped us. After our visit with him he seemed uninterested but he told us he had a dream all in white, and happy with the missionaries by his side. After that he was super open. We set an appointment with him for thursday

Thursday we visited hno. cruz. He accepted baptism and is super excited to go to church this sunday. What a miracle! Elder Neto and i are still in shock. Later that day we visited Juan, hes been struggling going to church because his dad is passing away. Which is understandable. We are just trying to support him right now and help him in any way possible.

Friday we worked in the morning just talking to people. in the evening we had our weekly planning and that was our day.

Saturday we visited Elio Cruz again and he accepted a ride from us to go to church tomorrow! Its crazy how that dream changed him. Before he wasnt interested at all and now he’s super open. In the evening we rode our bikes an hour away to teach their son who isn’t a member. He accepted baptism but apparantly is always working so we couldnt set another appointment. I dont know how he will progress if we cant go back.. .haha. We visited flia. Fariaz. We taught their daughter who accepted her baptismal date! I think this will help their family reactivate in the church. Their family es muy bueno. and they have desires to go back.

Sunday we picked up elio cruz going to church driving with our branch presidents huge van. We also stopped by another family. Joel and Antonela, and they brought another one of their friends with them. It took them 15 minutes to get ready when we got their so we were super late and it was the branch conference so presidente stepenenko was a little stressed by all of that. And then we got there and 20 minutes later, they left to catch the bus for some place they were going. Sadly i think they used us to get a ride closer to the terminal…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i’m hoping thats not the case though. But Elio had an amazing experience! Seeing that strengthened my testimony about fasting. It works!

What a week. Its started to get pretty cold i love it. Hope you all had a good week! until next

Elder Skonnard

Week 35: general conference & goals

San Rafael

11th week in Alvear

haha thats so hard to believe. I swear i just got here yesterday. Fast week, there was a ton of stuff going on. Conference was great, every question answered! Especially the talk from Elder Ballard about goals! that inspired me.

This monday we didnt do anything for p-day, again. Just good ole grido ice cream. The evening was filled with contacting again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tuesday we had our district meeting. We set a vision to create exact obedience and to find more people to teach by working on our punctuality and sharing the message with 10 random people on the street every day. I think by setting this goal it encouraged all of us. We set plans on how were going to do it. This will be so effective.

On Wednesday we had our interviews. I love it, the only time we get to talk to our mission president one on one. After we had intercambios with the zone leaders. I went with chileano Elder Vega. It was pretty fun, elder vega was sick so we took it slow, but i still learned a lot.

On thursday we finished our intercambios. One dude walked passed us and we started talking to us but he said he didnt have any time and kept going so we decided to walk with him. After 5 minutes walking he finally accepted to hear the message in his house! Being insistint is really uncomfortable but it works… sometimes.

Friday was our only full day in Alvear. We had a lot of plans, but the biggest thing i think was our visit with a less active family. we’ve been working with them for a while, and They have a daughter whos not baptized. It looks like they are going to start going back to church and their daughter will be baptized in the church. It ws a good lesson, and the committed to going to general conference! awesome. We also stopped by a store where we always by bread. We were talking to their son who speaks english and we challenged him to hear our message in english. He accepted and now were going to his house this next week.

Saturday and Sunday we had permission to go to San Rafael to watch the general conference… it was the only way I could watch it in English. It was a really spiritual conference, a lot of questions were answered. I especially loved the talks by Elder Ballard, and Elder Costa. Elder Costa was clutch for all of the investigators. It was PERFECT. And it was the one session that all the investigators in the zone came to. I felt the spirit so strongly in how I can become better as a person.

That was my week! way too fast

love you all

Elder Skonnard

Week 34: Progressing Area!

San Rafael


This week was awesome. We finally started finding investigators to teach. All of the hard work is paying off ๐Ÿ™‚ We taught 7 new investigators this week, some of them are already uninterested, but I’m just glad we were able to teach people.

On Monday we found 3 new investigators. 2 of them were sitting out on their porch. We passed them, but Elder Neto and I both felt like we needed to go back and talk to them. They were open to hearing the message and we taught them a lesson! The other investigator was an older lady, who is super religious, but we were able to help her realize that she can receive a sure answer about which church was true. But today, literally everywhere we went and everyone we talked to was open to hearing our message. It was a huge tender mercy of the lord.

On tuesday we finally taught that dude Michael that I was talking about. His brother lives in Utah and is mormon haha. His parents are baptized too, but now her mom goes to an evangelist church… Michael was super interested. He wants to know if its true. So we gave him a book of mormon.

Wednesday we visited our most progressing investigator, Juan and taught him the word of wisdom. He only had problems with coffee and tea, but he didnt have any problem dropping it. He accepts everything! His baptism is in 2 weeks! Other than that, we didnt have much success. But we did teach a new investigator, Pamela!

Thursday we visited a reference we received from a member and their market. his son is studying english for profession so we offered to present our message in english and he accepted. wooo. We also visited an atheist and you know how those lessons go… that evening we had a baptismal interview for 2 more baptisms in Alvear 2. The hermanas in that area are insane. The 2 getting baptized have a strong testimony

Friday we visited a reference from hermanas in our district. They are awesome investigators, super humble. They’ve had a lot of challenges in their lives, right now they live in a small house they are building. super poor, but they have desires to follow the savior! They accepted a baptismal date and everything. And were going back to help them finish their house im excited for that. We felt like we should visit juan and he wasnt doing so well, he found out his dad has cancer and is dying.. but he is still saying he’s going to church this sunday. Through all this that is happening we hope he will go to the lord for strength.

Saturday was mas o menos. None of our plans worked out, and we went to the baptism that evening so it was a little unproductive day. The baptism was super spiritual! I love going to baptisms all the investigators are so happy. After the baptism we helped the hermanas dump out all the water from the baptismal font because there wasnt a drain. haha that was an adventure. I did buy an alfajor after.

Sunday was good. 5 people had commited to going to church but none of them came. But were used to it, and it gave us peace knowing were doing everything we can and the rest is up to them. We gave that poor family we taught earlier in the week a book of mormon to read. they seem excited to read. It looks like they are going to progress. we finally had a ward council. our mission leader and us missionaries tried to animate the ward for references and coming with us to lessons. It seemed like it worked out ok.

Good week! Went by in a few seconds. the area is slowly progressing ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you all have fun over there!

Week 33: Talk to 10 people a Day!

San Rafael


This week was really uplifting! we changed some things of the work and have seen the results. This last week was kind of sad because we lost basically all of our investigators, but its made us even more encouraged to work harder this week and weve seen the difference!

On Monday we had a bunch of things to do, but we got ice cream with the hermanas like always. Argentina Ice Cream never gets old. That evening was just knocking doors and looking for people to teach.

Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. Everything that President Goates focused on felt like was exactly for my needs. There was a new challenge from Elder Ballard for each of us missionaries to talk to 10 people about the gospel on the street every day. Elder Neto and I decided in that moment thats what we were going to do.

On wednesday we taught 2 lessons. One, with 1 of our investigators who we invited to be baptized but who didnt accept, and the other with Juan. It was a good lesson, we taught him the gospel of christ. He accepts everything, he has his baptism planned for 3 weeks, so we are praying he can follow his commitments. Elder Neto and I both reached the goal of talking to 10 people and the difference was HUGE

Thursday we had a lesson with Brenda, and decided to stop teaching her for a little bit. Shes not progressing, and told us she doesnt want to be baptized if shes not keeping the commitments. Which is good, she shouldn’t if shes not, but her problem was she doesn’t have a desire to actually do the things were inviting her to do. That was a sad lesson for me. We reached the goal of 10 people talking to everyone we saw on the street, and we set a lot of appointments with random people on the street today. Ive felt like the lord is preparing and placing every person that comes into our view to hear our message which has helped me even more with this.

Friday was the same, searching for people to teach and doing our weekly planning. Finally, we found someone to teach and we were able to teach him the message of the restoration. Were hoping hes still interested when we come back.

Saturday was hard. Finding all day, and in the morning we felt like we should pass by Juan to see how he was doing. We shared with him a scripture and he told us he wouldnt be able to make it to church because of his dad whos internado. Good excuse, but dang it! That evening we had a lesson planned 30 minutes away on bike. We called her to confirm the appointment, but when we showed up, she wasnt there. NOOOO. That wasted a lot of time… but it happened that way for a reason, maybe it was the lord telling us not to spend to much time on their family.

Sunday was an uplifting day. Elder Neto shared a talk about the missionary work and everyone loved it. We are starting to notice the ward getting animated for the work. We visited some members and committed them to invite someone they knew to listen to the missionaries. I hope all these finding efforts will lead to results this next week haha.

What a week. It was a little slow, and we had very few lessons. But we were comforted knowing we were giving everything we had, and the lord will take care of the rest!

Week 32: Love for Christ!

San Rafael

Well this week was cool . No success, but learning. All of our 9 investigators with a baptismal date fell haha. Our focus on the commitments has gotten insane though. If they don’t accept a for sure attendence at church we dont leave until they do or if they dont, usually they arent an investigator that is going to progress. Its been hard because weve dropped a lot of investigators but its helping us find the people that are ready to receive the gospel right now. I have a feeling things are going to change real soon.

On Monday we got together with the zone for the first time in my life in alvear. we played soccer it was a blast. That night Elder Neto and I had to stay in san rafael because of a zone meeting the next day so we went out and found people for the elders in san rafael to teach. It’s called tormenta blanca. The elders from malargue did it too.

Tuesday was our zone conference and a lesson from a reference from one of the members of the ward. He doesnt like pressure, but he 50 percent accepted a baptismal date so that’s success. Hes awesome, doesnt know much about anything gospel related, so it might be a slow process. My son, Elder Neto is already killing it in the lessons. He has a huge testimony!

Wednesday we had a lesson with Brenda…… still not progressing, but is the most excited for baptism. It’s hard for them to make it to church. And we’ve tried everything. We don’t know what to do with them.

Thursday and Friday we were busy with a lot of contacting. Were trying to figure out who of this people are actually going to convert into new investigators. Most of them no. but Juans mom now is a new investigator..we had a lesson with Juan. At the beginning he wsnt progressing but last week he went to church and we brought a member to this lesson and they connected quick. He’s got to go to church these next two weeks th has his baptism! Really cool dude, he accepts everything at the lessons even though sometimes we don’t know how serious he’s being.

Saturday ws good. We committed Brenda to go to church again and it sounded like they were sure. We can’t do anything to help them because nothing has worked so we are just expecting them to come based on their own desires. We called them that night and they confirmed with them…..but they didn’t show up on Sunday. That made us sad. Juan didnt come either. Nobody came. It gave Elder Neto and I even more encouragement to continue looking for more people to teach. This next week I’m expecting 10 new investigators.

The mission has given me so much respect for the Lord. Nowhere near as hard as what the Lord suffered for us. So much love for Christ!

Love you all!

Go read 1 nephi 3 7 and keep following the lord!

Week 31: “Valentia!”

San Rafael


This past few weeks I haven’t been able to write. But basically I finished my transfer with Elder Sharp and then he left to San Juan. We at a lot of torta that week and worked hard. I got assigned to train a new missionary here in Pellegrini.

This Tuesday I did splits with our branch president because elder sharp left to san rafael in the morning and my bus didn’t leave until later. That felt really weird. I was the only missionary in my area for a few hours. I went and visited members with our branch president. Then we had a problem with a dove stuck in the church. That was a fun morning with the branch president. We got to Mendoza that night and met up with all the other trainers. That was fun, all of the trainers are in our zone basically.

Wednesdayย I received my new comp! Elder Neto. He’s from Brazil. Speaks portugese. Hes super obedient and a hard worker. I hardly need to train him. He already knows everything haha. I have a strong feeling we are going to have a lot of success together as companions. That night was traveling back to San Rafael and we stayed with our zone leaders. The zone leaders made us knock a door in the evening and it ended up being one of their members haha dang it. mission pranks…

Thursday we arrived in Alvear. We had a ton to do. I had an interview for Francos baptism, someone from our district. He’s a capo. I hope we find someone like him. that evening was a lot of showing the area and teaching.

Friday we had our weekly planning in the morning. We had our district meeting, and then in the evening went knocking doors. Elder Neto already invited someone to be baptized just talking to someone at the door haha hes awesome. Valentia!

Saturday we finally were able to have some lessons. We committed Juan to church after 15 minutes of inviting. We also committed Brenda. They have a late party they are going to, but they told us we could come by in the morning to wake them up! yes.

Sunday we headed over to Brenda’s house and were clapping so loud to wake them up, but they didn’t budge. Nothing seems to work. Juan came to church though, and he described his experience as “interesting” so I’m hoping thats in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚ That night we talked to victor and his son, Michael who’s my clone but they don’t seem very interested in actually receiving our lessons but just taking. so that kind of crushed my hopes and dreams for them.

MY WEEK! I would talk more about my last week with Elder Sharp but i have no time! Lots of changes, im excited for all the new responsibilities.